Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Pitch, Three Records Broken (and no fingers)

There was just one pitch that hit a batter in last night's World Series Game 5, but on that one pitch, three different records were broken. Shane Victorino became the most plunked batter in Phillies postseason history, with his 3rd. AJ Burnett became the Yankees franchise leader in postseason hit batters with 5. And, Burnett became the first pitcher ever to hit 5 batters in a single postseason.

Shane Victorino has now been hit 3 times this postseason, which doesn't sound like very many times, but no other Philly has ever been hit 3 times in their postseason careers with the team, much less in the same season. Prior to this year, Greg Luzkinski and Garry Maddox were the only players to get hit twice in the postseason for the Phillies. Luzinski got hit in the 1977 NLCS and the 1980 World Series, while Maddox got hit in the NLCS in 1977 and 1980. This postseason, Jimmy Rollins has been hit twice for Philadelphia, but Victorino has three HBPs. Ten other players have been hit once for the Phillies in the postseason - Fred Luderus (1915 WS), Milt Stock (1915 WS), Del Ennis (1950 WS), Steve Carlton (1977 NLCS), Pete Rose (1980 WS), Darren Daulton (1993 WS), Ryan Howard (2007 NLDS), Eric Bruntlett (2008 WS), Chase Utley (2008 WS), and Carlos Ruiz (2009 NLCS).

Meanwhile, Burnett has now hit 5 batters this postseason. Only two other players have hit more than 4 batters in the same postseason - Roy Oswalt hit 4 for the 2005 Astros, and Pedro Martinez hit 4 for the 2004 Red Sox. In Yankees History, four other pitchers had hit 4 batters in their postseason careeers - Roger Clemens, Orlando Hernandez, David Wells and Jeff Nelson. But, Burnett is the first to hit 5.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Burnett fails to break Yankee's record for postseason plunking

Postseason HBPs of note: October 22, 2009

AJ Burnett went into last night's ALCS game 5 having already hit 4 batters this postseason - that's the most batters any Yankee has plunked in a single postseason, but for career postseason plunks, he's tied with 4 other Yankees pitchers. Roger Clemans, David Wells, Jeff Nelson and Orlando Hernandez have all hit 4 batters in their postseason careers with the Yankees, but Burnett failed to break his tie with them last night. He didn't hit anyone.

Robinson Cano got hit by Brian Fuentes, in the only plunking of the game. Fuentes had never hit a batter before in the postseason, but Cano has now been hit twice this year in postseason play. He's tied with Mike Napoli, Jimmy Rollins, Russell Martin and Shane Victorino for the most HBPs in this years playoffs, and he's the 21st Yankee with at least 2 postseason HBPs. That was also the 99th time a Yankee batter has been plunked in postseason play, and the third Yankee plunked on October 22nd.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rollins becomes first batter plunked twice while clinching NLCS

Postseason HBPs of note: October 21, 2009

Jimmy Rollins got hit by two pitches last night making him the first batter ever to get plunked twice in the clinching game of the NLCS. That also puts Rollins in a tie for the most postseason plunks in Phillies franchise history, with Greg Luzinski, Garry Maddox and Shane Victorino - who got his 2nd postseason plunk last night as well. The Phillies are the 3rd team to get hit 3 times while clinching the NLCS, along with the 2002 Giants and 1999 Braves.

George Sherrill hit Victorino, making that the 3rd time he's hit a batter in the 2009 postseason. That ties him with Tommy John and Don Sutton for 1st place on the Dodgers all time postseason hbp list. He and Tommy John are the only Dodgers pitchers to hit 3 batters in the postseason in a single year. Sherrill also now holds the postseason plunking record for pitchers born in Tennessee with his 3 hit batters. No other person born in Tennessee has hit more than 1 batter in the post season.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ervin Santana breaks Angel's postseason plunking record!

Postseason HBPs of note: October 20, 2009

Ervin Santana hit Nick Swisher with a pitch last night, making that the third time Santana has hit a batter in the postseason... which is a new franchise record for the Angels. Paul Byrd and Jarrod Washburn had each hit two postseason batters for the Angels, but Santana has now hit 3. Santana is also the 16th pitcher to hit at least two Yankees batters in postseason play, but he'll have to hit two more Yankees just to tie Pedro Martinez in the category of hitting Yankees in the postseason.

Nick Swisher was the 56th batter plunked for the Yankees in the postseason, and they've now been hit 98 times in postseason play.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ruiz plunk leads to walkoff win

Postseason HBPs of note: October 19, 2009

Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz stepped to the plate down by 1 run in the 9th inning last night, with one out and a runner on first, and did what needed to be done - he got hit by a pitch. But two batters later, he came around to score the game's winning run on a walkoff double by Jimmy Rollins. As you may recall, the last time a batter got hit by a pitch that put him on base to score the winning run in a walkoff was game 3 of the world series last year, when it was Carlos Ruiz himself hitting the game winner, driving in Eric Bruntlett who had reached on a plunk. The only other plunk in postseason history that resulted in the game ending run being scored by the plunked runner was in NLDS game 1 between the Marlins and Giants in 1997. Charles Johnson got plunked in the 9th in that one, and scored the winning run on an Edgar Renteria single.

Shane Victorino also got plunked yesterday, but he got his in the 8th inning, and did not score a run. But that made him the first player born in Hawaii to get hit by a pitch in a postseason game in the Majors. Ruiz was the first player born in Panama to get a postseaon plunk.

George Sherrill threw Victorino's plunk, giving him 2 this postseason, which leaves him tied for 2nd on the Dodgers career list, behind Tommy John and Don Sutton who both hit 3 batters in postseason play for the Dodgers. John threw all 3 in 1977, so Sherrill is one short of the Dodgers single-postseason record as well. 8 other pitchers have hit 2 postseason batters for the Dodgers. Jonathon Broxton became the 11th pitcher from Georgia to hit a batter in the postseason.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Mike Napoli ties Angels record

Postseason HBPs of note: October 11, 2009

Mike Napoli was the only batter hit by a pitch in Sunday's Division Series action. He got hit by Clay Buchholz, bringing his career postseason total to 3 - which ties him with Bengie Molina and Bobby Grich for the most postseason plunks in Angels team history. And, since the Angels finished off the Red Sox, he'll have at least 4 more games to take sole possession of the record, against the team who led the AL in plunks thrown in the 2009 regular season.

Buchholz became the 40th pitcher in Red Sox history to hit a batter in the post season, dating back to October 3, 1903 when Cy Young was the first Sox pitcher to plunk someone in the World Series.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Plunked batters got 3 for 3

Postseason HBPs of note: October 8, 2009

Troy Tulowitzki got hit by a pitch yesterday afternoon for the Rockies, and the Rockies went on to win the game. Jim Thome got hit for the Dodger, leading to a Dodgers win, and Torri Hunter got hit by a pitch during the Angels win. All three batters who got hit by a pitch went on to victory, which is no coincidence - prior to this year, the team that gets hit by more pitches has won 254 postseason games, and lost 171. That's a .598 win pct for the team with more plunks, but that's actually slightly less than the combined regular season win pct for the more plunked team from 1960 to 2008, of .599. In Division Series games though, teams that get hit by more pitches than there opponents have won 70 games and lost 34 prior to this year - for a .673 win pct. Wednesday, Matt Tolbert got hit by a pitch and lost with the Twins, while the Dodgers and Cardinals plunked each other and equal number of times, so this year's tally is 3 wins and 1 loss for the team who gets plunked the most.

Thome's plunk was the third of his postseason career, and the first postseason plunking thrown by Adam Wainwright. That was also the 30th plunk in postseason history for the Dodgers franchise. Troy Tulowitzki got first postseason HBP, but it was the 2nd time Brett Myers has hit someone in a postseason game. And, Torri Hunter got plunked by Ramon Ramirez, which tied Hunter for the all time postseason HBP record for batters born in Arkansas, with 1. Willie "3-dog" Davis (1965) and Taylor Douthit (1928) were the other two Arkansas born batters plunked in post season play.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cards and Dodgers plunk each other 4 times

Postseason HBPs of note: October 7, 2009

Matt Tolbert was on the receiving end of the first HBP of the 2009 postseason, getting hit by CC Sabathia pitch, but it was the Dodgers and Cardinals who really got things going. They plunked each other a total of 4 times, with each team throwing 2 plunks. That's the first Division Series ever to include 4 HBPs, and the first National League playoff game with 4 HBPs. Previously only 2 playoff games have ever included 4 HBPs, were ALCS game 5 in 1987, and ALCS game 5 in 1997.

Russel Martin got plunked with the bases loaded in the 6th inning, by Cardinals pitcher Kyle McLellan, making that the first postseason RBI plunk since October 6, 2005. That one was also thrown by the Cardinals, during NLDS game 2 against the Padres Xavier Nady. That was just the 12th RBI plunk ever achieved in postseason play. Martin has now been hit 3 times in postseason play, which is now the Dodgers franchise record. Pedro Guerrero, Dusty Baker, Jim Gilliam, and Steve Sax were all tie with Martin at 2 plunks in Dodgers postseason history before yesterday.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Inge denied 18th plunk

HBPs of note: October 6, 2009

Brandon Inge stepped to the plate in top the 12th inning with the bases loaded and a chance to drive in a go-ahead run or four, in last nights tiebreaker playoff game at the Metrodome. He also stepped to the plate with 17 plunks on the season, one behind Kelly Shoppach for the American League HBP title. The first pitch appeared to brush Inge's shirt, which would have driven in the go-ahead run for the Twins, but the umpire ruled that it didn't hit him. That may have cost the Tigers the game, and a trip to the playoffs, but more importantly it cost Inge a share of the AL Most Plunkable Player award. Now, if the umpire had any question in his mind about whether or not the ball hit Inge, maybe he should have been aware the he'd already been hit 6 times this season by the Minnesota Twins and 17 times overall. If it had been any other player, it would be pretty safe to assume the Twins had not plunked him, but that was Brandon Inge - the only player in the past 25 years to get hit 6 times by the Twins.

There were two official HBPs in the game - Brendan Harris got plunked by Zach Miner in the 6th inning, becoming the first player hit by a pitch in a tiebreaker playoff game since Jeff Kent got plunked by Steve Trachsel in the 1998 AL Central playoff game. Also, Aubrey Huff got plunked by Jesse Crain in the 10th inning, and his pinch runner came to score a go ahead run - though the lead did not hold. Also, #9 hitter Nick Punto jumped out of the way of a sure plunking in the bottom of the eleventh inning that would have loaded the bases with 1 out and the top of the Twins batting order coming up - which may have ended the game quicker than the inning ending double play Punto eventually hit into (on a shallow attempt at a sacrifice fly). But, Punto has only been hit twice in 2,530 plate appearances, which is third worst in the majors among batters who have been hit at least once. When you don't develop good getting-hit skills in games throughout the season, you'll never be able to get that clutch HBP when you're team really needs it, Nick Punto. Fortunately for him, his teammates found a way to win in the 12th.

Huff's plunk was the only HBP ever recorded in an extra inning of a one game playoff, but back when the National League used to play 3-game playoff series to break ties for the pennant (before 1962), Dodgers catcher Joe Pignatano got plunked by Joey Jay in the 11th inning of game 2 of the 1959 NL Pennant playoff series.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Season winds down with final plunks... except for the American League

HBPs of note: October 4, 2009

9 batters were hit by pitches on the final day of the National League version of the 2009 season, but the American League couldn't finish on time and has to play one more game on Tuesday. For some reason, the Detroit Tigers have been granted one more game for Brandon Inge to catch Kelly Shoppach on the AL HBP leader board for the year, but he'll have to do it against the Twins.

Randy Johnson hit Everth Cabrera with a pitch yesterday, which makes just 2 HBPs for the season for Johnson. That was his 190th career hit batter. The only other season Johnson has played in when he only hit two batters was 1996, but he only pitched in 14 games that year.

Edwin Encarnacion got his 45th career plunk, Guillermo Mota threw his 20th and Ron Mahay threw his 10th.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kouzmanoff Breaks Padres Plunk Record!

Finally! He's only been tied with Gene Tenace since August 26th.

HBPs of note: October 3, 2009

Kevin Kouzmanoff got hit by a 3rd inning pitch from Giants starter Matt Cain yesterday, bringing his career total to 36. He the first player ever to get hit by 36 pitches for the Padres, breaking Gene Tenace's 29 year old record. Tenace got his 35th plunk with the Padres on... ready for this?... October 3, 1980. Matt Cain his hit Kouzmanoff twice now, and the Giants have thrown one-sixth of his total HBPs with 6. No other team has hit Kouzmanoff more than 3 times. That's also the 8th plunk on a Saturday for Kouzmanoff, while he hasn't been hit more than 6 times on any other day of the week. Since 1980, aside from Kouzmanoff, there have been 172 instances of a player getting hit 36 times for a major league team, including 11 batters who were hit at least 36 times for 2 different teams, and 1 batter (Andres Galarraga) who did it for 3 different teams. The Twins have had 12 different players get hit 36 times since 1981, but it took the Padres until yesterday to have one player do so. Every other team except the Rays has had at least one player get hit by 36 pitches since 1981, although the Mets, Dodger and D-backs have only had 1 each.

In other plunk news, Carlos Quentin was hit twice yesterday, bringing his total to 15. He could be planning an unprecendented 4 plunk day today to catapult himself into the American League plunk lead. Or, perhaps he'll just get hit once more by a pitcher who doesn't throw many plunks to try to go for the highest plunk difficulty rating in the league, and count on sophisticated voters familiar with new plunk difficulty rating statistics to vote him into the AL Most Plunkable Player award. You know, if it actually existed and was voted on. Those plunks were number 53 and 54 for Quentin's career.

Jerry Hairston Jr. also got plunked twice yesterday, both times by Jeff Niemann. Those were the 68th and 69th of his career.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

plenty of good plunks still available in the 2009 season

HBPs of note: October 2, 2009

Eleven plunks were thrown in Friday's baseball action, and 6 of them were recorded in the 8th inning of various games. That's the most 8th inning plunks in a single day of baseball since August 29, 2004. It's only the second day this season on which 6 batters have been plunked in a particular inning - joining the 7th inning of April 10th.

Alex Gonzalez got hit twice for the Red Sox yesterday, and managed to get those two plunks from two different pitchers who had hit him once before - Jeremy Sowers and Kerry Wood.

Melvin Mora got his 110th career HBP, putting him at 51st place on the all time list, tied with George Burns. He's now been hit 58 times at Camden Yards, which is just 8 away from Brady Anderson's park record 66.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Kendall reaches 248 plunks, 500 pitchers hit a batter this year

HBPs of note: October 1, 2009

Jason Kendall has now been hit by 248 pitches, following yesterdays plunking by Aaron Cook. But, that was the first time Kendall has ever been plunked in the month of October. Aaron Cook has now plunked Kendall twice this season, having previously plunked him on June 11th. Cook is the 6th pitcher to plunk Kendall in two different games in the same season joining Dave Weathers, Mike Maddux, Jamey Wright, Chris Young and Wayne Franklin - although Franklin got in a total of 3 plunks in the two game he plunked Kendall in 2003. Kendall's plunk was the 898th HBP ever recorded at Coors Field, and Troy Tulowitzki was hit later in the game for the 899th.

In other plunk action yesterday, Jeremy Bonderman, Rich Thompson and Clay Condrey all threw there first plunk of the 2009 season - which means that Condrey is the 500th pitcher to plunk a batter this season. This is the first year ever in which 500 pitchers have plunked at least one batter. 664 different players have thrown a pitch this year, which is two short of the record for most pitchers used in a season.

Scott Rolen got plunked again for the Reds, bringing his career total to 112. Chris Carpenter threw that one, putting Rolen in sole possession of 47th place on the all time list, but he's first among batters from Indiana. Carpenter has hit 64 batters in his career.

Shin-Soo Choo got his 17th plunk of the season, putting him one plunk behind teammate Kelly Shoppach for the AL lead in the race for the American League most plunkable player award. Daniel Bard threw that one, but it was only moving 86.5 mph when it left his hand. Bard's other two plunks this year were the two highest velocity HBPs of the season, both over 98 mph. The top ten fastest plunks this season can always be found on the interactive bruise board on the right of this page. Choo is the all time leader in plunks by player born in South Korea, which means that the plunk record holders from Indiana (Rolen), California (Kendall), South Korea (Choo), and the Netherland Antilles (Andruw Jones) were all plunked yesterday.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wakefield plunks 107th batter of the 00s

HBPs of note: September 30, 2009

Red Sox senior citizen Tim Wakefield went into yesterday with 106 plunks thrown in the decade of the 00s. He was tied with Jeff Weaver for the decade record going into his final start of the season, but apparently he wasn't satisfied with a tie. So, he plunked John McDonald of the Blue Jays. Wakefield has now hit 27 in Blue Jays uniforms in his career, but more importantly he's up to 107 plunks to lead the 00s. Jeff Weaver could respond at any time, since he's pitching middle relief for the Dodgers, rather than being on a starter's set schedule.

Aaron Rowand got his 109th career plunk, putting him in a tie for 52nd place on the all time list. He's the 8th most plunked batter of the 00s so far.

Tyler Flowers got plunked by Fausto Carmona in the 4th inning at Cleveland yesterday, which made that the 800th plunk ever recorded at Progressive (formerly Jacobs) Field.

Pedro Martinez threw his 141st career hit batter, plunking Houston pitcher Brian Moehler - who had never been plunked before. But, it was only moving 64mph when it hit Moehler, so Pedro showed some restraint. Martinez is the all time hit batters leader among pitchers from the Dominican Republic. Tim Wakefield is the all time hit batters leader among pitchers born in Florida, and they both hit a batter yesterday. And, not to be left out, Roy Halladay holds the all time plunk record for pitchers from Colorado, and he hit a batter yesterday - the 56th of his career. Aaron Rowand is the HBP record holder for Oregon born players, so there were a lot of record holders extending their records yesterday. Moehler was the 2nd pitcher plunked on a Wednesday this season with no outs in the 2nd inning.

Seth Smith got hit by a Jeff Suppan pitch, making Smith the only left fielder batting left handed to score a run after reaching base on a plunk thrown by a right handed pitcher in the month of September this year. That's probably one of his contract incentives.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog Jinx

HBPs of note: September 29, 2009

Yesterday, some blog posted that the Atlanta Braves were 9-0 when Yunel Escobar has been hit by a pitch this season, and that the Oakland A's were 7-0 when Kurt Suzuki was hit by a pitch. Last night, Yunel Escobar was hit by a pitch, and the Braves lost, and Kurt Suzuki was hit by a pitch in an A's loss. That's a little weird. On the plus side, that was career plunk number 20 for Escobar, and his 10th of the season.

Mark Ellis and Nate McLouth both reached the 40 career HBPs milestone yesterday - Ellis' 40th plunk was thrown by Mariners ace Felix Hernandez, and McLouth got his from Marlins starter Josh Johnson. Ellis is the first batter born in South Dakota to reach 40 plunks. He passed Dave Collins for the South Dakota record on his last plunk (July 24th).


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chase Utley and the 24 plunks

HBPs of note: September 28, 2009

Once upon a time there was a baseball player in the far away land of Philadelphia. His name was Chase Utley and he got hit by a lot of pitches. In the long ago year of 2009, he got hit by 23 pitches... until, September 28th when he faced Tim Byrdak in the 8th inning of the Phillies game against the Houston Astros when he got hit by his 24th pitch of the season, and his 107th overall. Utley has now been hit 47 times at Citizen Bank Park. If he can get one more this year he'll join Hughie Jennings, Tommy Tucker and Ron Hunt as the only players with three consecutive 25 plunk seasons. He's already the only left handed batter with three consecutive seasons over 20 plunks.

That was the 2nd time this month that Tim Byrdak has plunked Chase Utley - he threw Utley's 20th plunk of the year back on September 4th.

In other action yesterday, Ervin Santana threw his 45th career plunk, and became the first major league pitcher to plunk Julio Borbon. Lastings Milledge collected his 30th career HBP, and Hunter Jones threw his first big league plunking. He's the 497th pitcher to hit a batter this season. Aaron Laffey's plunking of Dewayne Wise in Cleveland was the 799th HBP recorded in park history at Jacobs-Progressive Field.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Dave Bush back in the lead

HBPs of note: September 27, 2009

Dave Bush started the day tied with Johnny Cueto for the major league lead in hitting batters, yesterday, but just to show he was serious in the race for the 2009 plunk title, he hit opposing starter Joe Blanton. Bush may have thought that Blanton was planning to hit 8 more batters himself to jump into the race, but one plunk from Bush put any such thoughts out of his head. That's how you send a message. Bush has now hit 15 batters this season, and 73 for his career. Joe Blanton did hit Mike Cameron later in the game, but not until Dave Bush had left. Blanton has now hit Cameron twice in his career, but has only hit 8 batters this season.

Shin-Soo Choo was plunked for the 16th time this season, putting him within 2 HBPs of the American League lead. He's in a tight race with Kevin Youkilis, Brandon Inge and Kelly Shoppach for the AL most plunkable player award.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kendall gets 247th among 15 plunks around the league

HBPs of note: September 26, 2009

Jason Kendall appears to be making a real push to showcase himself in the last few weeks of the season, going into his impending free-agency. He's now been hit 3 times in his last 4 games, including his 247th career plunk last night, of Kyle Kendrick who had not previously hit anyone this year. Kyle Kendrick is the first pitcher whose first and last name both start with a K to klock Kendall. But, Kendall has been hit 22 times overall by 16 pitchers with double initials. Matt Morris hit him 3 times, Antonio Alfonseca, Danny Darwin, Mike Maddux, and Woody Willaims twice each, and Kendall has one plunk from Brian Bannister, Brian Boehringer, Boof Bonser, Chris Capuano, Gary Glover, Jose Jiminez, Jeff Juden (say it with the Js pronounced like Jose Jiminez, it's more fun), Kyle Kendrick (most recently), Mike MacDougal, Mike Mussina, and Ramon Ramirez.

In New York, Kevin Youkilis broke the all-time record for career plunks against Mariano Rivera, with his third career HBP of Rivera. That moves him ahead of Kevin Millar, Ty Wigginton and Rickie Henderson, who have all managed to get hit twice by Rivera. That was Youk's 2nd plunk of the game after being plunked earlier by CC Sabathia. That gives him 16 on the season and tightens up the race for the American League Most Plunkable Player award, with Kelly Shoppach at 18, Brandon Inge at 17, Youkilis at 16 and Shin-Soo Choo at 15.

Rivera had not hit anyone this season, and he and Kyle Kendrick were among 5 pitchers who threw their first plunk of the season last night. Billy Wagner, Kyle Farnsworth, and Lenny DiNardo also got out of the "haven't hit anyone in 2009" club. 496 pitchers have hit a batter this year, so we're 4 pitchers away from the first season ever with 500 different pitchers throwing a plunk.

Also in New York, Daisuke Matsuzaka hit Derek Jeter, making that his 2nd plunking of Jeter. Jeter has now been hit 143 times in his career, which is just over half a Biggio if accept the use of The Biggio as the standard unit of measurement of HBPs. One Biggio = 285 plunks. Jeter continues to be the Yankees all time HBP record holder, but he's still 2nd among active players in being plunked by the Red Sox with 18. Jason Giambi has been hit 19 times by Boston, and is still active, even though he no longer plays in the American League East. But, the Red Sox have a two plunk lead on the Orioles as the team who has hit Jeter with the most pitches.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Major League pitchers set new record - and Chase Utley hit again

HBPs of note - September 23, 2009

Prior to yesterday, only 488 pitchers had hit a batter in the major leagues this year, and that wasn't as many pitchers as there were in 2007 who hit at last on batter. 489 different pitchers hit a batter that year, but that was the record. Never before had 490 different pitchers hit at least on batter in a single major league season. Until yesterday. Ian Kennedy hit Howie Kendrick to become the 489 pitcher to throw a plunk in 2009, and Kevin Mulvey of the Diamondbacks hit Eli Whiteside to break the record and be the 490th pitcher with a plunk this year. Only 1,478 total plunks have been thrown this year, which is 372 plunks short of the single season record and could be the lowest total since 1997, but every year we seem to need more arms to throw all those plunks. Overall there have been 660 different players who pitched this season, and only170 of them have pitched without hitting anyone. The record for most pitchers used in a season is 666.

The Phillies were visiting Florida for a game last night, and Chase Utley was among 4 batters hit by a pitch. He was also one of two batters to be plunked by a Dutchman, making that his first HBP by a pitcher from the Netherlands. Utley has now been plunkd by pitchers from 10 different countries among his 106 career plunks and his league leading 23 plunks this season.

Nick Johnson got his 11th HBP of the season, and Carlos Quentin got his 13th of the year yesterday. Dustin Pedroia got his 20th career HBP, and CJ Wilson threw the 20th of his career.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kendall gets 245th

HBPs of note: September 22, 2009

Before yesterday, 192 different pitchers had hit Jason Kendall with a pitch. One of them was named Kip Wells, and one of them was named Randy Wolf, but before yesterday, none of the pitchers who had plunked Jason Kendall was named Randy Wells. But, now we can finally say that Jason Kendall has been plunked by Randy Wells. Wells plunked Kendall in the 6th inning yesterday, making him the 193rd pitcher to plunk Kendall, and the 14th to do so while in a Cubs uniform. Jason Kendall has now been hit 18 times by the Cubs, and 3 times by Cubs pitchers who were born in the state of Illinois.

In Toronto, Jose Bautista heroically stepped to the plate in the bottom of the 9th inning with the bases loaded and his Blue Jays down by one run - he got hit by a pitch, tying the game and sending it to extra innings. He also scored the winning run after walking in the 11th.

46 year old Jamie Moyer hit 24 year old Chris Coghlan for Moyer's 138th career plunk and Coghlan's 4th. That plunk had the 2nd biggest age difference between the pitcher and batter this year - 2nd only to Moyer's plunking of 20 year old Fernando Martinez. Coghlan is tied for the 2nd most HBPs in the league since August 30th when he was hit for the first time in his career - which was also the 1000th plunk in Marlins franchise history.

Nate McLouth's plunking by Nelson Figueroa was the 50th in Citi Field history.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rowand get 108th

HBPs of note: September 21, 2009

Aaron Rowand collected his 108th career plunk last night, which puts him in a tie with Mo Vaughn and Bill Joyce for 54th on the all time list. Rowand is tied with Melvin Mora for 8th in HBPs for this decade, but he'll have to get hit 46 more times by the end of the year to pass Jason Kendall for the first decade plunk title of the 2000s.

Kevin Millwood threw the 64th and 65th plunks of his career, which were also the 10th and 11th of hthis season for him. That makes this year the first double-digit plunk season of his career. He's the first player since Kevin Appier in 2001 to throw at least 10 plunks in a season after going 12 season without ever doing so in his career.

Josh Butler and Henry Rodriguez both plunked batters in their major league debuts last night, making them the 487th and 488th pitchers to hit a batter this year. That leaves the 2009 season one pitcher short of the record for most pitchers with at least one plunk. In 2007, 489 different pitchers hit a batter. Also, 658 different players have pitched in the major leagues so far this year, just short of the 2007 record of 666 pitchers. Butler threw Aramis Ramirez's 75th career hbp.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Inge makes AL HBP title race interesting

HBPs of note: September 20, 2009

Brandon Inge got plunked for the 2nd consecutive day yesterday, bringing his season total to 17. He appears to be making a late charge at the American League plunk title for this season, and is now just one behind Kelly Shoppach. Inge has been plunked 3 times in September, while Shoppach hasn't been hit since August 22nd. Chase Utley still leads the majors with 22 plunks, but he's in the NL. That plunk for Inge also moved him into sole possession of 2nd place on the all time HBP list among batters born in Virginia.

Jason Bay got hit for the 9th time this season - he's the 2009 plunk leader among players with three letter last names. But, his plunks per last name letter ranks only 5th this season, behind Chase Utley (4.4), Bradon Inge (4.25), Shin-Soo Choo (3.75), and Matt Diaz (3.25).

Carlos Zambrano threw his 82nd career plunk, which leaves him just 6 short of Kerry Woods' Cubs record of 88 plunks thrown. Zambrano should have two starts left this season, so he could reach that record this year if he applies himself, but doesn't apply himself so vigorously that he gets thrown out after hitting the first three batters of his next start, on three pitches, and gets suspended for the rest of the season. You always have to strike the the right balance with these things - just plunk casually.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eckstein moves into top 30 on the all time list

HBPs of note: September 18, 2009

David Eckstein got plunked by Charlie Morton yesterday, moving him into a tie for 30th place on the all time plunk list at 134. He's now tied with Baseball Hall of Famers Nap Lajoie and John McGraw, along with nickname hall of famer, Dummy Hoy.

AJ Burnett threw his 70th career plunk, hitting Rob Johnson. Placido Polanco got plunked for the 80th time in his career, and Ryan Howard got plunked for the 25th time since he joined the major leagues.


Friday, September 18, 2009

15th for Choo

HBPs of note: September 17, 2009

Cleveland's Shin-Soo Choo got plunked yesterday, bringing his season total to 15. That's the highest single season total for a Korean born player ever, and in fact it's the first time since 1888 a player born outside North or South America (or the Caribbean islands) has been hit by that many pitches in a season. Reddy Mack was born in Ireland in 1866 and got hit 15 times for the 1888 Louisville Colonels.

In Chicago, Dave Bush put himself back into a tie for the Major League lead in hitting batters by throwing Milton Bradley's 40th career HBP. Bush now has 14 on the season.

Armando Galarraga of the Tigers plunked Willie Bloomquist, thereby recording the 900th plunk ever thrown by a Venezualan pitcher in the major leagues.

Kenji Johjima got plunked in the 14th inning of the Mariners-White Sox game, just before Ichiro connected for the game winning hit. That was the latest HBP of the season, by inning number. Last year there were 5 plunks recorded in the 14th inning or later including a 22nd inning HBP by Khalil Greene, but Johjima was the first to get plunked later than the 13th inning this year. That plunk was also Johjima's 20th at Safeco Field, and Scott Linebrink's 20th career plunk thrown.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Utley reachs 22 for the season, 105 for career

HBPs of note: September 16, 2009

Chase Utley continues to find new ways of getting hit by pitches (with a league leading 22), and last night's method was to get hit by someone named Tyler Clippard. Clippard had never plunked a batter before, but he does pitch for the Washington Nationals and they've now hit Chase Utley 6 times this year. He's the first batter to get hit by the same team 6 times in a season since Carlos Delgado was plunked 6 times by the 2005 Phillies. Neither Craig Biggio nor Don Baylor ever got hit more than 6 times by a single team in a season, but Fernando Vina and FP Santangelo got hit 7 times 2002 Reds and the 1997 Astros, and Ron Hunt got hit 11 times by the 1971 Mets.

Brian McCann got plunked in the 9th inning of the Braves/Mets game, and the pinch-runner who replaced him came around to score the winning run on an always-exciting walk off error.

Including Tyler Clippard, 484 pitchers have hit a batter this year - the record is 489.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feldman throws 900th plunk in Arlington history

HBPs of note: September 14, 2009

Scott Feldman started the game for the Texas Rangers yesterday, facing the Oakland A's at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, but he might not have known going in that 899 batters had been hit by a pitch in that park's major league history. He made it threw 6 innings without adding to that total, but before the 7th inning, maybe someone told him about the impending milestone because he hit Daric Barton - making that the 900th HBP in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington history. He also hit Adam Kennedy a couple of batters later, just to make sure. Daric Barton's plunk was his first of the season, and also the first HBP recorded by a batter born in Vermont this year. Barton has been hit 5 times, but he's still 138 plunks behind Carlton Fisk for the Vermont record. Speaking of Carlton Fisk, the last time a batter born in Vermont was plunked by a pitcher born in Hawaii was August 31, 1981 when Milt Wilcox hit Carlton Fisk - until yesterday, when Feldman plunked Barton.

Kennedy's plunk was the 65th of his career.

Ryan Braun got his 12th plunk of the season yesterday, which leads National League left fielders, and leaves him one plunk away from doubling his career total in a single season - he'd been hit 13 times prior to 2009 (in 2 seasons). That means that was the 25th plunk of Braun's career.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Inge plunked 30 times at Comerica Park (not in one game)

HBPs of note: September 13, 2009

The Detroit Tigers hosted the Toronto Blue Jays at Comerica Park yesterday, and the Jays paid back the hospitality by hitting Brandon Inge with a pitch - making him the first batter to be plunked 30 times at Comerica Park. Placido Polanco is the next most plunked player at that park with 21, but he didn't get hit yesterday.

Jeremy Guthrie hit Mark Teixeira for the 2nd time this year, tying Vicente Padilla for the league lead in plunking Mark Teixeira. Guthrie pitched for the Orioles, and Teixeira was widely rumored to want to sign with his home town Baltimore team last winter before accepting his contract with the Yankees, so the Orioles might have incentive to plunk Teixeira because of that. But, it's more likely that Guthrie has a personal vendetta against the Teixeira family for their blantant disregard of the "I before E" rule.

Luis Castillo got up to 503 plate appearances without being plunked this season, but Pedro Martinez ended that streak yesterday.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Marmol plunks a shortstop

HBPs of note: September 12, 2009

Carlos Marmol must have read this yesterday, because he plunked Paul Janish ending the streak of 5 days without a shortstop being plunked. Marmol has plunked 12 batters this season though only two of them have been shortstops.

Johnny Cueto hit Jake Fox for the 2nd time this season. Cueto now leads the majors with 14 hit batters, along with leading the majors in plunking Jake Fox.

Prince Fielder got his 9th HBP of the season, tying him with Nick Johnson as the most plunke national league first basemen. Doug Mientkiewicz got plunked for the first time this season, making him the 406th different batter to get plunked this year, and he was hit by Waldis Joaquin who became the 477th pitcher to hit someone.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

21 for Utley

HBPs of note: September 11, 2009

Prior to last night, Tim Byrdak, Mike Pelfrey, John Lannan, Joel Hanrahan, and AJ Burnett had all plunked Chase Utley on a Friday. Nelson Figueroa must have realized that all the cool kids were plunking Chase Utley on a Friday, because he wanted to do it to - although he did throw three non-plunking pitches to Utley before hitting him in the first inning last night. Utley is now up to 21 HBPs on the season leading the majors, but while he's been plunked on every day of the week, he has 6 on Friday. He's now been hit 14 times by right handed pitchers this year. That was also the 150th plunk by a 2nd baseman this year.

That was Utley's 104th HBP of his career, but Melvin Mora also got hit by a pitch yesterday and he's up to 109. Todd Helton got his 50th career HBP yesterday, Matt Holiday got his 55th, and Nick Johnson got his 65th. Jose Bautista got his 25th career HBP. Helton's 50th was his first plunk this year, after 560 plate appearances with no plunks.

No shortstops were hit by pitches yesterday, and in fact no shortstops have been plunked since September 6th.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Lackey throws 9th inning plunk

HBPs of note: September 10, 2009

It was another slow Thursday for HBPs yesterday - Sean West of the Marlins hit Mets batter Wilson Valdez, Dusty Hughes of the Royals hit Detroit's Gerald Laird, and Angels franchise plunking leader John Lackey hit Mariner Jose Lopez. But Lackey's plunk was interesting because he threw it in the 9th inning. That's the 2nd time this season that a starting pitchers has hit a batter in the 9th inning - something that only happened once in each of the past two seasons.

Here are the year by year totals for plunks thrown by starters in the 9th inning or later, just to show that pitchers used to be able to pitch for a whole game:
2009 (to date) - 2
2001 - 2
1993 - 4
2008 - 1
2000 - 8
1992 - 9
2007 - 11999 - 7
1991 - 3
2006 - 4
1998 - 8
1990 - 7
2005 - 5
1997 - 7
1989 - 5
2004 - 4
1996 - 5
1988 - 14
2003 - 6
1995 - 7
1987 - 9
2002 - 4
1994 - 4
1986 - 14

The last time a starter hit a batter later than the 9th inning was June 4, 1995 when Tim Wakefield started the game, but didn't hit Dan Wilson until the 10th inning. Could that be the last time that ever happens? That, by the way, was Wakefield's first plunk for the Red Sox, which makes it 161 plunks ago.

The other instance of a starter throwing a plunk in the 9th inning this season was thrown by Edwin Jackson on August 5th - but he didn't finish the game.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Konerko plunked at US Cellular Field

HBPs of note: September 9, 2009

Paul Konerko got hit by a pitch at US Cellular Field yesterday, but that's nothing new because he already held the park record for getting hit by pitches. That was the 37th time he'd been hit at the White Sox home park. But, that was his 10th plunk of the season which ties the Paul Konerko Era record for most plunks in a season by a player named Paul Konerko. Or, it tied his career high. He's got 76 for his career - but he's still 58 plunks behind Nap Lajoie for the Rhode Island record. And, he's just over half way to Minnie Minoso's club record 145 plunks (but still in 5th place among White Sox). And, Konerko now has 73 career plunks while playing for a team in the American League Central Division, which is just one behind the AL Central record - currently 74 by Matt Lawton.

Yadier Molina got his 20th career plunk yesterday, which makes 78 plunks for Molinas in general. Jeff Suppan threw that one, bringing his career total to 91, but he still needs to plunk 3 more Molinas to break the record for Molina plunking. Zach Duke and Tim Wakefield hold the Molina plunking record with 3 each, but Duke has only plunked Yadier and Bengie, while Wakefield has only plunked Bengie and Jose Molina. No pitcher has plunked all three Molinas.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Martinez and Tomko hit batters

HBPs of note: September 8, 2009

Or is it HBPs of note: July 10, 1998? That was the last time Pedro Martinez and Brett Tomko hit batters on the same day. Pedro hit Rafael Palmeiro and Tomko hit Andy Fox - one of Fox's 18 plunks that year, to set a Diamondbacks single season record which still stands. But yesterday, Pedro hit Willie Harris for his 138th career plunk thrown and his first since August 26, 2008. Pedro had gone more than a year without hitting a batter - his longest plunk-free stretch since throwing his first HBP on May 16, 1993 (when he hit Steve Finley). Tomko hadn't hit anyone since August 2, 2007, but he hit AJ Pierzynski yesterday, who had been up to 458 plate appearances with no plunks this season. That plunkless streak was uncharacteristic for Pierzynski, since he's now been hit 86 times in his career.

3 of yesterday's 7 HBPs were thrown in the 9th inning.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day plunkings

HBPs of note: September 7, 2009

Dodgers catcher Russell Martin got hit by a pitch yesterday, delivered by Arizona pitcher Max Scherzer, bringing his season total to 10 for this season. That makes him the first Dodger to get hit by 10 pitches in a season since 2004 when Alex Cora got hit 18 times.

On Sunday, Johnny Cueto took the league lead in hitting batters away from Dave Bush, throwing plunks number 12 and 13 of his season (including a third basemen). But on Monday, Bush returned fire, plunking Yadier Molina to regain a share of the season lead. Cueto has now hit a third baseman with 11 of his 27 career plunks.

In other leftovers from Sunday, Joel Peralta hit Chad Tracy, making that the 1500th hbp thrown by a pitcher born in 1976. And, the Braves plunked pitcher Micah Owings with the bases loaded in the 12th inning on Sunday. Only one other pitcher has been hit with the bases loaded this year, and that plunk was also thrown by the Braves.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

more improbable plunkings

HBPs of note: September 5, 2009

Garrett Anderson got hit by a pitch yesterday, which makes that his 2nd HBP of the season - tying his career high. That's just 8 for his career, in 8,907 plate appearances. That's pretty improbable. But not quite as improbable as Andy Laroche being hit by a 9th inning pitch thrown by someone named Blake Hawksworth. Blake Hawksworth? Are baseball players just making up names to sound cool now, the way they used to make up dates of birth and fake dominican birth certificates so they'd sound younger? Anyway, whatever Blake Hawksworth's real name is, he threw his first career plunk, making him the 81st Canadian ever to throw a plunk, and the 434th pitcher to do so this year.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Utley becomes first lefty with three consecutive 20 plunk seasons

HBPs of note: September 4, 2009

Chase Utley has been hit by a lot of pitches, especially for a left handed batter. He's up to 103 for his career, and as of last night he's up to 20 this season, leading the majors. That makes him the first left handed batter ever to get hit 20 times in 3 consecutive seasons. Tim Byrdak contributed last nights plunking, but it was only the 7th of his career, and the first time he hit Chase Utley.

Manny Ramirez got the 102nd plunk of his career last night, andAaron Rowand got his 107th. Rowand's 107th was thrown by Jeff Suppan, and was the 90th hit batter of his career, as well as the 1400th hit batter thrown by a pitcher born in 1975.

Jamie Moyer threw the 137th plunk of his career, plunking Michael Bourn, who has only been hit 4 times, and is only 4 years older than Jamie Moyers career. Pitchers born since the beginning of Moyers career have hit 39 batters, and batters younger than Moyers career have been hit 53 times.

One of those pitchers younger than Moyer's career hit a batter younger than Moyer's career last night. Daniel Hudson hit Josh Reddick, and to make it more interesting he did it in his first major league appearance, and hit the first batter he ever faced, and made it the first plunk of the batter's career (though it wasn't Reddick's first plate appearance). He's the first pitcher this season to hit the first major league batter he ever faced. It took Hudson 5 pitches to hit his first Major League Batter, but on August 13th, Cesar Cerillo of the Padres hit a batter on his 3rd pitch (but it was the 2nd batter he faced).

Also, and perhaps most impressively, Aaron Boone got his 80th career HBP, and his first since coming back from open heart surgery. He might be the first major leaguer ever plunked after open heart surgery.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Utley given league plunk lead

HBPs of note: September 3, 2009

Chase Utley got hit by a pitch last night, contributed by Giants ace Tim Lincecum, bringing his 2009 season total to 19. That moves him 1 plunk ahead of Kelly Shoppach for the Major League lead. Utley has now been hit 102 times in his career, and if he gets one more this year he'll be the first left-hander ever to get hit 20 times in three consecutive seasons.

Ryan Dempster's 6th inning plunking of Chris Getz yesterday was the 1800th plunk thrown by someone born in 1977. Pitchers born in 1977 have hit more batters than any other vintage.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dave Bush breaks Brewers plunk record!

HBPs of note: September 2, 2009

Milwaukee starts Dave Bush spent about two months on the disabled list this summer, and through that entire stretch he was tied with Jamey Wright for the Brewer's franchise record for hitting batters, with 49. But, in 2nd inning against the Cardinals last night, Bush hit opposing pitcher Chris Carpenter giving Bush 50 plunks since joining the Brewers. That's the most in Brewers history - and the first time Carpenter has ever been plunked. Then in the next inning, Bush hit Brendan Ryan (for the second time in his career) just to add to his new record. That was Bush's 70th career plunk, and 51st since joining the Brewers. Since the beginning of 2006, when Bush joined the Brewers, no other pitcher has hit 50 batters. Vicente Padilla is 2nd in the post-2005 hit batter standings with 49, Justin Verlander has hit 45, and Daniel Cabrera and Jason Marquis have hit 40 each. Bush is the 2nd pitcher this season to break his team's record for career hit batters, joining John Lackey. Bush, Lackey and Tim Wakefield are the only active pitchers who own their current team's career plunking record, and by pushing the Brewers record over 50, their are now only two major league teams that haven't had a pitcher hit 50 batters for them - the Rays and the Padres.
Here's what the Brewers all time plunking list looks like now:
David Bush, (2006-) - 51
Jamey Wright, (2000-2002) - 49
Bill Travers, (1974-1980) - 42
Bill Wegman, (1985-1995) - 40
Cal Eldred, (1991-1999) - 35
Chris Capuano, (2004-2007) - 34
Jim Slaton, (1971-1983) - 33
Ricky Bones, (1992-1996) - 33
Jaime Navarro, (1989-2000) - 32
Ben Sheets, (2001-) - 31

Along with taking the Brewers Record, Bush also jumped into the Major League Lead in hit batters this season, with a total of 12. He passed Carlos Marmol, Joba Chamberlain and Jonny Cueto who all have 11.

In other news, Matt Garza of the Rays threw his 20th career plunk, and Jose Lopez of the Mariners was hit for the 25th time in his career.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

16 games 2 plunks

HBPs of note: September 1, 2009

They played 16 Major League Baseball games yesterday, and only two batters got hit by pitches. This is a nearly unprecedented level of pacifism in MLB, and it can't be a good sign - like cats and dogs living together, as Dr. Venkman might say. The last time only two batters got hit by pitches on a day with 16 baseball games was August 8, 1982. On June 17th this year there was a slightly worse day for plunking, when only 1 batter got hit in 15 games played that day. But it can't be good for baseball when all those pitches are being thrown without any pitcher caring enough to brush a guy off the plate, or without a batter caring enough to take one of those pitches for the team.

Ervin Santana hit Franklin Gutierrez, and Charlie Morton hit Paul Janish. And nobody else got hit by anyone. Gutierrez was the first Venezuelan batter to be plunked in the 5th inning on a Tuesday this season, and the first Venezuelan to do so since Luis Valbuena got hit in the 5th inning on Tuesday September 16, 2008. Gutierrez and Valbuena swapped teams last offseason as part of the 3-team JJ Putz trade.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pitchers from Oregon reach 600 plunks thrown

HBPs of note: August 31, 2009

Oregon native Jeremy Guthrie plunked Jerry Hairston Jr. last night, which made that plunk the 600th known plunk thrown by a pitcher from Oregon. So that's something, right?

Bobby Abreu got the 30th plunk of his career, on a day when 4 of the 7 HBPs recorded were ones that hit Venezuelans.

Two different Blue Jays were plunked while visiting Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and the 2nd of them was the 899th in park history.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Chris Coghlan becomes 2nd Chris ever plunked for the Marlins

HBPs of note: August 30, 2009

The big story yesterday was that Chris Coghlan collected the 1000th plunk in Marlins franchise history, and it was even mentioned in the media, if you looked hard enough. If you went by past stats, you'd never have guessed that a batter named Chris would have received the Marlin's 1000th plunk, because only 1 of their first 999 plunks was recorded by someone named Chris. A player named Mike would have been a better guess, since they had 8.3% of the Marlin's first 1000 plunks. Including Coghlan, 10 batters born in Florida have now been plunked 74 times in franchise history.

In other baseball action yesterday, Aaron Rowand was hit by a pitch for the 106th time in his career. That extends the record for players born in Oregon, which he already owned. Jason Bartlett got his 35th career plunk, Geoff Blum got his 30th and Matt Diaz got his 25th. And, Fred Lewis recorded the 900th HBP by a batter born in 1980.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

999 for Marlins

HBPs of note: August 29, 2009

Padres pitcher Wade Leblanc plunked Dan Uggla yesterday, but he only did it once. That means the Florida Marlins have been hit 999 times in team history, and are still waiting to mark off the 1000th HBP for the franchise.

Scott Rolen's 110th plunk on August 2nd got him pretty hard in the head, but he got right back in front of the horse, so to speak, collecting his 111th HBP yesterday. You don't get to be the all time leader in plunks among batters born in Indiana without knowing how to come back from a plunk in the head. Jeff Weaver threw that one, which was also the 123rd of Weavers career.

Kevin Youkilis got plunked for the 55th time in his career. He's now tied with Tris Speaker for 7th place on the Red Sox all time list. That was his 13th of the season, and he's just the 2nd player in team history to get hit 10 or more times in three different seasons. Mo Vaughn had 4 seasons with double digit plunks.

There were 9 plunks recorded in major league games yesterday, and 4 of them were thrown by pitchers born in California.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

107 for Tejada, 105 for Rowand

HBPS of note: August 28, 2009

Miguel Tejada got plunked by Max Scherzer last night, giving Tejada a career total of 107 plunks. That puts him in a tie for 55th place on the all time list with Pete Rose, Melvin Mora and Wally Schang. It's often been said that any time you meet Wally Schang on an all-time baseball stat list, you must be accomplishing something good.

Aaron Rowand also got plunked yesterday, for the 105th time in his career. That was his 2nd plunking this season delivered by Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jiminez. Rowand is now tied for 2nd place on the AT&T park plunk list with JT Snow. They've both been hit 15 times at the Giants home park, but they're both 12 HBPs behind Barry Bonds for the park record (which of course should have an asterisk because Bonds wouldn't have gotten hit 27 times their without the benefit of BALCO brand performance enhancing drugs).

Matt Weiters and Randy Ruiz both got hit for the first time in their major league careers, while Luis Cruz was the lucky recipient of the 300th HBP recorded by a player born in 1984.

The Marlins did not get plunked yesterday, which means they're still stuck on 998 plunks in team history.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Quentin gets 12th of '09

HBPs of note: August 27, 2009

Carlos Quentin got hit by a Junichi Tazawa pitch yesterday, bringing his season total to 12, and hit career total to 51. And since there were only 3 other plunks yesterday, it didn't get more notable than that. Kurt Suzuki got plunked for the 20th time in his career, and Ryan Theriot recorded the 990th plunk by a batter born in Louisiana. J.D. Martin became just the 2nd pitcher this year to hit two batters in the first inning of a game.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kendall gets 243 AND 244 - Kouzmanoff ties Padres record

HBPs of note: August 26, 2009

Jason Kendall got hit by a pitch in the 4th inning last night, by Reds pitcher Kip Wells, bringing his career total to 243, tying him with Ron Hunt for 5th on the all time list. But, that tie only lasted about 45 minutes before Kendall got hit again in the 6th, moving him into sole possession of 5th place, with a total of 244. Jared Burton threw that one, as well as Kendall's 230th plunk on September 9th of last year. That was the 12th 2-plunk game of Kendall's career, and the 2nd time he's been hit twice in a game by the Reds. The Reds are lead all teams in the field of plunking Jason Kendall with a total of 26 now, including 6 on Wednesday. The Reds have plunked Jason Kendall at least twice on every day of the week. Kendall has been hit more than the entire 2009 roster of 3 major league teams, although the Rays are up to 245 since I last noted this.

Not to be overshadowed though, Kevin Kouzmanoff got plunked for the 35th time in his career, tying the Padres career record. He joins Gene Tenace as the only two players who have been hit by 35 pitches in a Padres uniform. While it's true that that's only 4 more plunks than Jason Kendall has had on Wednesdays alone, it's still the record for the Padres. Kouzmanoff has only played 3 seasons though, so he's got plenty of time to extend the record, and maybe move the Padres out of last place in terms of franchise career records.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hanley Ramirez records 1000th plunk in Land Shark Stadium history

HBPs of note: August 25th, 2009

In the 4th inning of last nights game between the Mets and Marlins at Land Shark Stadium, Hanley Ramirez got hit by a pitch. That plunk was the 1000th in park history for Land Shark Stadium, formerly known as Dolphin Stadium, formerly known as Pro Player Stadium, and possibly some other things. 502 of those plunks have been delivered to Marlins batters by visiting pitchers, and 498 have been pitches thrown by the Marlins that struck their guests at the ballpark - which is remarkably even over the course of 17 seasons. Mets pitcher Nelson Figueroa was responsible for throwing the 1000th plunk at Land Shark Stadium, and while it was only his 2nd at that park it was also the 20th of his career, and the 4800th know plunk in major league history thrown by a pitcher born in the state of New York. It was Hanley Ramirez's 17th at his home ballpark, and but he's still 15 behind the park record holder Alex Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, Carlos Zambrano threw the 80th plunk of his career, which has been spent entirely with the Chicago Cubs. That leaves him 8 hit batters behind Kerry Wood for the Cubs record, although he's currently in 3rd place behind Ed Reulbach.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Griffey reaches 81

HBPs of note: August 24, 2009

Ken Griffey Jr. got hit by a pitch in the Mariners game yesterday, thrown by A's pitcher Vin Mazzaro. That was Griffey's 81st career plunk and his first since August 7th last year. That was the only HBP recorded this season by someone who made his Major League debut in 1989 - although the only other player who debuted in 1989 who has batted this year is Omar Vizquel. However, Gary Sheffield and Jamie Moyer both joined the league before 1989 and have been plunked this year.

Paul Konerko got hit by the 75th plunk of his career yesterday, and it was also the 20th plunk this season by a player born in Rhode Island. He got hit by Daniel Bard who had hit only one other batter this year. Konerko's plunk was clocked at 98.2 MPH by MLB's gameday pitch f/x computers, which makes it the second fastest plunk of this season. The fastest was Bard's other plunk, when he hit Raul Ibanez at 99.1 MPH. Actually though, those pitches slow down between when they leave the pitchers hand and when they hit the batter so Konerko's 75th career plunk had decelerated to 88.4 MPH by the time it hit him - which does not rank in top.

Kevin Youkilis collected his 12th plunk of the season, and the 54th of his career. That ties him with Harry Hooper for 8th place on the career list for the Red Sox. That was the 2nd of his career thrown by Jose Contreras.


Monday, August 24, 2009

A Sunday of pacifism

HBPs of note: August 23, 2009

There was a full slate of 15 major league games yesterday, but only three batters got hit by pitches. There hasn't been a Sunday with a full day of baseball scheduled and that few plunks since July 15, 2007.

Josh Willingham got hit by Carlos Villanueva in Washington, marking Willingham's 55th career HBP and his 12th of the season. At Coors Field, Chris Iannetta got hit by Tim Lincecum and Clint Barmes was plunked by Sergio Romo. For Barmes, that was the 30th of his career, and his 20th at Coors field. It was also the 888th plunk in Coors Field History. Tim Lincecum has only thrown 12 plunks in his career, but that was the 2nd time he hit Iannetta. He's also hit Kevin Kouzmanoff twice, so he's only hit 10 batters with his first 12 plunks.

The Florida Marlins are still stuck on 997 plunks in franchise history.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shoppach ties Utley with 2 HBP game

HBPs of note: August 22, 2009

Kelly Shoppach jumped back into a tie with Chase Utley in the 2009 plunk race, being hit twice yesterday for a season total of 18. Those were the 30th and 31st of his career.

Carlos Quentin got hit by a David Hernandez pitch yesterday, which was Quentin's 50th career plunk. Happy 50th plunk Carlos Quentin! It was also his 12th of the season, which mean's he's in striking distance of the league lead if he can pull off what he did last year when he got hit in 6 consecutive games. David Hernandez is a rookie and had never hit a batter before, but he became the 446th pitcher to hit a batter this season. That's five more than the previous mark for the greatest number of pitchers with at least one hit batter as of August 22 in any season in baseball history. In 2007, 489 pitchers hit a batter which is the full season record, and should be in reach once the rosters expand in September - assuming there's actually anyone left in the minor leagues who hasn't already been called up to pitch. Check your voice mail, they might call you any day now. But, even though this year might be a record total for pitchers who hit at least one batter, the total plunks for the season is likely to be the lowest number this decade. So, it's a case of more people being hired to do less.

Evan Longoria got hit by a pitch in the 10th inning of the Rays-Rangers game yesterday, and that put him on base to score the winning run. That's always nice.

David DeJesus also got plunked yesterday, and it was his 40th career plunk at Kauffman Stadium. He's 4 shy of the Kauffman Stadium record, currently held by Mike Macfarlane at 44. Macfarlane also holds the Royals career record at 78, but DeJesus is only 12 away from that with 66.

Other things that happened yesterday include Ted Lilly throwing his 45th career plunk, and Jason Grilli threw the 20th he's ever thrown in the majors.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tatis 4 plunks away from Mets season record

HBPs of note: August 21, 2009

Fernando Tatis got his 9th plunk of the season yesterday for the Mets, bringing his season total to 9. The Mets singles season record is just 13 plunks, but Tatis needs to pick up the pace a little bit to get their. He's on pace for 12 this season. Ron Hunt and John Olerud have both been hit 13 times in a season for the Mets, and that total is the lamest single season plunk record of any team in the league. That was also the 59th plunk of Tatis's career, which ties him with Sammy Sosa for 11th place among Dominican born players.

Casey Blake got the has 60th career HBP, Sergio Mitre threw his 25th and Cole Hamels threw his 9th and 10th.

Mike Pelfrey got hit by a pitch and hit a batter in the same game, for the first time in his career. He's the third pitcher to do that this season, although Kyle Lohse managed to do it twice. Dwight Gooden (1990) and Pedro Astacio (1998) are the only other players in the Jamie Moyer era (since 1986) who have hit a batter and been hit themselves in two different games in the same season.


Friday, August 21, 2009

A few plunks on a Thursday

HBPs of note: August 20, 2009

Only 5 batters were hit by pitches yesterday, which is below average even for a Thursday. Thursdays have averaged 6.95 plunks per day this season, which is the lowest average of any day of the week this season. Mondays have had 4 fewer plunks overall, but one less day of games due to the All Star break.

Two of yesterdays plunks were thrown in San Diego, where Tim Stauffer plunk Matt Holiday and Yadier Molina in the 2nd inning. Holiday's plunk brought his career total to 54, which ties him with Alvin Dark for 4th place on the all time HBP list for batter born in Oklahoma. He's 36 plunks away from tying the Oklahoma record, which is 90 by Joe Carter. Molina's plunk was the 1200th Major League HBP of the season. It also loaded the bases for Brendan Ryan who hit his first career grand slam, and the only grand slam this year to occur with two runner on base who reached on a plunk.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wes Helms passes Enos Slaughter

HBPs of note: August 19, 2009

Wes Helms got hit by a 9th inning pitch from Jose Valverde yesterday, which brought his career total to 38. That moves him ahead of Enos Slaughter on the all time list for HBPs by batters born in North Carolina. Ray Durham holds the North Carolina record with 72.

The other important note about that plunk is that it was the 997th plunk in Marlins history, moving them closer to the historic 1000th plunk milestone.

Kevin Youkilis got plunked for the 53rd time in his career, but didn't need a hug this time. He's still 25 plunks short of the all time lead among guys named Kevin - Kevin Millar has 78. Albert Pujols got hit by a pitch for the 67th time in his career - he's the all time leader among players whose last name starts with P and has a J in it.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Utley improves season total to 18

HBPs of Note: August 18, 2009

Chase Utley was one of seven batters plunked in yesterday's baseball action, but he was the only one who was plunked for the 18th time this season. He leads the league, and is now 2 plunks ahead of Kelly Shoppach. That was also his 101st career plunk.

Alex Rodriguez was plunked for the 149th time in his career, and Jason Larue got plunk number 106 of his career.

Of the 7 pitchers who threw a plunk yesterday, 5 of them had a first name that was 3 letters long - Jon Garland, Vin Mazzaro, Jay Marshall, Gil Meche and Bud Norris. Here are some facts about Bud Norris: He's the 12th Bud to hit a batter in major league history, and the first since 2002. He's also just the 2nd Norris to hit a batter.

Cody Ross got hit by a pitch for the Marlins, marking the 995th plunk in team history.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carlos Quentin reaches double digits

HBPs of note: August 17, 2009

Carlos Quentin got his 10th plunk of the season yesterday, making this his third consecutive double digit season in HBPs. He's up to 49 HBPs for his career.

Four batters were plunked in the Diamondbacks-Braves game at Turner Field yesterday. That ties the park record for most plunks in a game at Turner Field, and was the 6th four-plunk game in park history.

Minnesota's Bob Keppel hit Ian Kinsler with a pitch, which was the 700th plunk thrown by a pitcher born in 1982.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Figgins and Anderson plunked, Monkeys type Othello

HBPs of note: August 16, 2009

Prior to yesterday, Chone Figgins had been through 512 plate appearances without getting hit by a pitch, leading the league in that category. He'd only been hit 5 times in his 3,863 plate appearances for the 2nd lowest career plunk rate in the Majors. The only player who's been plunked less often in his career is Garrett Anderson. Anderson, before yesterday, had been hit 6 times in 8,843 plate appearances. He was the only player in major league history with over 8000 plate appearances but 6 plunks or less. So, a guy with a career plunk rate of one every 773 plate appearances, and another guy with a career rate of one plunk every 1,474 plate appearances both got hit by a pitch yesterday. In related news, 2 monkeys typing randomly at computer keyboards both typed Shakespeare's Othello, though heavy intervention by a spell check program is suspected. And, two congressman had a truthful and rational discussion on healthcare at the same time - though not with each other.

Just to add to the improbability, Figgins got hit in the 12th inning, in his 7th plate appearance of the day, facing Brian Bass. He also got his 1000th career hit in that game.

In Milwaukee, Felipe Lopez got plunked for the Brewers in the 5th inning against the Astros, marking the 500th HBP in Miller Park History. In the 6th inning of that same game, Carlos Lee got his 40th career plunk which coincidentally was the 40th plunk ever thrown by Braden Looper.

Adam Dunn got hit twice at Great American Ballpark, bringing his career total there to 25. He's the 2nd most plunked player at that park, behind Jason Larue, but these were Dunn's first two plunks as a visitor in Cincinnati. His first one of the day was his 60th career plunk. His 2nd one left him tied with Lance Berkman as the 8th most plunked player born in Texas, but they're both 206 plunks behind Don Baylor for the record among native Texans.

And Jamey Wright threw his 134th career plunk, which is a lot.

felipe lopez 500th miller park plunk.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kendall moves with in 1 plunk of 5th place

HBPs of note: August 15, 2009

Jason Kendall was one of 12 batters hit by a pitch yesterday, but he was the only one who moved within 1 plunk of 5th place on the all time HBP list. Kendall's plunk, thrown by Brian Moehler of the Astros, was the 242nd of his career. He need one more to tie Ron Hunt on the all time HBP list. Moehler became the 191st pitcher to plunk Kendall, but just the 2nd born in North Carolina. And, the Astros have now plunked Kendall 20 times, becoming just the 2nd team to reach that mark - the Reds have hit him 24 times. Kendall has been plunked by pitchers born in 35 US states or territories and 10 foreign countries, and that was his 3rd plunk on August 15th. That was also the 499th plunk ever recorded at Miller Park.

David Wright and Ian Kinsler both got plunked in the head yesterday in moments that remind everyone why helmets are good, and why there are some pitches that you should get out of the way of. The Gameday Pitch f/x data listed those pitches as moving at 85, and 84.8 mph when they reached the batter. Wright appears to be okay after being taken to the hospital, but Kinsler stayed in the game.

5 of the 12 batters plunked yesterday were born in 1983.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

More batters plunked

HBPs of note: August 14, 2009

Nine batters were hit by pitches yesterday but there wasn't a lot to make any of them very notable. Jason Bay was hit for the 45th time in his career, while Roy Halladay and Jose Contreras both threw career plunk number 55. Grady Sizemore got plunked by Scott Baker, making that the 2nd time in his career he's been hit on August 14th - but he's still behind Miguel Tejada (who did not get plunked yesterday) for the active lead in August 14th plunks. That was also the 2nd time Sizemore has been plunked by Baker, giving Sizemore the all time lead in getting hit by Scott Baker. Mark Reynolds got hit by Ronald Belisario for the 2nd time this season, and the 2nd consecutive time they've faced each other. And, Sam Fuld got hit for the first time in his career, making him the 18th batter born in New Hampshire ever to get hit by a major league pitch. He's 84 plunks behind Arlie Latham for the state record, although Latham played a couple of seasons before HBPs were recorded. Latham was known as "The Freshest Man on Earth", and also "The Dude" - but he was born in 1860, long before either Will Smith or Jeffrey Lebowski.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Shoppach plunked for 16th time

HBPs of note: August 13, 2009

Kelly Shoppach got hit by a pitch yesterday, bringing him to 16 on the season, one behind plunk leader Chase Utley. He hadn't been plunked since July 26th, but he's only played 8 games since then. It seemed like Shoppach might get more playing time once the Indians traded Victor Martinez, and really get hit by some pitches with his increased plate appearances, but the Indians have had other ideas. Shoppach has been hit once every 14.8 plate appearances this season, which ranks in the top 10 all time in plunk rate for a season with over 15 HBPs. In the modern ere, only Mike Kinkade in 2003 and Ron Hunt in 1971 have been hit more frequently.

Padre's rookie Cesar Carrillo made his major league debut last night, and hit two Brewers batters. He's the 17th rookie to throw a plunk in his debut this year, and just the 2nd to hit multiple batters. Brett Cecil, however, hit 3 batters in his debut, so Carrillo didn't match that debut. He did hit Craig Counsell though, and that was Counsell's 50th career plunk, as well as the 498th plunk in Miller Park history.

Justin Verlander hit recent Red Sox acquisition Chris Woodward twice yesterday, which is a career high for Woodward.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jeter ties Nelly Fox on all-time list, leaves early to celebrate

HBPs of note: August 12, 2009

Derek Jeter collected his 142nd career HBP yesterday, tying him with Nelly Fox for 22nd place on the all-time list, and extending his Yankees career record total, as well as his guys-born-in-New-Jersey career record. He left the game with a bruised foot, which probably just means he wanted to celebrate instead of playing the rest of the game. Alex Rodriguez stayed until the end of the game, and in the 11th inning he got hit by his 148th pitch. That plunk put him on base to score the winning run. Rodriguez is 20th on the all-time list, but he's in 2nd place among batters born in New York (137 plunks behind that record), and in 2nd place among batters born under the astrological sign Leo (35 plunks away from 1st). He's the 5th most plunked Yankee of all time.

Gary Sheffield got plunked for the 135th time in his career, extending his lead over David Eckstein to 2 plunks in the category of plunks by batters born in Florida.

Jamey Wright threw his 133rd career hit batter, and Jeff Weaver hit number 121 in his career.

Elvis Andrus got hit for the 5th time in his career, making him the first batter born in 1988 to reach that total. He's tied for the rookie lead, and has 5 of the 8 plunks recorded by batters born in Craig Biggio's rookie year.

Houston rookie Bud Norris got hit for the 1st time in his career, but that plunk was the 999th in Land Shark Stadium history.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bad Examples

HBPs of note: August 11, 2009

Eleven batters got hit by pitches around the league, but there were a couple of really bad examples of the art of the plunk on display in Boston. First, Miguel Cabrera put together a textbook display of how not to use your elbow pad. He got plunked in the first inning by Junichi Tazawa, and for some reason the replay shows him ducking his elbow pad out of the path of the ball and getting hit on the hand. That's distinctly not how you do it. He left the game with a bruised hand (though not until after the inning was over, so he didn't need a pinch runner). For Tazawa, that was the 1st hit batter of his major league career.

Then later in the next inning, Rick Porcello hit Kevin Youkilis and that was the 5,925th time a batter born in Ohio was hit by a pitch. Youk was so excited by this, he wanted to celebrate and rushed out to the mound yelling "5925 for Ohio! WOoooOO! Give me a hug!" and Rick Porcello yelled "That's ridiculous! I'm uncomfortable with your affection! And that's not even a round number, why are you so excited about an arbitrary milestone like 5,925?" and the fans yelled "Yoouuuuuuuk" (because they do that no matter what he does), and his manager yelled "This is the inappropriate time and place to celebrate!". And the benches emptied and everyone jumped around trying to seperate the over-excited Youkilis from the uncomfortable Porcello. And then the umpire, misunderstanding the whole situation, threw both Porcello and Youkilis out of the game. But aside from all that, it was the 10th plunk of the season for Youkilis, and his 2nd in the past 2 days. It was the 52nd of his career. Porcello is a rookie and that was only his 2nd career hit batter.

In Milwaukee, Braden Looper hit Kevin Kouzmanoff with a pitch, bringing Kouzmanoff within one HBP from the Padres career record. Kouzmanoff has been hit 34 times, while the most plunked Padres ever, Gene Tenace, got hit 35 times. Hopefully someone told Brewers catcher Jason Kendall about this, so he could point out that he's been hit 37 times on Tuesdays alone.

Shin-Soo Choo got his 20th career plunk, and Roy Oswalt got his 5th career plunk. Oswalt joins Mike Hampton as the only active pitchers who have been hit 5 times. Oswalt's HBP was also the 998th at Land Shark Stadium (though the park didn't have that name for most of them).

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inge plunked for 14th time this year

HBPs of note: August 10, 2009

Brandon Inge got hit by Ramon Ramirez last night, pushing Inge's season total to 14. He's now 1 plunk behind American League plunk leader Kelly Shoppach in the race for the AL's most plunkable player award. He's also just 3 plunks behind Chase Utley for the overall season lead. It should be an interesting race the rest of the year.

Esmailin Caridad made his major league debut last night, pitching for the Rockies, and became the 16th pitcher this season to hit a batter in his debut. However, he was fairly patient about dealing his first plunk, waiting until the 6th batter he faced to throw it. No rookie has hit the first Major League batter they faced this year, but a couple of pitchers hit the 2nd batter. Caridad was the 427th pitcher to hit a batter this year, though just the 11th for the Rockies. Only Oakland has fewer pitchers with at least one hit batter this season, with 10.


Monday, August 10, 2009

240 and 241 for Kendall

HBPs of Note: August 9, 2009

Jason Kendall may have been sending a message to, or receiving a message from modern HBP record holder Craig Biggio yesterday. Either that or he just got plunked twice. Biggio's team, the Astros, hit Kendall twice at the ballpark where Biggio recorded 56 of his 285 career HBPs. Kendall brought his career total to 241 and is now just 2 plunks behind Ron Hunt for 5th place on the all time list. The Brewers catcher has been hit 10 times this season, making this the 12 season he's reached double digits in HBPs. That ties Biggio's career total for double digit plunk years - only Tommy Tucker (13) and Don Baylor (14) were hit 10 or more times in more seasons. Wandy Rodriguez threw number 240 to Kendall, and Jose Valverde threw number 241. Neither had plunked Kendall before yesterday.

241 HBPs, by the way, is the same number of plunks that you'd get if you added up the career HBP totals of everyone who has batted for the Tampa Bay Rays this year (24 players). And, there are three other major league teams whose entire 2009 roster hasn't been hit as many times as Kendall - the Rockies (208), Diamondbacks (216), and Twins (238).

Adrian Beltre got hit by Jeff Bennett bringing his career total to 50. That's a decent total, but during the span of Beltre's career, 103 other batters have been hit by 50 or more pitches. Jason Kendall holds the Adrian-Beltre-Era-Record with 195

Jeremy Hermida got his 20th career plunk, which was made more interesting because Jamie Moyer threw it. Moyer has now thrown 3 of Hermida's 20 career plunks. For Moyer, it was his 136th plunk thrown.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rodriguez plunked 17 times by Red Sox (not in one game)

HBPs of note: August 8, 2009

Red Sox pitcher Ramon Ramirez hit Alex Rodriguez with a pitch yesterday, pushing Rodriguez's career total to 147, and his total against the Red Sox to 17. That ties him with Derek Jeter for 2nd place among active players in getting plunked by the Red Sox. They've hit Jason Giambi 19 times. Other than those three, among active players, only Jason Kendall has been hit that many times by a single team, though he's been hit over 17 times by the Astros, Cubs, and Reds. Rodriguez is still in 20th place on the all time HBP list, and needs 4 more to catch Chet Lemon for 19th place.
That plunk also made Rodriguez the first batter to accumulate 5 HBPs at New Yankee Stadium.

In other action, Chan Ho Park threw his 135th plunk, which puts him tied for 19th place on one version of the all time list, and 31st place on a different version of the list.

Brandon Inge got his 55th career plunk and his 13th this season, which puts him tied for 3rd place in this years HBP race. That's a career high for Inge.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Canadians plunk 1000 batters

HBPs of note: August 7, 2009

Jesse Crain of the Twins hit Brandon Inge yesterday, and since Jesse Crain was born in Toronto that makes a recorded total of 1000 plunks thrown by Canadians in major league history. (Of course this total is inexact due to poor record keeping in the long-long ago years). That was also the 12th this year for Inge.

David Eckstein got hit for the 133rd time in his career which puts him 33rd on the all time list. He's one plunk behind Gary Sheffield for the record among batters born in Florida, but Sheffield is still playing too.

Oliver Perez and Mark Buehrle both threw their 52nd career plunks - Perez hit Eckstein and Buehrle hit Shin-Soo Choo (for Choo's 12th this year).

Kevin Kouzmanoff got hit for the 8th time this year, and the 33rd time in his career. He's two plunks away from tying the Gene Tenace for the Padre's career record.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Paul Konerko ties park record for US Cellular Field plunks

HBPs of note: August 6, 2009

Paul Konerko got hit by an Ervin Santana pitch yesterday, bringing his career total to 73, and his total at US Cellular Field to 35. That ties Frank Thomas for the career record for HBPs at the White Sox home ballpark.

Here's the top ten list for career HBPs at US Cellular Field:
Paul Konerko - 35
Frank Thomas - 35
Magglio Ordonez - 25
Ray Durham - 24
Jermaine Dye - 23
Aaron Rowand - 23
Carlos Quentin - 20
A.J. Pierzynski - 18
Carlos Lee - 17
Joey Cora - 15

Only two other batters were plunked yesterday - Dustin Pedroia and Ronny Cedeno. Pedroia broke the single game record for guys name Dustin Pedroia getting hit by a pitch at the New Yankee Stadium. Ronny Cedeno got hit by a pitch at PNC park, and therefor failed to break the New Yankee Stadium HBP record for batters named Dustin Pedroia. That record is probably out of reach for him.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Utley joins 100 plunk club

HBPs of note: August 5, 2009

Chase Utley didn't wait around long on the brink of the 100 plunk milestone. He got his 99th career plunk on Tuesday, and found number 100 Wednesday on a 5th inning change-up from Jorge De La Rosa. Utley is the 68th player to get hit by 100 pitches, but he's the first to do so for the Phillies, and he's just the 23rd player ever to take 100 plunks for one team. He joins Derek Jeter and Melvin Mora as the only active players with 100 plunks for there current team, although Jason Kendall did it with the Pirates and Jason Giambi took 100 HBPs with the Yankees. That plunk was also the 400th HBP in Citizens Bank Park history. And that HBP extends Utley's league leading total to 17.

Albert Pujols and David DeJesus both got their 65th career HBPs. Pablo Sandoval got his 5th.

Thirteen different pitchers from 7 countries threw the fourteen plunks recorded in yesterdays games.

Here's the full list of players who have taken 100 pitches for one franchise:
Craig Biggio (Astros) - 285
Hughie Jennings (Pre-1900 NL Orioles) - 205
Jason Kendall (Pirate) - 177
Tommy Tucker (Braves) - 150
Brady Anderson (Orioles) - 148
Minnie Minoso (White Sox) - 145
Derek Jeter (Yankees) - 141
Frank Chance (Cubs) - 137
Art Fletcher (Giants) - 132
Jeff Bagwell (Astros) - 128
Nellie Fox (White Sox) - 125
Carlos Delgado (Blue Jays) - 122
Frank Robinson (Reds) - 118
Ron Hunt (Expos) - 114
Bill Freehan (Tigers) - 114
Frankie Crosetti (Yankees) - 114
Jason Giambi (Yankees) - 109
Honus Wagner (Pirates) - 107
Brian Downing (Angels) - 105
Melvin Mora (Orioles) - 104
Sherm Lollar (White Sox) - 101
Jake Beckley (Pirates) - 100
Chase Utley (Phillies) - 100

Alex Rodriguez is the next closest player to joining this club, but he only has 74 with the Yankees. Next up is Paul Konerko, who got his 69th plunk with the White Sox yesterday. Then Jorge Posada is tied at 65 with Pujols and DeJesus, who just joined him at 65 plunks with their teams.

Don Baylor, by the way, never got hit by 100 pitches for a single team, but he is still the only player who's been hit over 50 times for three different teams.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just Manny being hit by 100 pitches

HBPs of note: August 4, 2009

It was a busy day for baseballs hitting batters yesterday, with 19 HBPs around the game. That's the most plunks on a single day in the 2009 season, and the first 19 plunk day since July 19, 2008.

Manny Ramirez got career plunk number 100, off Brewer Chris Smith. Ramirez is the 67th batter in Major League history to be hit by 100 pitches, and he joins Jose Guillen and Miguel Tejada as the only Dominican players to reach that milestone.

Chase Utley got his 99th career plunk, and his 16th of the season, moving ahead of Kelly Shoppach for the league league lead this year. Jason Hammel threw that one, but probably didn't know that hitting him again would have created the very interesting circumstance of having two players reach 100 plunks on the same date, and it would have been the 400th plunk in Citizens Bank Park history. Maybe that's a good thing though, that pitchers don't know these things.

Mark DeRosa picked a good time to get his 45th career HBP - in the 10th inning of a tie game, with the bases loaded. His RBI plunk put the Cardinals ahead of the Mets, but then Albert Pujols stole his glory with an insurance grand slam putting the Cardinals ahead by 5.

Former teammates Grady Sizemore and Ryan Garko both got their 55th career HBP yesterday, and Jonny Gomes got his 40th. Joel Pineiro threw his 40th career plunk. Garko's plunk was thrown by Astros pitcher Felipe Paulino, and that was the 1900th plunk thrown in Astros history.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ryan's plunked 46 times

HBPs of note: August 3, 2009

Ryan Garko and Ryan Zimmerman were both hit by pitches yesterday, bringing the total HBPs this season by batters name Ryan to 46. That's already the 4th most plunks by Ryans in any season in baseaball history, and it gives the Ryans a commanding lead for the most HBPs in the 2009 season. Players name Carlos are the second most plunked group with just 32. For Zimmerman, it was his 10th career HBP, and for Garko it was his 54th - but his first since being traded to the Giants. That was a pretty surprising trade for the Indians, because they still had an outside shot at breaking last year's modern team record for HBPs, but they probably can't do it without Garko.

Milton Bradley got his 35th career HBP, and Andre Ethier got his 20th. Mike Hampton threw his 49th career plunk, Aaron Harang threw his 39th, and Scott Kazmir threw number 29 of his career.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Rolen hit for 110th time

HBPs of note: August 2, 2009

Scott Rolen got plunked yesterday, bringing his career total to 110. He's still been hit more times than anyone else born in Indiana. But, that was his first plunk since joining the Reds.

Miguel Tejada got his 106th career HBP, and his 10th this season. This is his 6th year in double figures for plunks, but his first 10 plunk year with the Astros.

Oakland rookie Tommy Everidge got plunked for the first time in his career, making him the 7,220th major league player known to have been hit by a pitch. That was also the 500th HBP recorded by someone born in 1983.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Peavy denied chance at Padres record

HBPs of note: July 31, 2009

Yesterday was MLB's non-waiver trading deadline, which always takes over the headlines pushing out the important news of people getting hit by pitches, but this year there were a couple of trades with a big impact on HBP races or records. Jake Peavy was sent to the White Sox, even though he was just 2 hit batters away from breaking the Padres career franchise record. This just half a season after the Padres traded Khalil Greene when he was just 3 plunks away from the team record. In other trade new, Victor Martinez was traded from the Indians to the Red Sox, which is only significant because it should give more playing time to Kelly Shoppach. At the moment, Shoppach is tied for the league lead with 15 plunks, despite the fact that he's only played in 57 of the Indinans 103 games. If he can get some more plate appearances, he could really get hit by some pitches.

In actual HBP news, the Indian's Shin-Soo Choo got hit by a pitch thrown by Fu-Te Ni of the Tigers, which by some mathmatical coincidence was the 35th HBP to hit a Korean born player, and the 35th HBP thrown by a pitcher from Taiwan. That was Ni's first HBP, and he now holds the record for the shortest last name of a pitcher who has hit at least one batter. For Choo, it was his 11th of the season and the 18th of his career.

10 batters were hit by pitches yesterday, and 1 of them, though it's difficult to which, was the 1000th plunk of the year. This is the 12th consecutive season in which 1000 plunks were recorded by the end of July, but with only 1,007 HBPs, this year is the lowest end of July total since before that streak started. The last time MLB got through July without 1000 HBPs was 1997, which means this year has seen the lowest number of HBPs through July of any season since the league was expanded from 28 to 30 teams.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Garko gets 11th

HBPs of note: July 30, 2009

It was a pretty quiet day for HBPs yesterday, with only 7 plunks around the league. Ryan Garko got his 11th of the season, bringing the Indians season total to 61. That's a lot, but they'll need to pick up the pace a little if they want to break their record from last year.

So far this year, 407 different pitchers have hit 354 different batters a total of 997 times. 925 of those have been the first plunk thrown by a pitcher who had never previously plunked that batter.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

John Lackey breaks the Angels franchise record!

HBPs of Note: July 29, 2009

John Lackey entered yesterday's game just one hit-batter behind Chuck Finley for the Angels franchise record in the category of hitting batters. But, you had to have a good feeling that the record was going down, when he stepped onto the mound against the Indians, the most plunked team in the league. It didn't take him long either, hitting Shin-Soo Choo with two outs in the 1st inning to tie Finley, and following that up by hitting Victor Martinez to take sole possession of the Angels Franchise Record.

The Angels all time hit batters list now looks like this:
John Lackey (2002- ) - 72
Chuck Finley (1986-1999) - 71
Nolan Ryan (1972-1979) - 56
Frank Tanana (1973-1980) - 55
Mike Witt (1981-1990) - 48

(Please note, that's not the same Chuck Finley who's been hanging around Miami on TV, looking a lot like Bruce Campbell)

Adding to the historical significance of that game, Lackey's plunk of Shin-Soo Choo not only tied the Angels' record, but it also made Choo the most plunked Korean born player ever, with 17. He passed Hee Seop Choi. Choo has been hit 10 times this season, so he's already broken the Korean single season record as well.

In other Eastern Hemisphere news, Ryan Rowland-Smith threw the 100th plunk in Major League history delivered by an Australian pitcher.

Melvin Mora collected his 107th career HBP, moving him into a tie for 55th on the all time list, with Pete Rose and Wally Schang. Which makes this a good time to call for Bud Selig to put Wally Schang in the Hall of Fame! (yeah yeah, he'd have to be voted in by the veterans committee, or the special committee for old-timey players or something. But it's still easier to just demand action from whoever is in charge.)


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mark Loretta hits a batter?

HBPs of Note: July 28, 2009

The Dodgers pitching staff got roughed up by the Cardinals yesterday, which forced LA to bring in backup infielder Mark Loretta to pitch the final third of the 8th inning. But the interesting part is that he plunked Matt Holliday. He became the first position player to plunk a batter in a pitching appearance since Aaron Miles (of the Cards) hit Astro Cody Ransom on September 20, 2007. Loretta has been hit 71 times himself, which puts him in the HBP lead among active players who have also hit a batter. Only three players in baseball history who have hit a batter have been hit themselves more times than Loretta - Gary Gaetti (96), Jimmy Ryan (83 - plus 6 thrown), and Yank Robinson (75). Robinson and Ryan threw their plunks before the year 1900, so Gaeti and Loretta are the only modern players to hit a batter and get hit over 70 times. Among active players who have hit a batter, the previously mentioned Aaron Miles has the 2nd most HBPs himself, behing Loretta, with 9.

Loretta's plunk of Holliday was clocked at 78.3 MPH, which was only the 2nd slowest moving HBP of the night. Mike Gonzalez's pitch that hit John Baker only left his hand at 76.8 MPH.

In other news, Chase Utley got hit by a pitch for the 15th time this season, putting him back into a tie for first place in the 2009 plunk race. That was the 98th of Utley's career, and the 2nd contribution by Scott Schoeneweis.

Michael Cuddyer collected the 800th HBP by a batter born in 1979 yesterday, and some other things probably happened.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mora gets 106

HBPs of note: July 27, 2009

Eleven batters got hit by pitches yesterday, although only 9 pitchers hit them. Paul Bako becamse the 349th different batter to be hit at least once this season, and Bruce Chen brought the total number of pitchers who have hit someone this year to 399.

Melvin Mora got his 106th career HBP, provided by Bruce Chen. Mora has been hit 55 times at Camden Yards, which would give him the park record in all but 3 active parks in the league, but not at Camden Yards. He still needs to get hit 12 more times to pass Brady Anderson for the park. Carlos Delgado got hit by 61 pitches at Rogers Skydome, and Craig Biggio got hit 56 times at Minute Maid park. Larry Walker also got hit 55 times at Coors Field, but Mora is still just in 2nd place at his home park, even after 55.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Shoppach takes lead back

HBPs of Note: July 26, 2009

Mariners starter Jason Vargas was in a giving mood yesterday. Along with giving up 7 hits and 6 earned runs, he also contributed Ryan Garko's 10th plunk of the season, and Kelly Shoppach's 15th plunk of the season. That puts Shoppach back in first place in the 2009 HBP race, just ahead of Chase Utley. Prior to Saturday, only 15 batters had been plunked at Safeco Field, but four batters have been hit there in the past two days.

Jeff Weaver had hit 119 batters before yesterday, but none of them were named Hanley Ramirez, so he did that yesterday. Weaver's 120 career hit batters puts him in 35th place on the all time list - and by "the" all time list, of course that means "one" all time list, due to faulty record keeping in the early 20th and late 19th century on the pitching side of the HBP stats. Weaver hit Hanley Ramirez, which was on of 4 plunks in the Dodgers-Marlins game.

Burke Badenhop got tossed from that same Dodgers-Marlins game after plunking Orlando Hudson, but it might not have been an intentional plunk because Dodger Stadium has been the scene of 12 HBPs in the past week alone. Clearly there is some environmental factor causing this localized increase in HBP activity. Also, the umpire seemed to think Badenhop was retaliating for Weaver's plunking of Ramirez, or maybe even Jason Schmidt's plunking of Emilio Bonifacio, but the Dodgers were just trying to help the Marlins toward an important milestone. The Marlins have reached a franchise total of 987 times, and Marlins fans are probably on the edge of their seats waiting for that historic 1000th plunk in team history.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

some people get hit by some pitches

HBPs of note: July 25, 2009

Seven batters got hit by pitches yesterday, including Jason LaRue for his 105th career plunk and Reed Johnson for his 98th. Johnson's plunk was thrown by Johnny Cueto, who has hit Johnson twice now, and while hitting everyone else just 19 times.

Four of the seven pitchers who hit batters yesterday had first names that begin with the letter J, but no two of them had the same first name.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shin-Soo Choo ties Korean record

HBPs of note: July 24, 2009

Shin-Soo Choo took an HBP from Ryan Rowland-Smith last night, giving Choo a career total of 16. That ties Hee Seop Choi for the HBP record among batters born in Korea. Choo also got plunked yesterday. Adding Eastern-Hemisphere flavor to the Korean record tying plunk, Ryan Rowland-Smith is from Australia. That was the 99th major league plunk thrown by an Australian, and Rowland-Smith is 7th place on the Australian hit batters list with 5. He'll need to hit 19 more batters to surpass Graeme Lloyd's Australian record of 23.

Miguel Tejada got hit for the 105th time in his career, but it was the first contribution by Bobby Parnell. Tejada moves into 58th place on the all time list, ties with Melvin Mora and Dan Brouthers.

Brandon Inge got hit for the 11th time this season and 53rd time in his career, but it was also the 4th time he's been hit by Jose Contreras. Contreras is the all time leader in plunking Brandon Inge, and Inge is the all time leader in getting plunked by Contreras. The White Sox plunked 3 Detroit batters in that game at Comerica park - Inge, Placido Polanco and Ramon Santiago. Those three batters also happen to be the top 3 HBP leaders in Comerica park history.

Joba Chamberlain took the 2009 season lead for hitting batters, throwing his 11th plunk of the season.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Kerry Wood plunks 90th

HBPs of Note: July 23, 2009

Kerry Wood threw the 90th HBP of his career yesterday, plunking Alex Rios. But, that was only the 6th time Kerry Wood his hit a batter on a Thursday. Among active pitchers with at least 90 career HBPs, only Vicente Padilla has a day of the week with less plunks than Wood's Thursday total. Padilla has hit 98 batters, but only 5 on Mondays.

Marc Rzepczynski hit a batter for the first time in his career, becoming the first pitcher whose name starts with the "Rz" letter combination to hit a batter.

Shin-Soo Choo got hit for the 15th time in his career, which leaves him 1 plunk behind Hee Seop Choi for the all time HBP record for batters born in Korea.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brought to you by the number 50 and the letter G

HBPs of note: July 22, 2009

Ryan Garko collected his 50th HBP yesterady, thrown by Brandon Leagued, and Jon Garland threw his 50th career HBP at the previously unplunked Seth Smith. Brad Lidge threw his 30th at Andres Blanco, and Cla Meredith threw his 10th at Brett Gardner. But, Clay Buchholz also plunked Ian Kinsler, and that wasn't a multiple of 10 for either of their careers totals. And that's everything that happened yesterday.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy day in HBPs

HBPs of Note: July 21, 2009

It was a busy day for HBPs in the major leagues yesterday with 14 batters getting plunked. Manny Ramirez was the only one who did it wrong, taking one off the hand and being forced out of the game. He didn't break anything, but he's listed as day to day. That was the 98th of Manny's career, and was contributed by Homer Bailey.

Jose Guillen got hit by a pitch for the 131st time in his career, but remains in 36th place on the all-time list. He's 1 plunk behind Damion Easley, David Eckstein and Steve Brodie. Number 131 for Guillen was thrown by Ervin Santana, and ws the 40th of Santana's career. Also in that Royals-Angels game, David DeJesus got hit for the 37th time at Kauffman Stadium, which leaves him just 7 plunks away from the park record. He's been hit 63 times overall.

Jason LaRue didn't like having his career total tied by Aaron Rowand on Monday, so he got hit by his 104th pitch moving up with Miguel Tejada and Mark Grudzielanek into a tie for 60th place.

Reed Johnson got his 97th HBP, with Chase Utley looking on in Philadelphia. The two are tied again on the all time list, and perhaps locked in a race with Manny Ramirez to see who becomes the next batter to cross the 100 HBPs milestone. Johnson and Utley both started playing in the Majors in 2003, and while Utley has been accelerating his HBP pace for the past few years, Johnson has been slowing down as he's become more of a role-player with the Cubs. Johnson is the only player with an active streak of 6 consecutive years with 10 or more plunks, but he's only up to 5 this season. Aaron Rowand his been plunked in the double figures in 5 consecutive years.

Carlos Quentin got his 9th plunk of the season yesterday, after going unplunked since May 9th. He missed 47 games due to injury, but he's jumped right back in to the HBP race and will likely make a push toward the top of the list by the end of the year, if he can keep healthy.

And, Evan Longoria had an HBP which wasn't significant in HBP terms, but it did put him on base in the top of the 9th inning so he could score the go-ahead run, which turned out to be the game winner when the White Sox didn't come back in the bottom of the inning.

Aramis Ramirez
got his 70th career HBP, Oliver Perez threw his 50th, and Randy Wolf threw career plunk number 70.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

600th plunk at PNC Park

HBPs of note: July 20, 2009

It was a festive moment in Pittsburgh last night when Chris Smith of the Brewers plunked Jeff Karstens in the 8th inning. That marked the 600th HBP in PNC Park History, and players from both teams rushed out onto the field to celebrate. Karstens appear a little angry with it though, possibly because he had never thought to pick himself in the clubhouse "who will get the 600th plunk in PNC Park history" pool, because he'd never been plunked before and relief pitchers have only been hit by a pitch one other time this season. It was also Chris Smith's first career hit batter. Now the weird thing is that observers seemed to think this was some kind of payback for Karstens plunking Ryan Braun in an earlier game, and the players may have rushed onto the field in anger, but I think we can all agree on the real reason. Also in that game, Ryan Doumit got his 35th career HBP, which doubled as the 599th in park history.

In Los Angeles, Jason Schmidt pitched for the first time since June 16, 2007, and he also hit a batter for the first time since June 16, 2007. It had been a long road back for Jason Schmidt, but he had one great motivation - he was stuck on 49 career hit batters. But, he came back and pitched last night and plunked Ryan Hanigan in the 2nd inning, reaching the 50 HBP milestone, which I assume means he can retire in piece now. Maybe he'll stay until the end of the season, but you'd have to wonder what else he has to accomplish in the major leagues (although if he hits 19 more he can break the hit batters record for pitchers from Idaho, currently 68 by Larry Jackson). Also in that game, Matt Kemp got hit by Micah Owings bringing the all time HBP total at Dodger Stadium to 1,683, which is only interesting because the all time HBP total at Oakland Coliseum right now is also 1,683. That was also the 1800th known plunk to have been thrown by a pitcher born in Georgia.

Aaron Rowand recorded his 103rd HBP, which ties him with Hall-of-famer Tris Speaker, and not-quite-Hall-of-famer Jason LaRue on the all time list. Rowand is 10th on the 21st century HBP list, but he's still 47 plunks behind 21st century leader Jason Kendall, who has been hit 150 times since 2000.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Utley ties league lead

HBPs of note: July 19, 2009

Chase Utley got hit by another pitch yesterday, putting himself back into a tie for the Major League lead this season, and driving in a run in the process. Utley has been hit 14 times this season, tied with Chase Utley for the season lead, and he's now been hit 97 times in his career. Among those, he has now been plunked 3 times with the bases loaded. Andrew Miller threw the ball that hit Utley, and while he's only hit 15 batters in his career, he has now hit Utley twice.

The pitching side of the HBP race also saw some action yesterday, as Joba Chamberlain moved into a tie for the league lead with David Bush. They've both hit 10 batters this season. Chamberlain became the first Yankee since Randy Johnson in 2006 to hit 10 batters in a season.

Melvin Mora got his for the 105th time in his career, which ties him with Dan Brouthers for 58th place on the all time list. If he were in 58th place on the all time homers list he'd be around 381 homers and tied with Albert Belle, but he's not in 58th place on that list.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

900th plunk at US Cellular Field

HBPs of note: July 17, 2009

Congratulations to Jermaine Dye of the White Sox, who won the contest to record the 900th plunk in US Cellular Field history. He won a free, all expense paid, trip to first base. To celebrate the occasion, Jim Thome hit a grand slam driving Dye in from first, so that's a nice way to commemorate at important milestone at your home park. But it wouldn't have been possible without Danys Baez to throw the plunk, and the 899 previous pitchers and batters who recorded HBPs at the White Sox ballpark. Of the 900 plunks at the park so far, 454 have hit White Sox batters while 444 have been thrown by the White Sox to their guests. That only adds up to 898 though, because in 2004, the Marlins where plunked twice in home games which were moved to Chicago due to Hurricane Frances. Interesting that US Cellular would record their 900th plunk the day after Nationals Park saw plunk #100.

In individual milestone news, Chris Carpenter threw his 60th plunk. He needs to throw 2 more to break the all time record for plunks thrown by pitchers named Chris, which is currently 61 by Chris Short.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Homer plunks Kendall.

HBPs of note: July 16, 2009

There were 2,378 pitches thrown toward batters yesterday, but only two of them hit those batters they were thrown toward. One of them was thrown by Homer Bailey and found the body of Jason Kendall. That was the 239th of Kendall's career, and his 21st with the Brewers. That was also the 30th time he's been hit on a Thursday in his career. Of the 820 players who have batted in the Majors this year, and who aren't Jason Kendall, only 122 of them have been hit by 30 pitches ever, but Kendall has that many just on Thursdays. For Homer Bailey, that was the 5th plunk of his career.

In Washington, Cubs starter Rich Harden threw yesterday's other plunk to Josh Bard. That was the 15th plunking of a Josh this season, but more importantly it was the 100th HBP in Nationals Park history. Congratulations on that important milestone, Washington!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Derek Jeter becomes 32nd batter plunked in the All-Star Game

HBPs of Note: July 14, 2009 - All-Star edition

Tim Lincecum plunked Derek Jeter in last night's All-Star, making that the 32nd HBP in All-Star game history. The last time a batter was hit by a pitch in the All-Star game was in 2004's edition, when Mark Mulder hit Scott Rolen. Jeter was the 11th batter to score a run after reaching base on an all-star plunk.

So, Lincecum is now in a 32 way tie for first place on the all time list of All-Star batters plunked, and Jeter is in a 32 way tie for most plunks in the All-Star game. No one has ever done it twice.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Lackey one away from Angels record

HBPs of note : July 12, 2009

Angels starter John Lackey beat the Yankees yesterday, which is always nice, but he also hit Jose Molina with a pitch. That's generally not considered to be nice, but it was significant. It was the 70th plunk John Lackey has ever thrown, and the Angels career franchise record currently stands at 71 by Chuck Finley. However, Lackey ought to be careful because Dave Bush tied the Brewers career record for plunks earlier this season, and has been on the DL ever since. AND, Jake Peavy has been stuck on the disable list ever since he got within 1 hit batter of the Padres career record.

Jason Bay got hit twice yesterday, bringing his career total to 43. That was his first multi-plunk game since August 18, 2005. Bay is the 2nd most plunked player in baseball history whose last name starts with Bay. (Bay reached base four consecutive times yesterday without bothering to swinging his bat. He didn't actually use his bat until the 8th inning, when he missed once, fouled off two pitches, and then got plunked for the 2nd time.)

Jose Guillen got hit for the 130th time in his career. He's the all time HBP leader from the Dominican Republic, and has a 26 plunk lead on Miguel Tejada among his countrymen.

Miguel Cabrera got his 30th career HBP.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Utley plunked 96 times (not all in one game - that'd be a record)

HBPs of Note: July 11, 2009

Chase Utley collected his 13th HBP of the 2009 season yesterday, bringing him within one of this year's plunk leader, Kelly Shoppach. But Shoppach hasn't been plunked since June 15th so the momentum may have swung back in Utley's favor in the HBP race. That was also Utley's 96th career HBP, which leaves him tied for 75th all time with Gary Gaetti, Reggie Jackson, Geoff Jenkins, and Reed Johnson. That was also Chase Utley's 40th plunk at Citizens Bank Park. 10.2% of plunks recorded at Citizens Bank Park have been Utleys.

Jason Giambi also got plunked yesterday, and that's 164 for him. He's still the third most plunked lefty ever and the most plunked lefty ever born in California. But, Chase Utley is the 4th most plunked left-handed Californian, so if he continues his pace from the last few season, he should have no problem surpassing Giambi by the time Utley finishes his career.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

238 for Kendall

HBPs of Note: July 11, 2009

Jason Kendall got hit by another pitch yesterday, bringing his career total to 238. He just needs 50 more to break the all time record, but he probably won't make it this season. Chad Billingsley contributed this one, and it was Kendall's 42nd recorded on a Friday. Kendall needs 5 more to tie Ron Hunt for 5th place on the all-time list. For Billingsley, it was the 20th plunk he's thrown in the majors.

5 other batters were hit by a pitch yesterday but their combined career totals of all of them add up to only 31% of Kendalls career plunks. If you throw in the plunks thrown by the pitchers who hit someone yesterday, you get up to about two thirds of Kendall's total.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Twins streak broken at 25

HBPs of Note: July 9, 2009

Mike Redmond got hit by an Alfredo Aceves pitch in Minnesota yesterday, which wouldn't have been that significant itself, but it broke the Twins 25 game plunkless streak. That was the third longest plunk-free streak for a team this century, and it may have been longer if some jerk blogger hadn't jinxed the whole thing by mentioning it on the internet. It was the 53rd career plunk for Redmond.

Nationals outfielder Josh Willingham received career plunk number 50 yesterday, contributed by Astros pitcher Russ Ortiz. He's the 4th player to reach the 50 plunk milestone this season.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Revenge of the Chads

HBPs of Note: July 8, 2009

Chad Durbin threw two plunks yesterday for the Phillies, and Chad Gaudin added one more for the Padres, which means that pair of Chads tied the all time record for most plunks thrown by guys named Chad in a single day. Remarkably, the last time three batters were plunked by Chads was exactly 8 years ago, on July 8, 2009. On that day, Chad Durbin did it all himself, plunking 3 batters against the Astros (two of them were Craig Biggio). Durbin is now the active leader in plunking people on July 8th with 5 - out of a career total of 36, so that's kind of weird.

The only other day three batters were plunked by Chads was September 22, 1998 when Chad Ogea hit three Yankees. Prior to 1996, the only season in which Chads threw at least 3 plunks was 1933 when Chad Kimsey hit 4 batters in 2 starts and 26 relief appearances. (There's a tiny chance he threw them all in one game, but hardly worth considering). Chads have hit 18 batters so far this season, so they have a reasonable shot at breaking the single season record for combined plunks by Chads, which is 32 in 2007. And Chad Durbin has hit 7 batters already, so he has a great chance of breaking the single season individual Chad record for plunks, which he already owns with 11 in 2001.

Chad Durbin's first plunk yesterday was the 35th of his career, and the 30th for Brandon Phillips. Also in non-Chad related news, Carlos Pena got his 45th career HBP yesterday, and Robinson Cano got his 20th. Pena's was also his 15th at Tropicana Field. Johnny Gomes holds the park record with 26, while Rocco Baldelli is 2nd with 17 plunks at Tropicana. Pena is third.

The Minnesota Twins have now gone 25 consecutive games without being plunked. They're only the third team this century to accomplish that non-feat - the Reds went 26 plunkless games last year, and the Padres dodged all pitches for 31 straight games in 2002.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Inge reaches 51

HBPs of note: July 7, 2009

Brandon Inge was just standing around the Comerica Park batters box, waiting for a pitch he could hit with his baseball bat, when all of a sudden, BAM - Robinson Tejada hits him with a pitch. Can you believe that? That's the 9th time that's happened this year, giving him sole possession of 3rd place in the majors this season. It was also the 26th time Inge has been plunked at Comerica Park, which is the park record. Inge has been hit 51 times in all, but he needs 7 more to break the HBP record for players with a four letter last name that begins and ends in a vowel (currently 57 by Filipe Alou).

Eric Bedard hit Nick Markakis, which means that Bedard has thrown 30 of the 994 known plunks to be thrown by Canadians.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday reaches 96

HBPs of note: July 6, 2009

Five batters were hit by pitches yesterday, bringing the total batters plunked on Monday this season to 96. That's the fewest of any day of the week this year. Last year only 90 batters had been plunked on Mondays by July 6th.

Alex Rodriguez was among those 5 batters plunked yesterday, bringing his career total to 146, but he still needs 5 more to tie Chet Lemon for 19th on the all time list. His Yankee teammate Johnny Damon also got plunked, for the 41st time in his career, but he still needs 17 more to pass Pat Meares as the most plunked player of all time who was born in Kansas. Damon already has the Kansas record for career hits and stolen bases. And a third Yankee, Eric Hinske got his 25th career HBP.

The Yankees 3 plunks yesterday put them in a tie with Boston, Milwaukee and Philadelphia for the most plunks on Mondays. They've each been hit 6 times on Monday.

UPDATE: Johnny Cueto's plunking of Pedro Feliz on Monday was the 5,000th plunk thrown by a pitcher in the National League Central Division.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Independance weekend plunks

HBPs of note: July 5, 2009

Only 5 batters were hit by pitches yesterday, and the most plunked among them was Alex Cora. He was only hit once yesterday, but he's put together a career total of 84 plunks, including the latest contribution by JC Romero. BJ Upton also got plunked yesterday, which was only his 9th career HBP, but it was the 2nd time in his career he's been plunked by Scott Feldman.

On Saturday, Kevin Kouzmanoff got his 32nd career HBP, leaving him just 3 away from the Padres career franchise record (currently 35 by Gene Tenace).

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Friday, July 3, 2009

5 plunks in Pittsburgh

HBPs of Note: July 2, 2009

The Mets and Pirates plunked each other 5 times at PNC park yesterday, making that just the 2nd game with 5 plunks this year. Those 5 plunks were thrown by five different pitchers, making it the first time five pitchers hit a batter in a single game since August 15, 2007 - which was also a Mets-Pirates game at PNC park. Fernando Tatis got plunked twice for the Mets, including a 10th inning HBP that put him on base to score the go-ahead run. If they'd managed to hit each other twice more in the game, one lucky player would receive the 600th plunk in PNC Park history.

Adrian Gonzalez of the Padres got hit by the 15th pitch of his career yesterday, but Houston pitcher Alberto Arias might have just been trying to kill a bee that might have landed on Gonazalez.

Javier Vasquez threw his 77th career hit batter yesterday, which leaves him 3 away from the all time record for pitchers born in Puerto Rico, behind Omar Olivares.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeter vs Eckstein

HBPs of Note: July 1, 2009

There were only 6 HBPs in yesterday's baseball action, but there were a couple of relatively big numbers achieved. Derek Jeter got his 141st career HBP and David Eckstein got his 132nd. Jeter continues to be the Yankess all time leader in getting hit by pitches, as well as the most plunked player ever born in New Jersey - but still, he'll need to play another 15 seasons at his present rate to catch Craig Biggio or contend for the all time plunk record. I'm sure Yankees fans would be happy to have him playing shortstop until he's 50 though. David Eckstein got hit by a pitch for the 132nd time in his career, which leaves him 1 plunk behind Jason Kendall for the David Eckstein Era HBP lead. Kendall has been hit 133 times since Eckstein came into the league. Jeter has only been hit 92 times since Eckstein's rookie year, and more interestingly, Derek Jeter won 4 world series rings prior to Eckstein coming into the league in 2001, but since then he has won none, while Eckstein has won the World Series twice, and the World Series MVP trophy once. Eckstein also holds the post-season record for HBPs. This would be a much bigger deal (or at least vaguely relevant information) if the team that originally drafted Eckstein had not waived him before he reached the majors - that being the Red Sox. Eckstein is on pace to contend for the all time plunk record sometime around 2020 if he can continue his HBP pace and continue to find baseball teams willing to employ him for that long. Unfortunately, he'll be 45 years old by then.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Youuuuk gets 50

HBPs of note: June 30, 2009

Kevin Youkilis was hit by George Sherrill last night, bring Youk's career total to 50. He's the 10th player to get plunked 50 times for the Red Sox, and is 1 behind Dwight Evans on the Boston franchise list. He's still behind Jason Varitek among active Red Sox, and Varitek was also plunked last night for his 57th.

Miguel Tejada got his 103rd plunk - he's tied for 61st all time with Tris Speaker and Jason Larue. Alfonso Soriano got his 65th, and Vlad Guerrero got his 84th career plunk.


Monday, June 29, 2009


HBPs of Note: June 28, 2009

There were 17 plunks in yesterday's batch of major league baseball games, making it the 2nd plunkiest day of the year. Jamie Moyer's plunking of Scott Rolen wasn't just Moyer's 135th plunk thrown and Rolen's 109th plunk received, it was also the 4,500th thrown in Phillies franchise history. They're the first franchise to reach that total - although it may not be perfectly accurate because plunks weren't tracked very well on the pitching side in the early years of baseball. The Tigers are the next closest team with 4,360 known plunkings thrown in team history.

On the other hand, plunks have been tracked accurately for the past 17 seasons, so we can be sure that Andrew Miller's plunking of Ben Zobrist was the 900th thrown by the Florida Marlins. Also in that game, JP Howell hit Cody Ross, which was the 19th career plunk for both of them.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today's number: 600

HBPs or note: June 27, 2009

There were 4,394 pitches thrown in the fifteen Major League Baseball games played yesterday, but only 5 of those pitches hit a batter. The one that Alfredo Figaro threw that hit Miguel Tejada was Tejada's 102nd, but it was also the 600th plunk in Minute Maid Park history. Tejada has collected 1% of those, but he's still 50 plunks behind park record holder Craig Biggio, who was hit 56 times there. Lance Berkman is the active leader with 33 plunks at Minute Maid.

Paul Konerko got plunked for the 70th time in his career yesterday.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

1000 for Canada!

HBPs of Note: June 26, 2009

Russell Martin of the Dodgers was hit by a pitch thrown by Roy Corcoran yesterday, giving Martin his 20th career HBP. But more importantly, Martin's plunk was the 1000th in major league history recorded by a player born in Canada. Congratulations, Canada, on your 1000th Major League plunk. Now, many politicians might plan to use this moment to serve their own interest by scaring Americans into believing that Canadians are sneaking across the border to take HBPs from hard working American baseball players but he truth of the matter is that Canadians have been getting hit by major league pitches for as long as there have been HBPs recorded. 14 plunks were recorded by Canadians in the year 1884, and from then to 1920, Canadians were the 2nd most plunked nationality, trailing Americans and just ahead of the Irish. But no Irish player has been plunked since the year 1918, while the Canadians have stuck around and gotten plunked another 612 times since that year. I guess the Irish all switched to Hockey or something. From 1920 to 1994, only 3 Canadians per year were plunked, and at the height of the little-talked-about US/Canadian cold war between 1952 and 1961, there were NO Candadians plunked in the Majors. But then NAFTA came into effect in 1994, and every full season since then has seen at least 10 plunks go to Canadian batters. Canadian plunks peaked in 2004 with 43, and Larry Walker holds the single season and career Canadian records with 14 plunks in 1995, 1997 and 2001, and 138 in all. So anyway - this is an event to be celebrate, not used in some crazy political scheme to build a border wall to keep out our neighbors from the north.

Mark Teixeira also got plunked yesterday, and that was the 1400th by someone born in Maryland. It was also his 60th. Teixeira has been hit 7 times this season, so he's on pace to break his career high of 14 set in his rookie season in 2003.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Clayton Richard hits his first batter... and 2nd... and 3rd

HBPs of note: June 25, 2009

Before last night, Clayton Richard had faced 472 major league batters without hitting anyone, but he made up for lost time last night by hitting 3 in one game. He's the 4th pitcher to throw a three plunk game this year. He hit Russell Martin, Juan Pierre (his 64th) and Mitch Jones.

Melvin Mora got his 104th HBP, which also happened to be the 1600th to be recorded by someone born in 1972. Sean West threw that one.

John Smoltz threw his 55th career plunk, and his first since August 19, 2007. He hit Nick Johnson for his 61st. Johnson extended his Nationals Park record to 9 HBPs.

Alex Cora was hit for the 82nd time in his career, and Matt Stairs got his 57th.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Randy Johnson throws 189th

HBPs of note: June 24, 2009

Randy Johnson threw his 189th plunk last night, hitting Jack Hannahan. Johnson had been stuck on 188 plunks since September 28, 2008. According to one version of the all time hit batsmen list, Johnson only needs to hit 14 more batters to tie Walter Johnson for the most ever, but there are other sources that disagree with that total for Walter Johnson, and a few other guys who may or may not have hit over 200 batters.

Chase Utley got hit by Matt Garza giving him 12 on the season and 95 in his career. That was his first ever against the Rays though. Utley is 2nd in this years HBP race, 2 behind Kelly Shoppach.

Miguel Tejada got his 101st career plunk, Carlos Pena got his 44th, and Paul Konerko received his 69th career HBP. And Juan Pierre got his 63rd.

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