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Kouzmanoff Breaks Padres Plunk Record!

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Finally! He’s only been tied with Gene Tenace since August 26th.

HBPs of note: October 3, 2009

Kevin Kouzmanoff got hit by a 3rd inning pitch from Giants starter Matt Cain yesterday, bringing his career total to 36. He the first player ever to get hit by 36 pitches for the Padres, breaking Gene Tenace’s 29 year old record. Tenace got his 35th plunk with the Padres on… ready for this?… October 3, 1980. Matt Cain his hit Kouzmanoff twice now, and the Giants have thrown one-sixth of his total HBPs with 6. No other team has hit Kouzmanoff more than 3 times. That’s also the 8th plunk on a Saturday for Kouzmanoff, while he hasn’t been hit more than 6 times on any other day of the week. Since 1980, aside from Kouzmanoff, there have been 172 instances of a player getting hit 36 times for a major league team, including 11 batters who were hit at least 36 times for 2 different teams, and 1 batter (Andres Galarraga) who did it for 3 different teams. The Twins have had 12 different players get hit 36 times since 1981, but it took the Padres until yesterday to have one player do so. Every other team except the Rays has had at least one player get hit by 36 pitches since 1981, although the Mets, Dodger and D-backs have only had 1 each.

In other plunk news, Carlos Quentin was hit twice yesterday, bringing his total to 15. He could be planning an unprecendented 4 plunk day today to catapult himself into the American League plunk lead. Or, perhaps he’ll just get hit once more by a pitcher who doesn’t throw many plunks to try to go for the highest plunk difficulty rating in the league, and count on sophisticated voters familiar with new plunk difficulty rating statistics to vote him into the AL Most Plunkable Player award. You know, if it actually existed and was voted on. Those plunks were number 53 and 54 for Quentin’s career.

Jerry Hairston Jr. also got plunked twice yesterday, both times by Jeff Niemann. Those were the 68th and 69th of his career.

Kendall gets 243 AND 244 – Kouzmanoff ties Padres record

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

HBPs of note: August 26, 2009

Jason Kendall got hit by a pitch in the 4th inning last night, by Reds pitcher Kip Wells, bringing his career total to 243, tying him with Ron Hunt for 5th on the all time list. But, that tie only lasted about 45 minutes before Kendall got hit again in the 6th, moving him into sole possession of 5th place, with a total of 244. Jared Burton threw that one, as well as Kendall’s 230th plunk on September 9th of last year. That was the 12th 2-plunk game of Kendall’s career, and the 2nd time he’s been hit twice in a game by the Reds. The Reds are lead all teams in the field of plunking Jason Kendall with a total of 26 now, including 6 on Wednesday. The Reds have plunked Jason Kendall at least twice on every day of the week. Kendall has been hit more than the entire 2009 roster of 3 major league teams, although the Rays are up to 245 since I last noted this.

Not to be overshadowed though, Kevin Kouzmanoff got plunked for the 35th time in his career, tying the Padres career record. He joins Gene Tenace as the only two players who have been hit by 35 pitches in a Padres uniform. While it’s true that that’s only 4 more plunks than Jason Kendall has had on Wednesdays alone, it’s still the record for the Padres. Kouzmanoff has only played 3 seasons though, so he’s got plenty of time to extend the record, and maybe move the Padres out of last place in terms of franchise career records.

Bad Examples

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

HBPs of note: August 11, 2009

Eleven batters got hit by pitches around the league, but there were a couple of really bad examples of the art of the plunk on display in Boston. First, Miguel Cabrera put together a textbook display of how not to use your elbow pad. He got plunked in the first inning by Junichi Tazawa, and for some reason the replay shows him ducking his elbow pad out of the path of the ball and getting hit on the hand. That’s distinctly not how you do it. He left the game with a bruised hand (though not until after the inning was over, so he didn’t need a pinch runner). For Tazawa, that was the 1st hit batter of his major league career.

Then later in the next inning, Rick Porcello hit Kevin Youkilis and that was the 5,925th time a batter born in Ohio was hit by a pitch. Youk was so excited by this, he wanted to celebrate and rushed out to the mound yelling “5925 for Ohio! WOoooOO! Give me a hug!” and Rick Porcello yelled “That’s ridiculous! I’m uncomfortable with your affection! And that’s not even a round number, why are you so excited about an arbitrary milestone like 5,925?” and the fans yelled “Yoouuuuuuuk” (because they do that no matter what he does), and his manager yelled “This is the inappropriate time and place to celebrate!”. And the benches emptied and everyone jumped around trying to seperate the over-excited Youkilis from the uncomfortable Porcello. And then the umpire, misunderstanding the whole situation, threw both Porcello and Youkilis out of the game. But aside from all that, it was the 10th plunk of the season for Youkilis, and his 2nd in the past 2 days. It was the 52nd of his career. Porcello is a rookie and that was only his 2nd career hit batter.

In Milwaukee, Braden Looper hit Kevin Kouzmanoff with a pitch, bringing Kouzmanoff within one HBP from the Padres career record. Kouzmanoff has been hit 34 times, while the most plunked Padres ever, Gene Tenace, got hit 35 times. Hopefully someone told Brewers catcher Jason Kendall about this, so he could point out that he’s been hit 37 times on Tuesdays alone.

Shin-Soo Choo got his 20th career plunk, and Roy Oswalt got his 5th career plunk. Oswalt joins Mike Hampton as the only active pitchers who have been hit 5 times. Oswalt’s HBP was also the 998th at Land Shark Stadium (though the park didn’t have that name for most of them).

Canadians plunk 1000 batters

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

HBPs of note: August 7, 2009

Jesse Crain of the Twins hit Brandon Inge yesterday, and since Jesse Crain was born in Toronto that makes a recorded total of 1000 plunks thrown by Canadians in major league history. (Of course this total is inexact due to poor record keeping in the long-long ago years). That was also the 12th this year for Inge.

David Eckstein got hit for the 133rd time in his career which puts him 33rd on the all time list. He’s one plunk behind Gary Sheffield for the record among batters born in Florida, but Sheffield is still playing too.

Oliver Perez and Mark Buehrle both threw their 52nd career plunks – Perez hit Eckstein and Buehrle hit Shin-Soo Choo (for Choo’s 12th this year).

Kevin Kouzmanoff got hit for the 8th time this year, and the 33rd time in his career. He’s two plunks away from tying the Gene Tenace for the Padre’s career record.

Independance weekend plunks

Monday, July 6th, 2009

HBPs of note: July 5, 2009

Only 5 batters were hit by pitches yesterday, and the most plunked among them was Alex Cora. He was only hit once yesterday, but he’s put together a career total of 84 plunks, including the latest contribution by JC Romero. BJ Upton also got plunked yesterday, which was only his 9th career HBP, but it was the 2nd time in his career he’s been plunked by Scott Feldman.

On Saturday, Kevin Kouzmanoff got his 32nd career HBP, leaving him just 3 away from the Padres career franchise record (currently 35 by Gene Tenace).

Kouzmanoff moves close to Padres record

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

HBPs of Note: June 16, 2009

Kevin Kouzmanoff got plunked by Felix Hernandez last night, giving Kouzmanoff 31 HBPs for his career. He’s just 4 plunks behind Gene Tenace’s Padres franchise record for plunks, which has stood at 35 since 1978. It was the second time Felix Hernandez has plunked Kouzmanoff, even though they’ve only faced each other 13 times.

Jerry Hairston Junior also got plunked yesterday, bringing his career total to 66. He’s still 14 plunks behind Bing Miller (80 hbps) on the career list for players born in Iowa, but he took sole possession of 3rd place from Ducky Miller (64 hbps) on his prior plunk.

Melvin Mora also got hit by a pitch, but it didn’t count because the umpire ruled he was swinging at the pitch. If it had been an official HBP, it would have been Mora’s 100th with the Orioles, making him one of just two players who have been hit 100 times for his current team. But, it didn’t count.

Eckstein reaches 130

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

HBPs of note: May 26, 2009

There were a couple of notable plunkings in the Padres- David Eckstein recorded his 130th career. He’s now in 35th place on the all time list, and only 3 behind the David Eckstein Era record, which is currently 132 by Jason Kendall. It was another 9th inning HBP for Eckstein, but not a a game tying RBI plunk like last week. Kevin Kouzmanoff did have an RBI plunk for the Padres in that game, in the 8th inning, as part of an 8th inning rally that came up short. That was the 30th career HBP for Kouzmanoff, and he’s now just 5 behind behind Gene Tenace on the Padres all time HBP list.

At Citi Field, Fernando Tatis and Fernando Martinez both got plunked for the Mets. For Tatis, it was his 54th career plunk, and his 4th at Citi Field, which is the park record. There have only been 19 HBPs so far at Citi Field, and 21% of them have landed on Fernando Tatis. Fernando Martinez’ plunk was the first of his career, and makes him the first player born in 1988 to be hit by a pitch. Yesterday was the first day on which two different Fernandos got hit by pitches since July 30, 2002 when Tatis and Fernando Vina both got plunked, and it was the first time since July 14, 2000 that two Fernandos got plunked in the same game, for the same team – that was also Vina and Tatis.

Roy Oswalt threw the 60th HBP of his career.

Major League batters recorded 11 HBPs yesterday, which made it the 8th day this year with that number as the total plunks. There have been seven different 10 plunk days, but 11 has been the most popular number of HBPs in a day so far this year. Last year there were only sixteen 11 plunks days all season, but there were 22 days on which 10 HBPs were recorded.

Peavy refuses to abandon quest for Padres hit batsmen record

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

The big news yesterday was that the Padres agreed to a trade that would send Jake Peavy to the White Sox, but needed Peavy’s approval to allow the deal to go through. But, after leaving the fans in suspense all day, he chose to remain in San Diego – where he is 3 hit batters away from breaking the Padres’ franchise record in that category. Peavy has hit 44 batters for the Padres, and sits in 4th place in their team record book, behind Brian Lawrence, who plunked 45 batters between 2001 and 2005, and Joey Hamilton and Eric Show, who both hit 46 batters pitching for the Padres. Over the offseason, the Padres traded away Khalil Greene when he was just 4 HBPs away from breaking the team record for getting plunked, so the San Diego front office really seems to be protecting their record book from any of their current players, for some reason.
Peavy is scheduled to pitch against the Cubs today, so maybe if he hits three batters he’ll be more willing to accept a trade, with the record already in his pocket.

We now return to our regularly scheduled HBPs of Note, for May 21, 2009:

Kevin Kouzmanoff got plunked for the Padres, bringing his career total to 29, and since that means he’s only 6 behind Gene Tenace‘s Padres record, they’ll probably trade him sometime soon. Tim Lincecum was responsible for Kouzmanoff’s plunking, and has now hit Kouzmanoff twice, even though he’s hit everyone else in the league only 8 times.

David Eckstein also got plunked for the Padres yesterday, bringing his career total to 128. He’s tied for 37th on the all time list with Jeff Bagwell, and stays just ahead of Jose Guillen, who also got plunked yesterday. Guillen has 127 career HBPs now, which puts him in 39th place all time, but he has that spot all to himself. Guillen’s 127th HBP was also the 65th plunk ever thrown by Carl Pavano.
Possibly more important than his standing on the all time list, Eckstein’s plunk occured with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th inning, down by 1 run with 2 outs. His HBP drove in the game tying run, and led to Scott Hairston‘s game winning single. That’s the most clutch late game HBP since Jose Molina‘s 12th inning game winning walk-off HBP on July 19, 2008.

Ryan Braun got plunked as well yesterday, bringing his season total to 7 – just one plunk behind 2009 plunk leaders Chase Utley, Kelly Shoppach and Carlos Quentin. Braun’s was also the 20th of his career.

Kris Medlan made his first major league pitching appearance, starting for the Braves yesterday, and managed to throw his first plunk. But interestingly, the first batter he hit was the opposing pitcher, Aaron Cook. He’s the SECOND rookie pitcher this season to plunk the first pitcher he faced, and to throw his first career HBP in his first start, on a plunk to the opposing starter. Marlins rookie Graham Taylor did the same thing against Jamie Moyer on April 26th. Only two other pitchers since 1986 (the Jamie Moyer Era) have plunked an opposing pitcher in their debut, but when Micah Owings did it, he hit another batter before plunking opposing starter Jerome Williams, and when Stan Spencer did it, he gave up a single to opposing starter Paul Byrd before plunking him the second time through the order.

8 batters were hit yesterday, and 5 of them were hit by pitchers who hadn’t hit anyone yet this year.

Kevin Kouzmanoff breaks PETCO Park HBP record

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

HBPs of note: May 16, 2009

Red pitcher Jared Burton plunked the Padres’ Kevin Kouzmanoff yesterday, giving Kouzmanoff a career total of 14 HBPs at PETCO Park, moving him past Khalil Greene for the park record. Kouzmanoff has been hit 28 times in his career, which is just 8 away from breaking the Padres team record.

Several people reached the always important “multiples of 10” milestones in HBPs yesterday as well – Cubs pitcher Kevin Gregg threw his 20th pitch to hit a batter, and Ian Kinsler of the Rangers got his 20th HBP. In slightly less important “multiples of 5” milestones, Dave Dellucci of the Indians got his 45th HBP, John Lackey threw plunk number 65 of his career, and the Reds Jared Burton threw his 5th. Among the less publicized “multiples of 7” milestones, Oakland’s Matt Holiday get his 49th HBP, and Boston’s Josh Beckett threw the 42nd of his career. And lastly, among milestones that nobody seems to track, there are the prime number milestones – Seattle’s Miguel Batista threw his 67th plunk.

Chan Ho Park and Carlos Delgado combined for 302nd plunk

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Chan Ho Park hit Carlos Delgado in last night’s Mets-Phillies game, which makes 170 career HBPs for Delgado, and 133 for Park. Delgado is 13th on the all time HBP list, and Park is 19th among pitchers on the hit batters list. Delgado is 2nd among active batters, and 2nd all time among lefties.
Park has hit 24 batters on Wednesdays, and Delgado now has 26 plunks on Wednesdays.

Kelly Shoppach got hit by another pitch, bringing his total to 8 this season, in just 60 plate appearances. He got hit by Justin Masterson, which you probably could have seen coming if you had noticed where Masterson and Shoppach were on this list and this list.

Jose Guillen also got plunked yesterday, making 125 for his career, and Aaron Rowand got the 97th of his career.

Kevin Kouzmanoff, who broke the Padres single season HBP record last year, was plunked for the first time in 2009 yesterday. He began the season with 109 plunk-free plate appearances.