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Jon Jay reaches 15 plunks with walkoff

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Jon Jay put himself back in the lead in the 2014 most plunkable player race, staying in front of a 9th inning JJ Hoover pitch last night, with the bases loaded and the game tied. That plunk won the game for the Cardinals, but more importantly gave Jay 15 plunks on the season to lead the majors. That’s the Cardinals 2nd walkoff plunk this season, making them the only team in the last 50 years to have 2 game winning HBPs in the same season.

AJ Burnett passed Kenny Rogers on the all time plunk list, throwing #127 and #128 of his career. Burnett is now 38th on the all time list for hitting batters. Burnett has hit 12 batters this season,

Mike Zunino took his 14th plunk of the season, extending his lead for the American League most plunkable player award.

Utley plunked for 166th time

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Chase Utley has only been hit by 3 pitches while facing Seattle Mariners pitchers, including the time Roenis Elias hit Utley last night. However, Chase Utley has been hit 163 times by other teams, so he has 166 for his career. That’s one more plunk than Kid Elberfeld ever got, so Utley is now alone in 17th place on the all time list. He’s 2 plunks behind Derek Jeter for 16th place, 17 plunks behind Jake Beckley for 1st place among left handed batters, and 119 plunks behind Craig Biggio for 2nd place all time. Utley has been hit 10 times this season, making this his 8th season with double digit plunks.

Justin Masterson hit Mike Leake in the Cardinals-Reds game, bringing his season total to 14. That’s 5 plunks behind Charlie Morton for the season lead.

Marte gets 14th for share of the lead

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Pirates baseball magnet Starling Marte got hit by Rafael Soriano last night, bringing Marte’s season total to 14. That ties him with Jon Jay for the major league lead. Marte’s career rate of plate appearances per plunk is now 28.02, which ranks 2nd among active players with 1000 plate appearances. Carlos Quentin gets hit every 25.57 plate appearances.

Jeremy Guthrie threw his 13th plunk of the season, landing a baseball on Eduardo Escobar. Guthrie leads the American League in plunks, but he’s 6 short of Charlie Morten for the overall major league lead.

Jay jumps into MPP race lead with 4 plunks in 2 days

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Jon Jay got hit by two pitches yesterday, and this isn’t a rerun – he got hit by 2 pitches on Friday as well. Jay is the first batter to get hit by 4 pitches in two days since April 16th and 17th 2005 when Reed Johnson got hit 3 times in one game and 1 in the next by the Rangers.
Since 1920, only 7 batters, including Jay, have been hit 4 times in the span of two games. Jay now sits in first place in the race for the 2014 Most Plunkable Player award, with 14 HBPs on the season.

Shin-Soo Choo also got hit by a pitch yesterday, for his 12 of the season and 93rd career plunk.

Utley lands 165th, Johnson gets 131st

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Phillies veteran plunk target Chase Utley was hit by a Javier Lopez pitch last night, in the top of the 10th inning with the bases loaded. That was Utley’s 5th RBI plunk, and the 165th HBP of his career. Kid Elberfeld got hit by 165 pitches in his career, and he was the 17th most plunked batter ever, which means Utley is also the 17th most plunked batter ever. That’s 77 more plunks than any other player in Phillies history.

Reed Johnson experienced the 131st plunk of his career last night, delivered by Trevor Cahill. He’s 37th on the all time list, one plunk behind Damion Easley.

Mike Zunino was hit for the 13 time this season, tying him with Carlos Gomez, Starling Marte and Russel Martin for the major league lead. He’s 2 plunks ahead of Shin-Soo Choo for the American League most plunkable player award race. He’s only the 4th Mariner to get hit 13 times in a season. Craig Biggio got hit by over 13 pitches in a season 10 times, but every Mariner ever has only reached 13 plunks in a season 4 times.

Jon Jay and Alex Gordon both reached 50 plunks yesterday.

Chapman throws fastest plunk of the season

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Aroldis Chapman’s plunking of Jackie Bradley Jr in last night’s Reds-Red Sox was clocked at 100.1mph, and that’s the fastest moving plunk thrown this season. Bradley is only batting .211 this season, but Chapman still felt he was enough of a threat to warrant a hard plunk in the shoulder. Bradley was left undamaged by the plunk, and stayed in the game.

Cardinals outfielder Jon “The Federalist” Jay was hit by his 10th plunk of the year last night, making this his 3rd consecutive 10 plunk season.

Starling Marte got hit by Buck Farmer for number 13 of the year, putting him in a tie with teammate Russel Martin for the major league lead this season. That was also Marte’s 40th career plunk. He’s the first player born in or after 1988 to get hit by 40 pitches.

Morton hits 19th

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Pirates high-volume plunk-thrower Charlie Morton hit Yangervis Solarte yesterday for plunk number 19 of his major league leading season. Morton is the first Pirate to hit 19 batters since Ed Doheny in 1903. Since the 2000 season, Morton is the 11th pitcher to hit 19 batters, but nobody has hit 20 since 2004. Nobody has hit 22 batters since 1923.

Also in that game, Starling Marte got hit by a pitch, improving his season total to 12. He’s one plunk behind teammate Russel Martin for the major league lead.

Mike Zunino achieves 12th plunk of the season

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Mike Zunino became the 6th Mariner ever to get hit 12 times in a season, by getting hit by Scott Carroll last night (and getting hit 11 other times this year). Zunino leads the American League this season, and is one plunk behind Russell Martin for the major league lead.

Jeremy Guthrie got hit by a pitch for the 1st time in his 11 year career – but he only had 48 plate appearances.

Jeter gets 94mph retirement present (168th plunk)

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Derek Jeter’s former teammate Joba Chamberlain plunked the Yankees captain in the 10th inning of last night’s Yankees-Tigers game elevating Jeter’s career total to 168. He is one plunk behind Alex Rodriguez for 15th place all time, and he’s only the 4th player to get hit by 168 times for a single team.

Ryan Braun was hit for the 30th time at Miller Park last night, and the 53rd time ever. Ryan Howard collected career plunk #50.

Gomez gets 50th HBP, Volquez hits 50th

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Brewers All-Start Carlos Gomez got hit by his 12th pitch of the season last night, bringing his career total to the 50 HBP milestone. He’s one plunk behind league leader Russell Martin, and tied with Anthony Rizzo who also picked up his 12th of the year yesterday. The Brewers have now been hit 11 times this season in games against the Cardinals, while hitting the Cardinals only 3 times. The record for hitting the most Brewers in a single season is 14 by the 2010 Cubs.

Edinson Volquez threw plunk number 50 of his career, hitting Vidal Nuno. Nuno had never been hit before, and now he is the 120th batter to take at least one plunk for the Diamondbacks.

Indians call-up Tyler Holt got hit by a pitch in his first major league plate appearance, 4 pitches in to his career in the big leagues. Phil Klein threw that welcome message, feeling like a veteran because though it was also his major league debut, he faced two batters before hitting Holt.

Matt Duffy also got hit in his major league debut last night, but he waited until his 3rd plate appearance.