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162!! for Chase Utley

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Since Chase Utley first started playing in the Major Leagues in 2003, no batter has been hit by more pitches.  Yesterday Doug Fister hit Utley with a pitch, bringing the total regular season count of Utley HBPs to 162.  For the span from 2003 to 2014 the second most plunked batter behind Utley has been Reed Johnson with 127.  Carlos Quentin is behind him with 125.  So Utley has a 35 plunk lead on any other player in the Chase Utley era.

162 plunks ranks 18th on the all time list for career HBPs, 3 plunks behind Kid Elberfeld.  Yesterday’s plunk was his 21st delivered by the Washington Nationals, and he’s the only player that franchise has hit over 20 times.  Also remarkable for Utley is that he has only played for one team during his 162 HBPs.   The only other players to get hit 162 times for a single team are Craig Biggio (285), Hughie Jennings (205), Jason Kendall (177) and Derek Jeter (166).

Utley plunked for 160th time

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Chase Utley extended his HBP streak to 3 consecutive games yesterday, taking an 11th inning HBP from Scott Rice. Utley now has 160 career plunks (18th on the all time list), and the Mets have hit him 25 times. In the past 50 years, only Ron Hunt, Don Baylor, Craig Biggio and Jason Kendall have been hit 25 times by one team, but Utley is now a member of that club.

Also in the high plunk totals department, Jamey Wright hit Brandon Hicks in the Giants-Dodgers game, giving him a total of 152 plunks thrown. He ranks 19th on the all time list, and needs to hit two more batters to match Don Drysdale’s career total.

Desmond Jennings got hit by Cody Allen yesterday, collecting the 900th plunk in Rays history.

Neil Walker collected his league leading 8th plunk of the year yesterday, failing to avoid a Shelby Miller pitch. The Pirates lead all teams with 23 plunks this year, and also lead all teams with 24 plunks thrown. They’re on pace to hit 108 batters and get hit 104 times.

Utley gets 159th

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

Phillies baseball target Chase Utley has been hit in each of his last two games, and he is now up to 159 for his career. That puts him 18th on the all time list, between Kid Elberfeld at 165 and Fernando Vina at 157. Utley has been hit 7 times at Citi Field, the most of any non-Met, and the 5th most in park history. The Mets have hit Chase Utley 24 times now, and that ranks 2nd to only Ron Hunt’s 28 among the common landing spot for plunks thrown by the Mets.
Dylon Gee threw yesterday’s contribution to Utley’s plunk total, and hit Marlon Byrd as well. Gee has now hit 15 batters at Citi Field which puts him one plunk ahead of RA Dickey for the park record.

Konerko gets 100th!! Utley gets 155th! Somebody else gets 169th!

Monday, August 19th, 2013

White Sox veteran Paul Konerko joined the club yesterday. The 100 plunk club. He was one of three batters hit by Twins pitcher Samuel Deduno. Konerko’s 100th plunk occurred in the 3rd inning, and was clocked at 90.6 mph. He’s the 79th player in major league history to get hit by 100 pitches. 97 of those have been for the White Sox, and he ranks 4th in franchise history in the plunk category. He’s also the 2nd most plunked batter born in Rhode Island.

Chase Utley now holds 19th place on the all time HBP list, getting hit by a pitch for the 155th time yesterday. That was the 2nd time Ricky Nolasco hit Utley, and the 7th time Utley has been hit by the Dodgers. Since Utley joined the majors in 2003, he’s been hit 30 more times than any other player.

And, Ryan Dempster could not wait one more batter to be the first Canadian ever to throw 90 plunks. He finally hit Alex Rodriguez after several attempts, making Canadian plunk history, and pushing Rodriguez’s plunk total to 169. The Yankees performance enhancement enthusiast and third baseman is the 15th most plunked batter of all time. As you’ve probably heard, he’s appealing MLB’s decision to suspend his right to the HBP rule, and if he loses his appeal all pitchers will be able to hit him without sending him to first base or counting as an official HBP. Until then though, his plunks still count.

The Red Sox seemed a little confused by where home plate was and where the batters box was in last night’s game, because they ended up hitting the Yankees 4 times. Believe it or not, that was the first time in the live ball era that the Red Sox have thrown 4 plunks at the Yankees in a single game.

Utley moves up to 19th place all time

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Chase Utley is now tied for 19th place on the all time plunk leaders chart, collecting his 154th HBP on a pitch from Matt Harvey. He is tied with Brady Anderson and Fred Clarke who also got hit by 154 pitches in their careers. Utley needs 3 more HBPs to catch Fernando Vina.

Also yesterday, Henry Blanco ended a streak of 1336 plate appearances without a plunk. He hadn’t been hit since August 22, 2004.

Ichiro Suzuki celebrated his 50th HBP, on a pitch from Boston’s Ryan Dempster.

Doug Fister threw his 14th plunk of the year, continuing to lead the majors in delivering plunkage.

Chase Utley still knows how to take a plunk

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

On Monday night the Phillies lost an extra inning game, watching Carlos Quentin help the game winning rally in the 10th inning with an HBP. Last night it was Chase Utley‘s turn to spark a game winning rally with his HBP. Utley got hit leading off the 13th inning, and came around to score the go-ahead run that would turn out to be the game winner. That plunk was Utley 153rd career HBP. He’s the 21st most plunked player of all time, and is now one plunk behind Fred Clarke and Brady Anderson on the all time list. But, Utley has only been hit two times this season, so he seems to be waiting for the right moments, like last night, to take his plunks. Tommy Layne threw that 13th inning plunk, and it was just the 5th plunk of his career.

Albert Pujols also got hit by a pitch last night, for the 86th of his career, delivered by Tigers pitcher Jose Alvarez. That was the 2,099th plunk in Angels team history. Pujols got hit by the 6th pitch of his career on June 26, 2001.

Marlins set new record for plunking Chase Utley

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

The Florida Marlins have now hit Chase Utley with 22 pitches, with Alejandro Senabia hitting him in the 6th inning yesterday. That gives the Marlins the all time record in hitting Chase Utley with pitches, moving them ahead of the Mets, who have thrown 21 of Utley’s 152 career plunks. The Nationals and Braves have each hit Utley 20 times, so they’re not out of the race (not that it’s a contest, I’m sure). Among active leaders, only one batter has been hit more times by one team – Derek Jeter, with 24 HBPs by the Red Sox. Utley’s 152 career plunks give him sole possession of 21st place on the all time list for HBPs, breaking his tie with Chet Lemon. Utley needs two more to move into a tie with Brady Anderson and Fred Clarke for 19th place. Utley is the Phillies career record holder, but that was his first plunk at the Marlins new park.

Josh Willingham took his 96th major league plunking last night, delivered by Julio Teheran. Willingham leads the American League with 7 plunks this year.

Brandon Phillips collected plunk number 60 for his collection. Jesus Gomez took his first bases loaded HBP, for an RBI.

Utley gets 151, 7th from Tim Hudson

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Chase Utley is now tied with Chet Lemon for 21st place on the all time HBP list, with 151. Tim Hudson hit him yesterday, again. Hudson has now hit Chase Utley’s 7 times, which is as many times as Pedro Astacio hit Craig Biggio, and as many times as Charlie Hough hit Don Baylor. They only matchup in the division era that’s produced more plunks is David Wells vs Jason Giambi. Wells hit Giambi 8 times. Hudson has now hit 108 batters, which puts him in a tie for 65th place on the all time list for plunks thrown. He’s tied with Gaylord Perry and Billy Rhines. 12.4% of all HBPs that have occurred at Citizen’s Bank Park have hit Chase Utley.

AJ Burnett threw his 107th career plunk yesterday, putting him just behind Hudson at 68th place on the all time list, tied with Ed Reulbach.

Jon Jay picked up his 15th plunk of the season, contributed by Justin Germano, making him just the 9th batter in Cardinals history to reach that total in a season. (David Eckstein, Fernando Vina, Fernando Tatis, Solly Hemus, Steve Evans, Dan McGann, John McGraw and Dick Harley as the others)

Utley reachs 150 plunks

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Chase Utley became the 22nd Major Leaguer ever to get hit by 150 pitches in a career, when Josh Edgin hit him with the bases loaded in the 9th inning last night. That was the 4th RBI plunk of Utley’s career, and his 4th at Citi Field. Utley has been hit 21 times by the Mets now, including 3 times this year. Prior to this month he’d never been hit by a pitcher named Josh, but Edgin is the second Josh to hit him this month. Utley’s RBI plunk was the 3rd bases loaded HBP of the day, making yesterday the first day since June 22, 2011 on which three batters were hit without an empty base to take. The Mets threw an RBI plunk in the 1st and 9th inning, making them the first team of the division era to accomplish that.

Blue Jays center fielder Colby Rasmus reached base on a Phil Hughes plunk in the 3rd inning, and then scored when Moises Alou was plunked with the bases loaded.

Ryan Braun got his 11th plunk of the season, the 48th of his career, and the 2nd while facing Jason Grilli. The Brewers are up to 88 plunks this season, making them the 19th team since 1900 to get hit 88 times. They have 13 regularly scheduled games left to improve on that total, and based on their per-game plunk rate this year, they should finish the year around 96 plunks.
Here’s the list of post-1900 teams with 88 or more HBPs:
2008 Indians – 103
1997 Astros – 100 (Biggio’s 34 plunk year)
2006 Phillies – 95
2004 Pirates – 95 (Craig Wilson‘s 30 plunk year)
1903 Giants – 92
1996 Blue Jays – 92
1997 Pirates – 92 (Kendall’s first 31 plunk season)
1998 Pirates – 91 (Kendall’s 2nd 31 plunk season)
2003 Blue Jays – 90
1905 Giants – 90
1901 Cardinals – 90
2007 Phillies – 90
2005 Nationals – 89
2007 Royals – 89
2006 Pirates – 89
2005 Blue Jays – 89
2001 Astros – 89
2001 A’s – 88
2012 Brewers – 88 (13 games left)

Utley gets 149th, extends double digit plunk streak to 7 years.

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Dallas Keuchel threw his first major league plunk yesterday, but the guy he hit has been hit quite a few times – Chase Utley.  Utley has been hit 149 times, and 2012 is the 7th consecutive season in which Utley has been hit at least 10 times.  That’s the longest active streak of seasons with double digit plunks.  He needs to get hit 2 more times to tie Chet Lemon for 21st place on the all time HBP list.  Utley also earned the distinction of being the first batter ever plunked by a pitcher named Dallas in the city of Houston.  Dallas Green threw 30.1 innings at Colt Stadium in the 60s, but never plunked anyone there.  Dallas Braden hit Michael Young in Arlington once, but he’s never hit a batter in Houston.  Dallas Keuchel is the first Dallas to plunk a batter in Houston.

Andrelton Simmons took his first career plunk yesterday, and timed it pretty well.  He got hit with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th inning, with the score tied 4-4.  His plunk drove in Jeff Baker, making the score Braves 5, Nationals 4.  That was the 2nd time this year that Ryan Mattheus has hit a batter with the bases loaded, and the 3rd time in his career.  But he’s only ever hit 5 batters.

Aramis Ramirez picked up his 101st career plunk, taking one from Manny Acosta.  Ramirez is one plunk behind Orlando Cepeda for 72nd place all time.  The Brewers are up to 84 plunks this year, leading the league by a wide margin, and extending their franchise record for single season plunks.

Justin Masterson threw plunk number 50 of his career, hitting Alex Avila.