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127 for Quentin

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Carlos Quentin, otherwise known as Q!, especially when he gets hit by a pitch, got hit by a pitch yesterday for the 127th time in his career. He’s up to 42 place on the all time list, tied with Scott Rolen. Roenis Elias of the Mariners threw that one, at 80.2mph. Quentin’s career plunk rate is now one HBP every 24.98 plate appearances.

Erik Bedard’s plunking of Adam Jones last night was the 100th time the Rays have hit the Orioles.

In Miami, Nate Schierholtz was the lucky recipient of the 100th plunk in Marlins Park history. Anthony DeSclafani threw that one for the Marlins.

Quentin aquires 126th plunk

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Frequent plunk target Carlos Quentin got hit by another pitch yesterday, improving his career total to 126, and his spot on the most important list in the baseball record book to 43rd place. Q! is tied with Aaron Rowand for 43rd on the career plunks list. Mets Carlos Torres threw that one, and it was the first time a Carlos has plunked another Carlos since July 23, 2011 when Carlos Marmol hit Carlos Corporan. Quentin has been hit 3 times by pitchers named Carlos, and last night’s plunk was the 10th time a Carlos has ever plunked another Carlos. No word if any of those Carloses were scientists.

Andre Rienzo hit Billy Butler in the White Sox-Royals game last night, and that was the 400th HBP ever recorded in a game between those two teams. 195 of those have landed on Royals batters, and 205 on the White Sox side.

Q! gets to 125, Walker reaches 10 this year

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

If you start counting at the beginning of the 2008 season, nobody has been hit by more pitches than Carlos Quentin. Only 12 players have been hit half that many times in that span. Quentin got hit by Charlie Morton last night, giving him a career total of 125 plunks. That ties him for 44th on the all time list with Honus Wagner and Jeff Kent.

If you start counting at the beginning of this season, nobody has been hit by more pitches than Neil Walker. Walker took 2 yesterday, making him the first player this season to reach 10 HBPs.

Also, Charlie Morton hit 3 batters last night, bringing his league leading plunk total for this season to 13. Morton hit Quentin, Chase Headley, and Jedd Gyorko. Morton has hit as many batters as the Mets have this season, and more batters than the Tigers, Braves, Brewers, Twins and Red Sox.

All of those plunks happened in the same Padres-Pirates game last night, which featured 6 HBPS – the first 6 HBP game since May 27, 2012. Starling Marte, Chase Headley and Neil Walker all received their 34th career plunk in that game, and Headley extended his PETCO park record to 21 HBPs. PETCO Park had never before had a 6 plunk game, and Padres had never been involved in a 6 plunk game.

Q! 124

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Carlos Quentin got hit by a pitch with the bases loaded last night, in the 8th inning of the Padres-Diamondbacks game, with Joe Thatcher on the mound. That was Quentin’s 7th time taking a plunk with the bases loaded. Among active players, only AJ Pierzynski has more RBI plunks, with 8, and Jason Giambi and Paul Konerko are the only other active players with 7 RBI HBPs. For his career, Q! is up to 124 HBPs, which ranks 46th on the all time list. He needs one more to tie Honus Wagner for 45th place.
If Quentin can get going in the HBP category, that should boost the Padres plunk-based offense, which ranks last in the majors with only 10.

Ian Desmond got plunked for the Nationals yesterday making that the 5th consecutive game in which a Nationals batter has been hit by a pitch. That’s their longest streak since 2006.

CJ Wilson threw his 60th career plunk yesterday, and Ian Desmond’s was his 20th.

Busy night for people with 100 plunks

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Jason Giambi has now been hit by 177 pitches in his career, after Nick Tepesch hit him twice last night. Tepesch has hit 5 batters, all of them this year. Giambi is now 6 plunks behind Jake Beckley for the record of most plunked left handed batter of all time. Beckley got hit 183 time, left handed, from 1888 to 1907. Tommy Tucker was hit 272 times as a switch hitter, but records don’t indicate how many of those happened while he was batting lefty. Giambi is also one plunk behind Andres Galarraga for 11th place on the all time list.

Carlos Quentin was also plunked last night, for number 120 of his career. That puts him in a tie with Buck Herzog for 47th on the all time list. Quentin is also now 8th in Padres HBP history, after Paul Maholm hit him last night. Maholm also threw Quentin’s 110th plunk last August. Quentin was also plunked on June 12th in 2011 and 2008.

But, Quentin’s June 12th plunks aren’t quite as numerous as Kevin Youkilis‘. Youk was hit on June 12th in 2008, 2009, 2012 and again yesterday when Dan Straily hit him. Youk is now in sole posession of 70th place on the all time plunks list.

And, lastly among last night’s 5 plunks by players with over 100 HBPs, Aramis Ramirez collected his 102nd. Kevin Slowey hit him in the first inning, allowing Ramirez to get on base and score a run. Ramirez needs one more plunk to tie Jason Larue for 5th place in National League Central plunk history. That was the 21st of Ramirez’s HBPs that resulted in him scoring a run. The Brewers are the 3rd most plunked team this season, one plunk ahead of Carlos Quentin’s Padres.

Choo gets 15th!

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Shin-Soo Choo has now tied the Reds single season record for HBPs by a left handed batter, getting his 15th of the season last night from Wandy Rodriguez. Ival Goodman got hit by 15 pitches in 1938 for the Reds, and the 1969 Reds saw Bobby Tolan get hit 15 times. But nobody has seen a left handed Cincinnati Red get hit 16 times in a season. Since 1969, only Choo this year, and Jason Kendall in 1998 have gotten 15 HBPs by the end of May. The single season HBP record for left handed batters is 31 by Steve Evans in 1910. The Reds single season record (regardless of batting hand) is 24 by Jason LaRue in 2004.

Also among yesterdays plunks was the 119th career plunk for Carlos Quentin. 119 plunks puts Quentin in 48th place on the all time HBP list, one plunk behind Buck Herzog. Blue Jays pitcher Chad Jenkins threw that one, making him the 13th Jays pitcher this year to hit a batter. The Blue Jays have had 27 different players pitch for them this year. Toronto used 34 pitchers last season, falling just 3 short of the 2002 Padres record of 37 pitchers used in one season.

Jamey Wright hits 148th batter, Quentin gets 118th plunk

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Veteran Rays relief pitcher Jamey Wright is now among the 20 most prolific throwers of plunks in major league history after throwing his 148th career plunk last night. He hit Jose Bautista to move into a tie for 19th place on the all time list, with a pair of 19th century hurlers, Adonis Terry and Bert Cunningham. Wright is also holds the record for hitting Jose Bautista with pitches, with yesterday’s plunk being the third time Wright has hit Bautista.

Carlos Quentin got another one Q’d up for him yesterday, giving him 118 career plunks. That moves him ahead of Melvin Mora on the all time list, giving him sole possession of 48th place. Quentin has been hit at a rate of 1 plunk every 24.16 plate appearances for his career, which leads all active players with at least 20 plate appearances.

Celebration gets out of hand after Quentin’s 116th HBP

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Zack Greinke hit Carlos Quentin with an 89mph 6th inning pitch last night marking the 3rd time Greinke has hit Quentin. Unfortunately, Greinke picked that moment to tell Carlos Quentin that he was no longer going to hit him with any pitches. That was the last one. But Quentin said “No! you can’t stop hitting me with pitches! I still need 170 more plunks to pass Craig Biggio on the all time plunks list!”, but Greinke held firm on his statement that he would plunk Q! no longer. “But, surely you would reconsider if you knew that Nick Blackburn has hit me with four pitches, and you have only hit me three times!” said Quentin, leading Greinke to say “I can’t hear you – there are thousands of screaming people – come over here if you want to talk to me!”. So, Quentin went to the mound to continue the negotiations, but he was perhaps a little overenthusiastic to continue the discussion… and things went down hill from there. And now Zack Greinke has a broken collar bone, and Carlos Quentin is still in 49th place on the all time list, one HBP behind Melvin Mora. Greinke hadn’t hit Quentin since April 8, 2009. Quentin has been hit 4 times in his career on April 11th.

Paul Konerko also got hit by a pitch yesterday, but managed to continue playing baseball afterward. He now has 97 career plunks. 94 of those have been while he played in the American League Central, where he’s the most plunked player of all time. Dan Haren threw that one, his 51st. That was Konerko’s first plunk at Nationals Park.

Torii Hunter‘s plunk from Steve Delabar was his 78th, but it was also the 1000th plunk ever recorded by a batter born in Arkansas.

Padres and Dodgers manage the game just for me

Friday, September 28th, 2012

It’s not every night that both teams in one game make management moves as though they were managing the game just for me.  But, in the 6th inning of the Padres-Dodgers game last night, the Padres loaded the bases with two out.  They decided it was time for a pinch hitter, and went to Carlos Quentin.  What better choice did they have, in a bases loaded situation that Q! with his 5 career RBI plunks, 113 total HBPs, and a National League leading 16 plunks this year.  Well, the Dodgers had to counter that move, and they did it exactly how I would draw it up if I could have scripted the game before hand.  They looked in their bullpen and saw 145 time plunk thrower Jamey Wright.  A pitcher who has hit 5 batters with the bases loaded in his career.  It took 4 pitches to achieve the inevitable result – Quentin’s 114th career plunk and Wright’s 146th.  And, the 6th RBI plunk for each of them.  Wright is now tied with Charlie Hough for the most RBI plunks by any pitcher in the division era.  Quentin is one of 7 active players with at least 6 rbi plunks.  Wright’s 146 would tie him with Jamie Moyer for the lead among active pitchers, if Moyer were actually still active.  They’re both tied for 21st on the all time hit batters list, with Silver King.  Quentin is tied for 51st place on the all time list with Bill Freehan and Frankie Crosetti.

Joining Quentin in a tie with Prince Fielder for the Major League lead in plunks last night is Kevin Youkilis.  Youk, Q!, and Prince are all tied with 17 plunks this season, after James Shields hit Youkilis in the 5th inning.  That was also Youk’s 99th career plunk, and the 3rd time Shields has hit him.  Fielder and Youkilis will be battling for the AL plunk title in these last few games while their teams fight for the AL Central title.

Alex Rodriguez also got hit by a pitch in the 9th inning of his game, giving him 167 career plunks.  That’s the 16th most all time, and he’s 5 plunks behind Carlos Delgado for 15th.  Batters whose first names start with A and whose last names end in z have been hit 533 times in the major leagues.  Rodriguez has been hit 95 times since joining the Yankees.


Quentin breaks Padres single season HBP record!!

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Over the past two seasons, Carlos Quentin has been getting hit by a pitch at a rate of about 34 times per 162 games. If he played every game this year, he’d be on pace to get hit 37 times in the season, which would be the most since Ron Hunt‘s 50 plunk year in 1971. But, instead he’s only played 69 games this year, which is still enough for him to break the Padres single season plunk record. Quentin got his 16th of the season on a pitch from Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy, and that plunk was also the 800th in Chase Field History. Only 23 players have been hit by 16 pitches in their Padres career, and Quentin has now done that in a season where he didn’t play until May 28th. His 16 plunks make him the major league leader this year. Overall, Quentin is up to 113 HBPs, and still in 53rd place on the all time list for career HBPs.

Also yesterday, Chase Utley got hit by a pitch for the 145th time in his career, trying him with Jose Guillen for 22nd place all time. That plunk was also the 200th time a pitcher from the Nationals franchise has hit the Phillies (including the Montreal years).

Blake Beavan threw the 1700th plunk in Mariners franchise history yesterday, and he threw it at Kevin Youkilis, who now leads the American League with 13 HBPs this year. Youk is up to 95 plunks in his career, moving closer to the 100 plunk milestone.

7 of yesterday’s 15 HBPs were recorded by 3rd basemen, making that the most HBPs on a single day this year recorded by people playing the same position. Left Fielders got hit 6 times on July 6th. 7 hbps were recorded by 2nd basemen on May 22nd last year, and 7 HBPs by first basemen occurred on May 14, 2004, and 7 right fielders were plunked on April 23, 1978. But prior to yesterday, there had never been a 7 plunk day for third basemen since before the league split into divisions (if ever).