Quentin gets 20th! Another pair of 20 plunk teammates.

HBPs of note: September 27, 2010

As I may have mentioned before, prior to this season there hadn’t been two guys on the same team who both got hit by 20 pitches in the same season since 1911 when Doc Gessler and Kid Elberfeld had 20 and 25 HBPs for the 1911 Washington Senators. But then Prince Fielder of the Brewers passed 20 plunks on August 11th, and his teammate Rickie Weeks joined him on the 15th. And then Juan Pierre of the White Sox got his 20th of the year on September 17th, and yesterday his teammate Carlos Quentin got hit by Clay Buchholz, giving HIM 20 plunks this year as well. So after nearly going 100 years without anyone matching Doc and The Tobasco Kid, with no team having two players get hit 20 times in the same season, now we’ve seen it happen twice in the same season. That was number 74 overall for Quentin’s career. That plunk also tied the White Sox single season record for HBPs at 79.

Chase Utley, meanwhile, was facing his old pal John Lannan, who had previously plunked him twice. So last night, Lannan hit him a 3rd time. That was number 125 for Utley, and his 18th of the year, which means that if he an get 2 more in his remaining games this year, he could become just the 6th player to get hit 20 times in 4 consecutive seasons – joining Craig Biggio, Ron Hunt, Don Baylor, Tommie Tucker, and Hughie Jennings. Utley is now tied with Jeff Kent and Honus Wagner at 40th place on the all time HBP list.

Travis Hafner got his 70th HBP from a Brad Thomas pitch yesterday, and that leaves him 9 behind Nap Lajoie for the Indians franchise record.

AJ Burnett hit Yunel Escobar raising his league leading plunks thrown total to 17. He’s the first Yankee to hit 17 batters since Tommy Byrne in 1950.

BACON race update:
Carlos Gonzalez – .8202
Josh Hamilton – .8166
Adrian Beltre – .8117
Ichiro Suzuki – .8070
Joe Mauer – .8016

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