Burnett takes share of the Major League lead again

HBPs of note: August 2, 2010

To paraphrase the great military tactician Major Pain, AJ Burnett is in the plunking batters business – and Business is Good.  Yesterday he hit Blue Jays batter Fred Lewis, bring hit 2010 total to 13 batters plunked.  That ties him with Tommy Hanson of the Braves.  Burnett has a 4 hit batsmen lead on the next most dangerous American League pitcher.

A Brewer got hit by two pitches yesterday, but surprisingly, it wasn’t Rickie Weeks or Prince Fielder.  Carlos Gomez got hit by Cubs pitcher Casey Coleman in the 7th inning and Brian Schlitter in the 8th inning.  Neither Coleman nor Schlitter had thrown a major league plunk before, and Gomez would have been the first batter since 2003 who got hit by two different pitchers in the same game who had never hit a batter before.  But, Jason Bartlett did the same thing on July 24th this year.  Unfortunatly Gomez got a little aggressive going for that 2nd HBP in the game, and got hit in the head by the Schlitter pitch, forcing him to leave the game.

Yovani Gallardo also got plunked for the Brewers yesterday, and that’s his 2nd plunk of the season.  That makes him the first Brewer’s pitcher ever to get plunked twice in a season.  He’s also the only pitcher in the majors with 2 HBPs this season, and the Brewers lead the league in pitchers getting hit by pitches with 3.  In fact, the Brewers pitchers have been hit by exactly as many pitches as their shortstops and third basemen combined.


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