Weeks takes 123rd career plunk

Rickie Weeks took an HBP from Zack Wheeler in the 1st inning of yesterday’s Brewers-Mets game, inflating his career total to 123. That puts him in 47th place on the all time HBP list, ahead of Miguel Tejada, and two plunks behind Jeff Kent and Honus Wagner. The Mets also hit Khris Davis in the 4th inning, which means the Mets have hit the Brewers 7 times this season. That’s a new record for the Mets – they hit 6 Brewers in 2005, but this is the first time the Mets have ever hit 7 Brewers in a single season.

Carlos Ruiz and Anthony Rizzo both reached 10 plunks on the season with HBPs yesterday – Rizzo had 2.

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