Red Sox aquire all time leader in hitting Derek Jeter with pitches.

John Lackey has reportedly signed a contract with the Boston Red Sox, and that may or may not have something to do with the fact that John Lackey is the only Major League pitcher who has hit Derek Jeter with 4 pitches. He’s faced Jeter just 54 times in the regular season, but they’ll see a lot more of each other playing in the same division. Red Sox starter Josh Beckett faced Jeter 18 times last year, so if we can assume the Lackey will get a similar number of opportunities against Jeter and maintain his plunks per plate appearance rate, he’ll be able to plunk Jeter 1.3 times. (Not that he’d be trying to hit him or anything…).
Lackey broke the Angels career record for hitting batters last year, with a total of 73.

In other plunk related player movement, Jason Kendall has signed with the Kansas City Royals, who no doubt want to capitalize on Kendall’s quest to break the all time HBP record. Kendall needs to get hit 40 times to reach 288 plunks and pass Hughie Jenning’s 287 career HBPs.

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  1. Beanietown says:

    Don’t forget…Lackey has a career losing record against the Yankees.

    John Lackey vs the Yankees
    Career 5-7, 4.66
    Post-Season 0-1, 2.70
    2009 1-0, 2.57
    2008 0-0, 4.55
    2007 1-1, 2.35
    2006 0-1, 4.85

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