Weeks gets 68th

HBPs of note: May 18, 2010

Rickie Weeks has now been hit 5 times by 24 year old right handed pitchers, but overall he’s been hit 68 times. He still needs 27 more to catch Geoff Jenkins for the Brewers record. Weeks is the most plunked batter born in 1982, 9 ahead of Grady Sizemore.

Chris Carpenter hit two batters yesterday, which moves him past Lefty Tyler on the all time hit batters list for pitchers born in New Hampshire. Carpenter is now #2 on that list, just 3 plunks behind Stan Williams for the New Hampshire record. That was also Carpenter’s 13th plunk at the new Busch Stadium, which ties Jason Marquis for the park record for career hit batters.

CJ Wilson took the league lead in hitting batters with a plunk against Mike Napoli, who he also hit last June 30th. This was Wilson’s 6th of the season, but it was both players 27th career plunk.

Gabe Kapler took an otherwise unimportant plunk for the Tampa Bay Rays (although he did score a run off it), but that plunk made Kapler the 100th player ever to take an HBP for the Rays. David Huff threw that historic pitch.

Roger Bernardina got his first career HBP, and Kanekoa Texeira threw plunk #1 of his career. Carl Pavano threw his 70th.

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  1. Matt Von Rohrbacher says:

    Hey Michael!

    I just heard about your website and I think it’s great! I am a big fan of yours and have you in my 12 team fantasy league again.

    I just thought I’d say what’s up and that I think your website is pretty awesome.

    Props from north of the border!

  2. pbr says:

    Someday I hope to create enough confusion on the internet so I actually do end up on someone’s fantasy league team, in place of the guy with my name who actually plays baseball. I’ve already had my name printed on espn.com in reference to the plunkbiggio site, with a link going to the player page of the Astros center fielder (though he was a Philly at the time I think), so I figure I’m part way there. However, unless your league counts “SQL queries written” and “obscure baseball stats noted” (which would be an obscure stat itself), you’re not going to do very well with me on your team. I’m way better than Pujols in those categories.

    But thanks for visiting, and thanks to Mark for the plug on “the baseball today”.

  3. Matt Von Rohrbacher says:

    Hey PBR,

    That’s hilarious about the confusion. I still think your website is pretty cool. Now that I think of it, I don’t know if the other Mike Bourne looks much like a programming guy.

    Take Care

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