6 plunk monday

HBPs of note: May 10, 2010

Prior to yesterday, Monday was the only day of the week on which there had been no bases-loaded HBPs, but then yesterday, there were 6 batters hit by pitches – but once again no one did it with the bases loaded.

Ryan Howard got plunked for the Phillies in the 9th inning against Colorado, and his HBP put him on base to eventually score the go ahead run, and begin a 4 run top of the ninth rally. So that’s pretty good, even though it wasn’t an RBI. That was Howard’s 26th career plunk. Clint Barmes got hit in the 8th inning of that game, for his 32nd plunk ever and his 22nd at Coors Field. That’s 7 more times than Craig Biggio got hit at Coors field, although Barmes plays for the Rockies and Biggio didn’t.

Ryan Braun got plunked for the Brewers, bringing them up to 19 plunks on the season, but they’ve dropped off the pace for a 100 plunks season, and only project to 96 HBPs at the moment. They could still pick up the pace and challenge the Indian’s 2008 total of 103 HBPs. For Braun, that was his 28th career plunk, which moves him into the top 1000 in all time plunks, tied for 994th (he’s tied with 54 other players, but that still counts as inside the top 1000).

Mike Napoli of the Angels got his 25th career HBP, and both Brian Fuentes and Danys Baez threw their 46th career plunk.


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