Who Cares? (about defensive indifference)

Well somebody has to care enough about defensive indifference to at least write down that it happened, even if the catchers don’t care enough to stop a runner from taking a base. So, here are the catchers who chalked up the most defensive indifference plays in 2009:
Russell Martin (LAN) – 20
Yadier Molina (SLN) – 15
Jorge Posada (NYA) – 14
Jason Varitek (BOS) – 13
Brian McCann (ATL) – 11
A.J. Pierzynski (CHA) – 10
Jeff Mathis (ANA) – 9
Koyie Hill (CHN) – 9*
Paul Bako (PHI) – 7
Rod Barajas (TOR) – 7
Jason Kendall (MIL) – 7
Mike Napoli (ANA) – 7
Carlos Ruiz (PHI) – 7
Jarrod Saltalamacchia (TEX) – 7

*- one of Koyie Hill’s 9 defensive indifference plays had two baserunners moving – making him the only catcher in 2009 to watch two runners he didn’t care move to a new base.

Martin’s 20 instances of defensive indifference are the most in a single season in the last 5 years. Jason Kendall had 17 defensive indifferences in 2005. Also, if I’m going to talk about defensive indifference any more it needs to have a shorter nickname – like “shrugs”. As in, Kendall had 17 shrugs at catcher in 2005.

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