three first time plunks

Sean Halton of the Brewers, Max Stassi of the Astros and Kevin Pillar of the Blue Jays were all hit by pitches for the first time in their major league careers in yesterday’s MLB action.

Halton got hit by Jake Westbrook, making him the 258th Brewer with at least one HBP. Halton made it through 54 plate appearances in the Majors without taking a plunk. The Cardinals hit two Brewers in that game bringing their season total of Brewer plunking to 9, and they’ve hit 55 batters this season – two behind the league leaders Toronto and Pittsburgh for the Major League lead. The Brewers have hit 6 Cardinals. Khristopher Davis also got hit by a pitch for the Brewers in that game, giving him a career total of 3. That makes him the major league all time leader in HBPs among batters with 11 letter first names, unless you want to count both words and the space in Vineger Bend Mizell‘s name. But his read first name is Wilmer, and he only got hit 3 times – so Davis still has at least a share of the record for people with 11 letter first names. And I’m just giving it to him so other players can’t give themselves sentence long nicknames just so they can get new records for most plunks with long first names. You have to draw the line somewhere.

Max Stassi picked a good time to pick up his first major league plunk, taking one from Tanner Scheppers with the bases loaded. He only had 6 plate appearances before that one to warm up for his plunking. He’s the 284th player in Astros history to take an HBP, so if one more Astro gets hit by a pitch the number of Astros players with at least one plunk will equal the number of Astros plunks taken by Craig Biggio.

Kevin Pillar took his first HBP on a pitch from Adam Warren, making him the 212th batter to be hit for the Blue Jays. He’ll need 77 more plunks to catch Kevin Millar on the all time HBP list of batters whose names start with “Kevin” and end with “illar”.


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