Rickie Weeks moves into the top 50 with 115th plunk

The Arizona Diamonbacks plunked Rickie Weeks again yesterday, making that two consecutive games they’ve plunked the Brewers 2nd baseman. Weeks now has 115 career plunks, and that puts him in a tie for 50th place on the all time HBP list. He has the same number of career plunks as Sherm Lollar and Jimmie Dykes, and he’s two plunks behind Melvin Mora. July has been Weeks favorite month to get plunked, with 27. Yesterday’s plunk was also the 20th time Weeks has been hit on a Friday, and it was delivered by Patrick Corbin.

John Lackey threw the 105th plunk of his career, which leaves him 3 plunks away from the John Lackey era record. Since Lackey entered the majors in 2002, only Vicente Padilla has hit more batters, with 108. He ranks 71st on the all time plunks list, tied with Jim Lonborg, Jeff Pfeffer, and Ed Willet. The target of Lackey’s 105th plunk was Yoennis Cespedes, and he’s the 12th Oakland batter Lackey has hit.

Shane Victorino took his 60th career plunk, making him the first Hawaiian to reach that milestone.

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