Hudson’s 110th is Weeks 111th

Pitchers named Tim have now hit 617 batters, and 110 of those plunks have been thrown by Tim Hudson. Hudson is 64th on the all time list for hitting batters, just one plunk behind Pedro Astacio and AJ Burnett. Among those 110 plunks for Hudson, he has only hit the Brewers twice, hitting Carlos Gomez last September, and Rickie Weeks yesterday. For Weeks, that was the 111th plunk of his career, which puts him in a 4 way tie for 54th place among the all time leaders in being plunked. Joining him with 111 career plunks are Andre Dawson, Steve Evans, and Luis Gonzalez. Weeks, Gonzalez and Dawson were all born in Florida, and are all tied for 3rd place in HBPs among batters born in Florida. Weeks has now been hit 54 times at Miller Park, but only once by the Braves. He’s been hit 3 times by pitchers named Tim, with one each by Hudson, Redding and Lincecum.

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