Choo gets 19th of the season!

Shin-Soo Choo is back in the “nobody has done this many by this date” territory today after being given his 19th plunking of the season last night.  Choo got hit by Pirates pitcher Charlie Morton, and the Pirates have now hit Choo 6 times this season.  That last players to get hit 6 times in a season by one team were Brandon Inge and Chase Utley in 2009 (by the Twins and Nats) – but it took them all season to get those 6.  But, in the past 50 years nobody but Choo has been hit by 19 pitches by June 18th.  Not even Ron Hunt in his 50 plunk season in 1971.  If Choo wants another goal, he needs to get hit once more before June 26th to be the quickest modern era player to 20 plunks.  Jason Kendall in 1998 and Ron Hunt in 1971 both reached 20 plunks on June 26th in those seasons.

Reed Johnson also got hit by a pitch yesterday, bringing his career total to 123.  He now has 45th place on the all time HBP list to himself, and he’s 2 plunks behind Honus Wagner.

Carlos Pena‘s plunk from Tom Gorzelanny was Pena’s 75th career plunk, but it was also the 800th plunk in Minute Maid Park history

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