Busy night for people with 100 plunks

Jason Giambi has now been hit by 177 pitches in his career, after Nick Tepesch hit him twice last night. Tepesch has hit 5 batters, all of them this year. Giambi is now 6 plunks behind Jake Beckley for the record of most plunked left handed batter of all time. Beckley got hit 183 time, left handed, from 1888 to 1907. Tommy Tucker was hit 272 times as a switch hitter, but records don’t indicate how many of those happened while he was batting lefty. Giambi is also one plunk behind Andres Galarraga for 11th place on the all time list.

Carlos Quentin was also plunked last night, for number 120 of his career. That puts him in a tie with Buck Herzog for 47th on the all time list. Quentin is also now 8th in Padres HBP history, after Paul Maholm hit him last night. Maholm also threw Quentin’s 110th plunk last August. Quentin was also plunked on June 12th in 2011 and 2008.

But, Quentin’s June 12th plunks aren’t quite as numerous as Kevin Youkilis‘. Youk was hit on June 12th in 2008, 2009, 2012 and again yesterday when Dan Straily hit him. Youk is now in sole posession of 70th place on the all time plunks list.

And, lastly among last night’s 5 plunks by players with over 100 HBPs, Aramis Ramirez collected his 102nd. Kevin Slowey hit him in the first inning, allowing Ramirez to get on base and score a run. Ramirez needs one more plunk to tie Jason Larue for 5th place in National League Central plunk history. That was the 21st of Ramirez’s HBPs that resulted in him scoring a run. The Brewers are the 3rd most plunked team this season, one plunk ahead of Carlos Quentin’s Padres.

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