A few items that didn’t need to be their own posts:

Cubs record broken: In the 9th inning on May 24th, Kerry Wood hit Doug Mientkiewicz, breaking the Cubs franchise record for hitting batters. That was number 86 for Wood, breaking Ed Reulbach’s record which stood for 95 years. I’m assuming Mientkiewicz kept the ball and is refusing to give it back to Wood or the Cubs.

Angels reach milestone: On May 25th, John Lackey hit Carlos Quentin with a pitch, making that the 2,000th time an Angels pitcher hit a batter. The Rockies are 8 plunks away from hitting 1,000 batters in club history.

A lot of unnecessary swinging: Kevin Kouzmanoff has swung at 15 pitches in plate appearances that ended with him being hit by a pitch. That leads the league in that made up category. Josh Hamilton has swung at 988 pitches this season, but he’s only been hit twice. Hamilton has swung his bat 88 more times than anyone else in the league.

Sacrifices that don’t involve getting hit by pitches: Frank Thomas is 8 sacrifice flies away from breaking Eddie Murray’s record of 128 in that category, but he’s also 35 plate appearances from becoming the first player ever to reach 10,000 plate appearances without hitting a sacrifice bunt. Harmin Killebrew is official leader at not bunting, with 9,831 plate appearances, but Thomas will eclipse that mark as long as he retires before he successfully bunts. He’s due to rejoin the A’s soon, after missing June and July with an injury.

The race to be the HBP king of beers: Chris Iannetta of the Rockies and Rickie Weeks of the Brewers are tied for the league lead in getting hit by pitches at parks named after beer, with 5 each. More surprisingly though, Nate McLouth of the Pirates is tied for 4th. Jonny Gomes leads in parks named after orange juice, and Conor Jackson has a slim lead over Chase Utley in parks named after banks. These splits are now available on the interactive bruise board, under the individual batting leaders. That gets updated daily, so you can keep track of such important things.

3 Responses to “leftovers”

  1. corey g says:

    Your interactive stats have depressed me. My favorite team, the Minnesota Twins, is DEAD LAST in BOTH plunkings and being plunked.

    Those deadbeats need to fly Craig Biggio up here to give them a pep talk.

    Joe Mauer is a catcher for God’s sake, he shouldn’t be afraid of the ball. 403 plate appearances with 0 HBP? That’s shameful.

  2. pbr says:

    Well Wednesday’s post shows the problem – they play there home games in a dome that they still call a dome. They should be able to turn it around once the new park gets done. Or maybe the Twins could rename their park something like “3M Field at the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome”

  3. corey g says:

    The new park will help a lot. I for one can’t wait. Baseball is supposed to be played outside. It’s going to be plunktastic.

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