14 for Choo!

No left handed batter for the Cincinnati Reds has ever been hit more than 15 times in a single season, but as of yesterday, Shin-Soo Choo has been hit 14 times with 110 games left to play this year. Choo got his 14th of the year against his old team, the Indians, and pitcher Scott Barnes last night. If Choo keeps up his current rate of plunks per game, he’ll get hit 43 times this year.

Brewers pinch hitter Jeff Bianchi picked a nice time for his first major league HBP, getting it in his 9th inning pinch hit appearance last night, with the Brewers down by one run. That plunk put him on base to score the tying run, and send the game into extra innings. Bianchi is the 255th batter in Brewers history to get hit by at least one pitch, and that plunk was number 1,997 in Brewers history.

Carlos Corporan‘s plunk against Jorge De La Rosa was the 100th time the Astros have been plunked by the Rockies. Craig Biggio accounted for 33 of those.

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