Reds hit Brewers 100 times

Bronson Arroyo hit Brewers first baseman Logan Schafer with a 74.8 mile per hour pitch yesterday, giving Arroyo a career total of 94 plunks thrown, and Schafer a career total of 2 HBPs. That plunk was the 100th ever delivered to a Brewers batter by a Reds pitcher. Bronson Arroyo has now hit the Brewers 7 times as a Red (and once as a Pirate), and that makes Arroyo the Reds all time leader in plunking Brewers. Scott Sullivan hit 6 Brewers for the Reds, but Arroyo has now passed him. Among active pitchers, only Paul Maholm (10) has hit the Brewers more than Bronson Arroyo.
If you wanted to see the list of all 100 times the Reds have hit the Brewers you could see it here.

Jonny Gomes became the 600th Red Sox player to get hit by at least one pitch, taking his first plunk since joining Boston yesterday. Esmil Rogers threw that one.

Ben Zobrist got hit by Dale Thayer, making that the 2nd consecutive day on which Zobrist was hit by a pitch.


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