100 plunks for Wyoming

Mets catcher John Buck was hit by a pitch for the 44th time in his career yesterday, when Cory Gearrin hit him in the 8th inning. Buck was born in Wyoming, and that plunk was the 100th ever recorded by a batter born in Wyoming. Congratulations on reaching the 100 plunk mark, natives of Wyoming.

The Brewers used three different pitchers to plunk the Cardinals yesterday making that the first game since September 15, 2009 in which three different Brewers pitchers hit a batter. This is just the 7th time ever that three Brewers pitchers hit batters in a single game. The Brewers have now hit the Cardinals 85 times, and 105 plunks have flown from Cardinals pitchers to Brewers batters.

Roy Halladay hit Justin Ruggiano twice, giving Halladay a total of 75 hit batters for his career.


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