Pierzynski’s 107th among 15 plunk day

15 HBPs highlighted yesterday’s Major League Baseball action, making May 1st the most plunk-ful day of the season so far.  One of them was thrown by Addison Reed, and that one hit AJ Pierzynski for his 107th career plunk.  That puts AJ Pierzynski into a tie for 63rd place on the all time list for career plunks, with Pete Rose, Jason Larue and Wally Schang.

Josh Becket hit Dexter Fowler in the 2nd inning of the Rockies-Dodgers game, and that plunk happened to be the 4,700th ever thrown by a Dodgers pitcher.

David Phelps hit Chris Carter to load the bases in the 4th inning of the Yankees-Astros game, and then hit Fernando Martinez with the bases loaded.  That was the first RBI plunk for Martinez and Phelps.  Carter’s plunk was his first in the majors, and he is the 278th batter ever to take a plunk for the Astros.

Khris Davis also got his first major league plunk yesterday, in the Brewers-Pirates game.  Davis is the 254th batter to be plunked for the Brewers, and that one was plunk number 1,989 in Brewers franchise history.


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