Shin-Soo Choo is taking over my website

The on-base machine that is Shin-Soo Choo got hit by yet another pitch last night, becoming the first Cincinnati Red to get hit by 10 pitches in a season since 2010. Choo is already tied for the 30th best single season HBP total in Reds history, with only 142 games left to improve on that total. The only other players in the last 50 years who have been hit by 10 pitches in 22 days are Craig Biggio in 1997, when he got hit 34 times, and Ron Hunt in 1971, when he got hit 50 times. Choo is the 5th player in the last 50 years to get hit 10 times in a single month – the others are the modern era top 4 in career HBPs – Craig Biggio (285 HBPs), Don Baylor (267 HBPs), Jason Kendall (254 HBPs), and Ron Hunt (243 HBPs).
Rationally speaking, it’s too early in the season to predict a 30 or 40 or 50 HBP season, but these are the only things that are compairable to what Choo is doing right now. He’s on pace for 81. No other team has more than 9 HBPs this year.
For the record, Travis Wood was yesterday’s contributor to the Choo plunk parade.

In other plunk news, AJ Burnett plunked Jimmy Rollins, giving Burnett 110 career hit batters, and breaking Jimmy Rollins streak of 935 plate appearances without a plunk. Burnett is now in sole possession of 63rd place on the all time list for hitting batters.

Jason Marquis hit Carlos Gomez and Logan Schafer with pitches in the first inning last night, giving Gomez his 30th career plunk, and Schafer his first. Marquis is tied for 4th among active players in the category of “most Brewers plunked. Schafer is the 252nd player to get hit by a pitch for the Brewers. Both runners scored.

Aaron Loup‘s plunking of Chris Davis was the 300th HBP ever thrown by a pitcher born in 1987, and Justin Masterson‘s plunk to Hector Gimenez was the 700th ever thrown by a pitcher born in 1985.

Paul Goldschmidt‘s hbp from Ryan Vogelsong was the 250th plunk ever recorded by a batter born in Delaware.

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  1. ecocd says:

    Any idea on how often 2 consecutive HBP were driven home by a HR?
    -ecocd via

  2. pbr says:

    The plunk-plunk-homer sequence like the Brewers had last night hasn’t happened since April 13, 2009, in a Phillis-Nationals game. In 2008, the Rays had an inning like that, with the bonus of the 2nd plunk being an RBI plunk, and the homer being a grand slam. They had a pitching change before the homer though.

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