The plunksignal

If you’ve been wondering why twitter exists without someone building a system that sends out tweet notifications every time someone gets hit by a pitch, I may have solved that problem. If you’re interested in keeping track of every one of MLB’s HBPs as they happen, you can now follow the @PlunkSignal twitter feed. It’s up and running, and mostly works. Improvements will be ongoing. No, this isn’t an april fools joke. Okay, yes, maybe it kind of is, but it’s also a real thing.

At the moment, each time a batter gets hit by a pitch, the @PlunkSignal twitter feed will post the batter and pitchers name, team, inning of the plunk, pitch speed from pitchf/X if available, and the number of plunks for both the batter and the pitcher in the game, season and career. That’s the gibberish at the end – you’ll see, for example B-g1s3c63 P-g2s6c23. That’s telling you that the batter has been hit once in this game, 3 times this season, and 63 times in his career. Same deal for the pitcher. At some point I might add the batter-pitcher matchup totals, or team splits or something. Maybe. But for now I wanted to keep it simple. We’ll see how it goes.

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