2008 NL HBP award winners

Since the National League had the courtesy to finish their season on schedule, lets hand out he 2008 awards for outstanding achievement in the field of HBP excellence.

Most Plunkable Player AwardNL (most HBPs by a batter):

Chase Utley (PHI) – 27

Chase Utley set a new record for the Phillies by getting hit by 27 pitches in a season. He set the previous record last year with 25. 27 HBPs is the 3rd most by a left handed batter in major league history. Kevin Kouzmanoff was 2nd with 15 HBPs, and he was the top right-handed National Leaguer in HBPs. Augie Ojeda was the National League’s top switch get-hitter with 10 HBPs.

The Phil Knell Award – NL (most batters plunked by a pitcher):

Edinson Volquez, Cincinnati Reds – 14
Kyle Kendrick, Philadelphia Phillies – 14
Johnny Cueto, Cincinnati Reds – 14

Volquez and Cueto tied for the Reds, along with Kendrick for the Phillies all with 14 hit batters. Randy Wolf of the Padres and Astros was the top left handed pitcher, with 12 batters plunked.

Mitch Williams Award – NL (most hit batters by a relief pitcher):

Aaron Heilman, New York Mets – 9

Heilman finished just ahead of Keiichi Yabu and Billy Sadler – both of the Giants – who had 8 each. Chase Utley led the NL in getting hit by relief pitchers, with 12.

Plunked Rookie of the Year – NL (most HBPs by a rookie):

Ian Stewart, Colorado Rockies – 7

Stewart edged out Houston’s JR Towles and Atlanta’s Gregor Blanco who each got hit 6 times as rookies.

The Gus Weyhig Award – NL (most plunks thrown by a rookie):

Johnny Cueto, Cincinnati Reds – 14

Cueto tied for most hit batters in the NL, along with being the rookie leader. John Lannan of the Nationals was the top left-hander, with 7 hit batters.

Sandy Alomar Award – NL (most plate appearance without an HBP):

Derrek Lee, Chicago Cubs – 698

The Chick Fraser Award – NL (most batters faced without hitting anyone)

Glendon Rusch, Padres and Rockies – 367

Rusch was 81st in the National League in total batters faced, but every other pitcher who faced more than 367 batters hit at least 1 of them.

Most Plunked Team – NL (the plunk pennant):

Florida Marlins – 69
Milwaukee Brewers – 69

(If you hate ties, we can give this one to the Brewers on the head-to-head plunks tie breaker. The Brewers got hit 3 times by the Marlins, and only plunked back twice.)

Least Plunked Team – NL:

New York Mets – 39

Most Plunks Thrown – NL:

New York Mets – 70
San Francisco Giants – 70

(Give it to the Mets on the tie breaker – they hit 3 Giants and the Giants hit only 2 Mets.)

Fewest Plunks Thrown – NL:

San Diego Padres – 39

National League All Plunk Team:

1st Base: Prince Fielder, Milwaukee Brewers – 12

2nd Base: Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies – 27

Short Stop: Hanley Ramirez, Florida Marlins – 8

3rd Base: Kevin Kouzmanoff, San Diego Padres – 15

Left Field: Josh Willingham, Florida Marlins – 14

Center Field: Lastings Milledge, Washington Nationals – 14

Right Field: Jeff Francoeur, Atlanta Braves – 10

Catcher: Chris Iannetta, Colorado Rockies – 14

Pitcher: Mike Pelfrey, New York Mets – 1,
Johnny Cueto, Cincinnati Reds – 1,
Garrett Mock, Washington Nationals – 1,
Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies – 1,
Collin Balester, Washington Nationals – 1,
Brandon Backe, Houston Astros – 1

Pinch Hitter: Chris Burke, Arizona Diamondbacks – 2

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