Aoki breaks Brewers rookie record – and Adam Greenberg Returns

Norichika Aoki got hit by Tom Layne of the Padres last night, bringing his season total to 13 HBPs. That’s the most by a Brewers rookie, passing Prince Fielder’s 2006 total of 12. Aoki is also now tied with Kenji Johjima for the single season plunk record for batters born in Japan. Johjima had his 13 plunk season in 2006 as well. The Brewers have now been hit 90 times this year, and 22 times on Tuesdays. That is a live ball era record for plunks on Tuesdays by a single team.

Probably the biggest HBP news yesterday was a batter not getting hit by a pitch. On July 9, 2005, Adam Greenberg made his major league debut in a pinch hit appearance against Valerio De Los Santos. He got hit in the head on the only major league pitch he faced, and it ruined his career. He never made it back to the major leagues, until last night he was given another chance in another pinch hit appearance. He struck out, but I have to think that was the most successful strikeout ever. I understand that some people might read this website and think that I get a kick out of people getting hurt or something, but the point here is to celebrate batters who get hit by A LOT of pitches. I never want to see a guy ruin his career on a pitch he can’t get out of the way of. That doesn’t break any records. I’ve been following Greenberg’s minor league career for 7 year hoping he’d get this chance, and I’m thrilled to see that it finally happened for him. Congratulations Adam.


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