100 plunks while playing in one division

Since the Major Leagues split into divisions in 1969, there have been 17 players who got hit by 100 pitches while playing for teams in the same division, including Aramis Ramirez who joined that club yesterday. All of Ramirez’s 100 career HBPs have been tallied while playing for teams in the National League Central division, making him the 17th member of that group. Or, the 18th if you want to count Don Baylor twice, since he got hit 165 times in the American League East, and 102 times in the American League West division. The odd thing about this is that despite only coming into existence in 1994, the National League Central now has more 100 plunk players than any other division – even though the East and West in each league had a 24 season head start. The NL Central now has 7 players who have been hit 100 times playing for its teams, while the AL Central still has none – so it’s not just a case of the Central divisions forming just in time for the 2nd of baseballs golden ages of HBPs. Despite being around since 1969, the NL West division still doesn’t have a player who got hit 100 times for its teams (Larry Walker got the closest, with 98).

Here are all the players who have been hit 100 times in one division:
Don Baylor – 165
Derek Jeter – 163
Brady Anderson – 152
Carlos Delgado – 122
Jason Giambi – 109
Melvin Mora – 107

Brian Downing – 129
Don Baylor – 102

Chase Utley – 147
Ron Hunt – 116
Andres Galarraga – 102

Craig Biggio – 257
Jason Kendall – 213
Fernando Vina – 108
Rickie Weeks – 108
Jason LaRue – 103
Jeff Bagwell – 100
Aramis Ramirez – 100

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