Jon Jay gets 13th

Only 5 batters were hit by any of the 4,569 pitches thrown in Major League games yesterday. All five plunks were thrown by right handed pitchers, and four of the 5 hit left handed batters. Three hit center fielders, including Jon Jay of the Cardinals. Jay is up to 13 HBPs this year, and that’s the highest total by a Cardinal since David Eckstein got hit 15 times in 2006.

Carlos Gomez got hit for the Brewers, bringing their season total to 79 – three short of their franchise record for plunks in a season. That was their 17th plunk recorded on a Tuesday this year, and the 30th HBP ever thrown at Marlins Stadium.

On the other side of Florida, Rays pitcher Alex Cobb hit Curtis Granderson, and that was the 200th plunk ever recorded in a Yankees-Rays game.


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