Brewers break live ball era record for plunks on Fridays, Rays throw 1000th

Rickie Weeks picked up the 106th plunk of his career last night, getting hit by Jared Hughes of the Pirates. That was the 21st time this year that a Brewer has been hit by a pitch on a Friday, and since 1920, no other team has done that. The only other teams to get hit 21 times on a single day of the week in one season are the 2011 Nationals (21 on Sundays), 2008 Indians (21 on Tuesdays), 2003 Rangers (21 on Saturdays), 2003 Dodgers (21 on Tuesdays), 2001 A’s (21 on Thursdays), and the 1997 Pirates (22 on Sundays). The Brewers have a 21 plunk lead on the rest of the league, but their are only two days of the week on which the Brewers have been hit the most, Fridays and Tuesdays.
Rickie Weeks’ 106 HBPs put him in 65th place on the all time list, tied with Barry Bonds. He’s 2 plunks behind Fernando Vina for 3rd place in the NL Central division, but he’s 107 plunks behind Jason Kendall for 2nd place in the division.

Matt Moore of the Rays hit Oakland’s Derek Norris with a pitch, and that throw was the 1000th plunk ever thrown by the Rays. Since joining the Rays joined the league in 1998, only the Red Sox have hit more batters with 1062.

Derek Jeter got hit by Cory Kluber in the Yankees game against the Indians, and that brings his career total to 163. He’s two plunks away from tying Don Baylor for the American League East division HBP record. And he’s 17th on the all time HBP list.

Torii Hunter got his 75th HBP yesterday, and Edwin Encarnacion got his 60th.

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