Quentin 108, Weeks 104

Carlos Quentin picked up his 108th career plunk and number 11 of his 2012 season yesterday, when Nathan Eovaldi hit him. That was the first time Quentin has been plunked by a pitcher with a last name that starts with E, and now he’s been hit by a pitch thrown by a pitcher with every last initial except I, K, U and X (but there’s still never been a major league players with X for a last initial). Quentin’s 108 career plunks tie him with Mo Vaughn and Bill Joyce for 59th place on the all time list, and Marlins Park is the 21st park Quentin has been plunked in. Quentin is tied for 40th on the Padres career HBP list, and tied for 264th in career plate appearance for the team.

Rickie Weeks was also hit by a pitch yesterday, giving him 104 for his career and 9 this year. That was also his 50th plunk at Miller Park – since 1969 only 10 other players have been hit by 50 pitches at a single ballpark (though Craig Biggio got hit over 50 times at 2 different parks). Derek Jeter and Chase Utley are the only other active batters with 50 plunks at one park, and Utley and Weeks are the active ones who have been hit 50 times at a park that’s still standing. Weeks now has sole possession of 68th place on the all time plunks list, and he’s tied for 4th in the 2012 plunk race with current teammate Ryan Braun, and former teammate Prince Fielder.

Also yesterday, Albert Pujols picked up plunk number 80 of his career, and Todd Helton got hit by a 98.6mph Aroldis Chapman pitch. That’s tied for the 5th fastest plunk this season. Chapman has hit three batters this season, and all three are among the 7 fastest this year.

(For those curious about who else has been hit 50 times at one ball park since 1969, Craig Biggio was hit 92 times at the Astrodome and 56 times at Minute Maid Park, Brady Anderson was hit 66 times at Camden Yards, Derek Jeter was hit 66 times at old Yankee Stadium, Chase Utley is up to 64 at Citizens Bank Park, Carlos Delgado got 61 at SkyDome aka Rogers Centre, Melvin Mora had 58 at Camden Yards, Larry Walker experienced 55 plunkings at Coors Field, Ron Hunt scored cinquante-quatre plunks at Parc Jarry in Montreal, Craig Wilson got hit 52 times at PNC Park, and Brian Downing had 50 and Angels Stadium.)

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