Rickie Weeks gets 103rd

Rickie Weeks got hit by a pitch again yesterday, making it the 13th time in his career that he’s taken an HBP on two consecutive days.  His longest streak was August 28-30, 2007 when he got plunked on three consecutive days (with 4 total plunks).   Weeks has now been hit by 103 pitches in his career, which is tied for 68th on the all time list with Vladimir Guerrero and Tris Speaker.  That was also the 34th time Rickie Weeks scored a run after reaching base on an HBP, and Henry Rodriguez is the 84th pitcher to plunk Weeks.

James Shields hit another batter for the Rays yesterday, extending his franchise record total to 45.  If Shields could hit one more batter, the Rays could be tied with the Padres for the lowest record total for plunks thrown, instead of having the lowest record to themselves.  The Rays and Padres are the only modern franchises which haven’t had a pitcher hit 50 batters for them.

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