Jeter, Quentin and Weeks hit by pitches

Thirteen batters were hit by pitches in yesterday’s MLB action, and among them were 100 plunk club members Derek Jeter, Carlos Quentin, and Rickie Weeks. Tuesday, as you may remember, Derek Jeter, Carlos Quentin and Alex Rodriguez all got hit by pitches. That was the first time since July 7, 2011 that three batters with over 100 career HBPs were hit on the same day, and now we’ve had three plunks from the 100 plunk club on two consecutive days. Since 1969, that has only happened one other time – on August 31, 2007 and September 1, 2007 three plunks were recorded by batters with over 100 HBPs were hit by pitches, but one of those days involved David Eckstein getting hit twice. So the last two days are the first time in division era history that we’ve had consecutive days with three batters with over 100 HBPs get hit by pitches.

Jeter’s plunk was number 162 of his career, thrown by Josh Kinney. Kinney threw his first career HBP to Craig Biggio on July 8, 2006 (Biggio’s 279th). Jeter is in 17th place on the all time list, 3 behind Alex Rodriguez and Kid Elberfeld.

Carlos Quentin is up to 10 plunks this season after taking one from Tim Lincecum yesterday, extending his career streak for seasons with double digit plunks to 6. He’s up to 107 for his career, which ties him for 61st place on the all time list, with Pete Rose, Jason LaRue, and Wally Schang. The Padres’ single season record for HBPs is 15.

Rickie Weeks took the 102nd plunk of his career, and his 2nd from from Vance Worley. He threw Weeks’ 94th plunk last year. He’s tied for 70th on the all time list, with AJ Pierzynski and Orlando Cepeda.

Prince Fielder got his 86th plunk yesterday, Derek Lowe threw his 76th (his 2nd time plunking Prince Fielder), Adrian Gonzalez had his 30th plunking, and Elvis Andrus got his 20th.

Baltimore rookie Miguel Gonzalez hit three Rays, including an RBI plunk to Jose Lobaton. Lobaton had only been hit by one pitch before yesterday, but he got hit twice in that game, including the RBI.

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