Pierzynski plunked for 102nd time

Brian Duensing took up the popular pass time of hitting AJ Pierzynski with a pitch last night, delivering a 5th inning pitch that became the 102nd plunk of Pierzynski’s career.  That moves Pierzynski up to 70th place on the all time list for career HBPs, tied with Orlando Cepeda.  Duensing has hit 9 batters in his career.

Chris Snyder took a plunk for the Astros last night, making that the 11th time an Astros batter has been plunked on a Monday.  They’ve only been hit by 23 pitches on non-Monday days of the week this year.

Carlos Gomez got plunked for the Brewers, bringing their league leading season total to 53, and Sam LeCure took his first major league plunk, becoming the 690th player to get hit for the Cincinnati Reds.


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