ejected plunkers

So… what did you do over the all star break? I did some poking around on retrosheet.org and their gamelog files, collecting all the HBP related ejections from the 2000 to 2011 seasons. Would that be interesting to anyone?
In that span the Cleveland Indians have had the most pitchers ejected after hitting a batter, with 10. The Astros and White Sox are after them with 9 each. Every team has had at least one pitcher get tossed after a plunk (or after the incidents following a plunk), but the Reds only had 1. Luis Pineda was tossed on April 3, 2003 after hitting Todd Hundley.

Here are all the incidents from 2000 to 2011 where a pitcher was ejected after hitting a batter:

Date Pitcher Plunked Batter Retrosheet Comments
04/18/2000 – 9th inning John Frascatore (TOR) Scott Spiezio (ANA) Frascatore ejected by Clark
04/22/2000 – 9th inning Tanyon Sturtze (CHA) Deivi Cruz (DET) Sturtze, Manuel & Howry ejected by Crawford
04/30/2000 – 8th inning Pedro Martinez (BOS) Roberto Alomar (CLE) P Martinez & J Williams ejected by Tschida
07/13/2000 – 9th inning Jose Jimenez (COL) Eddie Taubensee (CIN) Jimenez ejected by Carlson
07/14/2000 – 7th inning Dennis Cook (NYN) Carl Everett (BOS) Cook ejected arguing about Everett being out of the batter’s box; this matter explodes in the next game
08/22/2000 – 11th inning John Wasdin (COL) Andres Galarraga (ATL) Galarraga charged the mound; Galarraga, Wasdin & Mgr Bell ejected by Montague
08/27/2000 – 5th inning Ismael Valdez (LAN) Mark Grace (CHN) Valdes & sub manager Jim Tracy ejected by Wegner Glenn Hoffman finished game as third manager of night
08/29/2000 – 3rd inning Dave Eiland (TBA) Nomar Garciaparra (BOS) Eiland ejected by Cuzzi
08/29/2000 – 7th inning Tony Fiore (TBA) Brian Daubach (BOS) Fiore walked off mound towards dugout immediately after hitting Daubach; Fiore ejected by Cuzzi; acting Mgr Cardenal ejected by McClelland
05/02/2001 – 6th inning Jose Lima (HOU) Jay Payton (NYN) Payton & Lima ejected by Demuth
05/13/2001 – 6th inning Robert Person (PHI) Reggie Sanders (ARI) Person ejected by Meals
05/24/2001 – 5th inning Vladimir Nunez (FLO) Benny Agbayani (NYN) Agbayani hit on back; Nunez and Mgr Boles ejected by Cuzzi
07/08/2001 – 1st inning Scott Elarton (HOU) Rey Sanchez (KCA) Elarton and Houston Mgr Dierker ejected by Nelson
07/13/2001 – 8th inning Bob File (TOR) Travis Lee (PHI) File & Mgr Martinez ejected by Cederstrom
07/19/2001 – 7th inning Troy Brohawn (ARI) Ryan Klesko (SDN) Brohawn ejected by McClelland
07/22/2001 – 8th inning Chris Michalak (TOR) Chuck Knoblauch (NYA) Michalak, Tor Mgr Martinez, Tor Coach Bevington and NY Mgr Torre ejected by Drake
08/19/2001 – 8th inning Jose Mesa (PHI) Jim Edmonds (SLN) Mesa ejected by Barksdale
10/02/2001 – 8th inning Joel Pineiro (SEA) Troy Glaus (ANA) Pineiro ejected by Montague
04/03/2002 – 9th inning Luis Pineda (CIN) Todd Hundley (CHN) Pineda ejected by Everitt
04/05/2002 – 7th inning Kevin Olsen (FLO) Marlon Anderson (PHI) Olsen ejected by Cuzzi for intentionally throwing at Anderson and suspended for 3 games; FLO Mgr Torborg ejected by Cuzzi and suspended for 2 games for excessive arguing
04/11/2002 – 5th inning Jack Cressend (MIN) Ricky Gutierrez (CLE) Cressend and Minn Mgr Gardenhire ejected by Young
04/17/2002 – 3rd inning Ben Sheets (MIL) Aramis Ramirez (PIT) Sheets & Ramirez ejected by Barrett
05/23/2002 – 8th inning Mike Magnante (OAK) Chris Singleton (BAL) Magnante ejected by Froemming
06/18/2002 – 7th inning Ryan Dempster (FLO) Travis Fryman (CLE) Dempster & Mgr Torborg ejected by Layne
07/07/2002 – 7th inning Joey Eischen (MON) Marlon Anderson (PHI) Eischen and Mgr F.Robinson ejected by Emmel
07/15/2002 – 7th inning Orlando Hernandez (NYA) Carlos Delgado (TOR) Hernandez & NY Mgr Torre ejected by Welke
07/18/2002 – 9th inning Esteban Yan (TBA) Manny Ramirez (BOS) Yan & TB Mgr McRae ejected by Marquez
07/22/2002 – 6th inning Rocky Biddle (CHA) A.J. Pierzynski (MIN) Biddle & Mgr Manuel ejected by Wendelstedt
07/27/2002 – 6th inning Mike Timlin (SLN) Mark Bellhorn (CHN) Timlin and Mgr LaRussa ejected by Iassogna
07/31/2002 – 5th inning Jim Mann (HOU) Rey Ordonez (NYN) Mann ejected by Poncino
08/01/2002 – 9th inning Eric Gagne (LAN) Adam Dunn (CIN) Gagne and Mgr Tracy ejected by Iassogna
08/12/2002 – 7th inning Roy Oswalt (HOU) Alex Gonzalez (CHN) Oswalt ejected by Carlson
08/17/2002 – 9th inning Jim Mecir (OAK) Royce Clayton (CHA) Mecir & Oak Mgr Howe ejected by Drake
08/24/2002 – 9th inning Jose Jimenez (COL) John Valentin (NYN) Jimenez & Col Mgr Hurdle ejected by Barksdale
08/25/2002 – 6th inning Jason Johnson (BAL) Orlando Hudson (TOR) Johnson ejected by Spieler
08/25/2002 – 9th inning Dave Weathers (NYN) Juan Uribe (COL) Weathers and Mgr Valentine ejected by Crawford
08/26/2002 – 9th inning Ricardo Rodriguez (CLE) Robert Fick (DET) Rodriguez ejected by Hirschbeck
09/07/2002 – 5th inning Tomokazu Ohka (MON) Andruw Jones (ATL) Hit on ear flap, started slowly to mound, held back, Ohka ejected by Bell; Jones left game
09/07/2002 – 7th inning Chris Hammond (ATL) Brad Wilkerson (MON) Hammond and Atl Mgr Cox ejected by Bell
09/09/2002 – 7th inning Derek Lowe (BOS) Felix Escalona (TBA) Lowe & Bos Mgr Little ejected by Crawford; Lowe said it was not on purpose but Crawford said ‘he hit the same guy on successive pitches’
09/10/2002 – 5th inning Pedro Astacio (NYN) Gary Sheffield (ATL) Astacio ejected by Randazzo
09/10/2002 – 8th inning Lee Gardner (TBA) Lou Merloni (BOS) Gardner & TB Mgr McRae ejected by Gorman
09/22/2002 – 6th inning Julian Tavarez (FLO) Henry Blanco (ATL) Tavarez ejected by Darling
09/28/2002 – 8th inning Carlos Silva (PHI) Mike Lowell (FLO) Silva & Mgr Bowa ejected by Barrett
04/09/2003 – 7th inning Nelson Cruz (COL) Tino Martinez (SLN) Cruz and Mgr Hurdle ejected by DiMuro
04/09/2003 – 8th inning Reynaldo Garcia (TEX) Miguel Tejada (OAK) Garcia ejected by HP umpire Bucknor
04/14/2003 – 8th inning Carl Sadler (CLE) Michael Tucker (KCA) Indians pitcher Carl Sadler ejected by HP umpire Jerry Crawford Indians Manager Eric Wedge ejected by HP umpire Jerry Crawford
04/15/2003 – 5th inning Omar Daal (BAL) Matt Lawton (CLE) Orioles Omar Daal ejected by HP umpire Brian O’Nora.
04/20/2003 – 9th inning Jeff Fassero (SLN) Luis Gonzalez (ARI) Cardinals Jeff Fassero ejected by HP umpire Brian Gorman Cardinals Manager Tony Larussa ejected by HP umpire Brian Gorman
04/26/2003 – 6th inning Jon Garland (CHA) Doug Mientkiewicz (MIN) White Sox Jon Garland ejected by HP umpire Bruce Froemming;  White Sox Armando Rios ejected by HP umpire Bruce Froemming;  Twins Latroy Hawkins ejected by HP umpire Bruce Froemming
04/30/2003 – 6th inning Brad Radke (MIN) Toby Hall (TBA) Twins Brad Radke ejected by HP umpire Gerry Davis
05/15/2003 – 9th inning Bartolo Colon (CHA) Jerry Hairston (BAL) White Sox pitcher Bartolo Colon ejected by HP umpire Terry Craft;  White Sox Manager Jerry Manuel ejected by HP umpire Terry Craft
06/17/2003 – 6th inning J.C. Romero (MIN) Aaron Guiel (KCA) Twins pitcher J. C. Romero ejected by HP ump Larry Poncino;  Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire ejected by HP ump Larry Poncino;  Poncino decide HP was intentional. Replay shows it was a slow curve, Gardenhire ejected for arguing
07/03/2003 – 7th inning Kenny Rogers (MIN) Milton Bradley (CLE) Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire ejected by HP umpire Eric Cooper; Twins pitcher Kenny Rogers ejected by HP umpire Eric Cooper
07/13/2003 – 1st inning Adam Eaton (SDN) Albert Pujols (SLN) Padres Manager Bruce Bochy ejected by HP umpire Mark Carlson; Padres pitcher Adam Eaton ejected by HP umpire Mark Carlson;  Padres catcher Gary Bennett ejected by HP umpire Mark Carlson;  Cardinals right fielder Albert Pujols ejected by HP umpire Mark Carlson;  HP and ejections carryover from Pujols walkoff of night before. Padres thought he stood at plate too long admiring it
07/17/2003 – 8th inning Rafael Soriano (SEA) Carlos Febles (KCA) Mariners pitcher Rafael Soriano ejected by HP umpire Joe West;  Mariners Manager Bob Melvin ejected by HP umpire Joe West
07/20/2003 – 10th inning Jason Grimsley (KCA) Ichiro Suzuki (SEA) Royals pitcher Jason Grimsley ejected by HP umpire Rob Drake;  Royals Manager Tony Pena ejected by HP umpire Rob Drake
08/04/2003 – 6th inning Matt Ginter (CHA) Carlos Beltran (KCA) White Sox pitcher Matt Ginter ejected by HP umpire Mark Wegner;  White Sox Manager Jerry Manuel ejected by HP umpire Mark Wegner
08/27/2003 – 8th inning Turk Wendell (PHI) Vladimir Guerrero (MON) Phillies Turk Wendell ejected by HP umpire Brian O’Nora
09/20/2003 – 9th inning Jon Switzer (TBA) Derek Jeter (NYA) Devil Rays Jon Switzer ejected by HP umpire Tim Welke
09/22/2003 – 6th inning Roy Halladay (TOR) Rocco Baldelli (TBA) Blue Jays Roy Halladay ejected by HP umpire Phil Cuzzi
04/30/2004 – 7th inning Doug Waechter (TBA) Bobby Crosby (OAK) Doug Waechter ejected by HP umpire James Hoye
05/07/2004 – 7th inning Jake Peavy (SDN) Carl Pavano (FLO) Peavy ejected by Eddings
05/24/2004 – 6th inning John Lackey (ANA) Simon Pond (TOR) Lackey & Ana Mgr Scioscia ejected by Reynolds
05/30/2004 – 9th inning Mike Johnston (PIT) Todd Walker (CHN) Johnston ejected by Samuels
06/06/2004 – 8th inning Steve Reed (COL) A.J. Pierzynski (SFN) Reed ejected by Dreckman; he argued that Pierzynski leaned into the pitch; Mgr Hurdle had to restrain Reed as he argued with the umpire; Reed claimed that Dreckman swore at him; Reed threw his glove towards the umpire as he left the field
07/04/2004 – 6th inning Tyler Walker (SFN) Mark Mulder (OAK) Walker ejected by Foster
07/04/2004 – 8th inning Felix Rodriguez (SFN) Eric Byrnes (OAK) Rodriguez & Mgr Alou ejected by Foster
07/16/2004 – 9th inning Julio Mateo (SEA) Lou Merloni (CLE) Mateo ejected by Tschida
07/18/2004 – 7th inning Rick White (CLE) Bucky Jacobsen (SEA) White & Mgr Wedge ejected by Foster
07/19/2004 – 8th inning Carlos Zambrano (CHN) Jim Edmonds (SLN) Zambrano & Mgr Baker ejected by Brinkman
07/21/2004 – 5th inning Jeriome Robertson (CLE) Magglio Ordonez (CHA) Robertson ejected by DiMuro
07/25/2004 – 2nd inning Jeremy Bonderman (DET) Aaron Rowand (CHA) Bonderman & Mgr Trammell ejected by Kelley
07/26/2004 – 7th inning John Franco (NYN) Nick Johnson (MON) Franco ejected by Wolf
08/06/2004 – 3rd inning Sean Douglass (TOR) John Flaherty (NYA) Douglass ejected by Guiccione
08/15/2004 – 4th inning Joe Kennedy (COL) Jason Kendall (PIT) Kendall took a few steps towards 1B and then charged the mound when Kennedy yelled something; a brawl ensued and both players ejected by Nauert
08/19/2004 – 8th inning Braden Looper (NYN) J.D. Closser (COL) Looper ejected by Barksdale
08/22/2004 – 3rd inning Roy Oswalt (HOU) Michael Barrett (CHN) Barrett hit on back and approached the mound; benches emptied but no fight; Oswalt ejected by Hohn
08/22/2004 – 5th inning Kerry Wood (CHN) Jeff Kent (HOU) Kent hit on left arm; third batter hit by Wood who was ejected; Mgr Baker argued & was ejected; Wood had just returned from 5 game suspension for arguing with umpire
08/25/2004 – 7th inning Duaner Sanchez (LAN) Tony Batista (MON) Sanchez ejected by Timmons
08/29/2004 – 9th inning Dan Wheeler (HOU) Derrek Lee (CHN) Wheeler & Mgr Garner ejected by Meriwether
09/05/2004 – 8th inning Blaine Neal (SDN) J.D. Closser (COL) Neal and Mgr Bochy ejected by DiMuro who ruled intentional
09/17/2004 – 3rd inning Brandon Webb (ARI) Woody Williams (SLN) Webb and Ari Mgr Pedrique ejected by Layne
09/23/2004 – 9th inning Dustin Hermanson (SFN) Jeff Kent (HOU) Hermanson & Mgr Alou ejected by Reilly
09/27/2004 – 4th inning Scott Kazmir (TBA) Kevin Millar (BOS) Kazmir & Mgr Piniella ejected by Dreckman; benches emptied
04/24/2005 – 7th inning Bronson Arroyo (BOS) Chris Singleton (TBA) Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo & Mgr Terry Francona ejected by HP umpire Ted Barrett
04/26/2005 – 5th inning Carlos Zambrano (CHN) Austin Kearns (CIN) Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano ejected by HP umpire Tim Welke
05/24/2005 – 8th inning Paul Quantrill (NYA) Jason Smith (DET) Paul Quantrill & Mgr Joe Torre ejected by HP umpire Chad Fairchild
05/31/2005 – 3rd inning Ryan Franklin (SEA) Reed Johnson (TOR) Mariners pitcher Ryan Franklin ejected by HP umpire Jim Wolf
06/07/2005 – 7th inning Matt Mantei (BOS) Larry Walker (SLN) Mantei & Mgr Francona ejected by 3B umpire Larry Young
06/07/2005 – 8th inning Al Reyes (SLN) Kevin Youkilis (BOS) Reyes & Mgr LaRussa ejected by HP umpire Eric Cooper
07/17/2005 – 6th inning Runelvys Hernandez (KCA) Carlos Guillen (DET) the second pitch hit Guillen’s helmet; Guillen yelled at Hernandez and the two charged each other; both benches and bullpens cleared; no punches were thrown and it appeared to be over when Farnsworth charged Affeldt and threw him to the ground; KC ejections: Runelvys Hernandez, Emil Brown, Alberto Castillo, Mgr Buddy Bell; Detroit ejections: Carlos Guillen, Jeremy Bonderman, Kyle Farnsworth
07/29/2005 – 7th inning Shigetoshi Hasegawa (SEA) Grady Sizemore (CLE) Mariners pitcher Shigetoshi Hasegawa ejected by HP umpire Chris Guccione
07/29/2005 – 7th inning Kevin Millwood (CLE) Yuniesky Betancourt (SEA) Millwood and Wedge ejected by Guccione
07/29/2005 – 9th inning David Riske (CLE) Ichiro Suzuki (SEA) Indians pitcher David Riske ejected by HP umpire Chris Guccione
08/01/2005 – 6th inning Mark Buehrle (CHA) B.J. Surhoff (BAL) White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle ejected by HP umpire Brian Gorman
09/09/2005 – 9th inning Brandon Medders (ARI) Luis A. Gonzalez (COL) Brandon Medders, Mgr Bob Melvin & Coach Jay Bell ejected by HP umpire Phil Cuzzi
09/14/2005 – 2nd inning Oliver Perez (PIT) Hector Luna (SLN) Pirates pitcher Oliver Perez ejected by HP umpire Eric Cooper
04/06/2006 – 8th inning Felix Rodriguez (WAS) Paul Lo Duca (NYN) Nationals pitcher Felix Rodriguez ejected by Rick Reed Nationals Manager Frank Robinson ejected by Rick Reed
04/16/2006 – 8th inning Tim Hamulack (LAN) Barry Bonds (SFN) Dodgers pitcher Tim Hamulack ejected by HP umpire Lance Barksdale who ruled this was retaliation for Kent
04/22/2006 – 6th inning Jeremy Guthrie (CLE) Esteban German (KCA) Indians pitcher Jeremy Guthrie & Mgr Eric Wedge ejected by HP umpire Jim Wolf
04/23/2006 – 1st inning Matt Morris (SFN) Eli Marrero (COL) Giants pitcher Matt Morris & Mgr Felipe Alou ejected by HP umpire Travis Reininger Giants Pitching Coach Dave Righetti ejected by HP umpire Travis Reininger for throwing his pitch counter onto the field
04/23/2006 – 8th inning Ray King (COL) Omar Vizquel (SFN) Rockies pitcher Ray King & Mgr Clint Hurdle ejected by HP umpire Travis Reininger
05/13/2006 – 8th inning Duaner Sanchez (NYN) Brady Clark (MIL) Mets pitcher Duaner Sanchez & Mgr Willie Randolph ejected by HP umpire Tim Tschida
05/16/2006 – 5th inning Russ Springer (HOU) Barry Bonds (SFN) Astros pitcher Russ Springer & Mgr Phil Garner ejected by HP umpire Joe West
06/20/2006 – 7th inning David Riske (CHA) Chris Duncan (SLN) White Sox pitcher David Riske & Mgr Ozzie Guillen ejected by HP umpire Mike Everitt
07/03/2006 – 7th inning Randy Choate (ARI) Nomar Garciaparra (LAN) Diamondbacks Randy Choate & Mgr Bob Melvin ejected by HP umpire Ted Barrett
08/15/2006 – 4th inning Vicente Padilla (TEX) Juan Rivera (ANA) Rangers pitcher Vicente Padilla and Mgr Buck Showalter ejected by HP umpire Hunter Wendelstedt
08/16/2006 – 8th inning Kevin Gregg (ANA) Michael Young (TEX) Angels pitcher Kevin Gregg & Mgr Mike Scioscia ejected by HP umpire Sam Holbrook
08/16/2006 – 8th inning Brendan Donnelly (ANA) Freddy Guzman (TEX) Angels pitcher Brendan Donnelly & Bench coach Ron Roenicke ejected by HP umpire Sam Holbrook
08/16/2006 – 9th inning Scott Feldman (TEX) Adam Kennedy (ANA) Adam Kennedy charged the mound, causing a bench-clearing brawl; Rangers pitcher Scott Feldman & Mgr Buck Showalter ejected by HP umpire Sam Holbrook; Angels Adam Kennedy also ejected
08/19/2006 – 2nd inning Ramon Ortiz (WAS) Aaron Rowand (PHI) Nationals pitcher Ramon Ortiz ejected by HP umpire Paul Nauert
09/19/2006 – 8th inning Jamey Wright (SFN) Matt Holliday (COL) Giants pitcher Jamey Wright & Mgr Felipe Alou ejected by HP umpire Rick Reed
09/24/2006 – 3rd inning Scott Olsen (FLO) Abraham Nunez (PHI) Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen ejected by HP umpire Mark Wegner
04/10/2007 – 8th inning Brendan Donnelly (BOS) Kenji Johjima (SEA) Red Sox pitcher Brendan Donnelly ejected by HP umpire Phil Cuzzi
04/14/2007 – 6th inning Orlando Hernandez (NYN) Shawn Hill (WAS) Mets pitcher Orlando Hernandez ejected by HP umpire Mike Winters
05/05/2007 – 7th inning Matt Capps (PIT) Prince Fielder (MIL) Pirates pitcher Matt Capps ejected by HP umpire Alfonso Marquez
05/13/2007 – 7th inning Hector Carrasco (ANA) Ian Kinsler (TEX) Kinsler hit on the helmet by a curve ball; Angels pitcher Hector Carrasco ejected by HP umpire Alfonso Marquez; Angels Manager Mike Scioscia ejected by HP umpire Alfonso Marquez for arguing Carrasco’s ejection
06/01/2007 – 9th inning Scott Proctor (NYA) Kevin Youkilis (BOS) both benches cleared after Youkilis took a few steps to the mound; Yankees pitcher Scott Proctor ejected by HP umpire Brian O’Nora
06/06/2007 – 7th inning Woody Williams (HOU) Matt Holliday (COL) Astros pitcher Woody Williams ejected by HP umpire CB Bucknor
06/10/2007 – 1st inning Ted Lilly (CHN) Edgar Renteria (ATL) Renteria started towards the mound; this was a continuation of problems from the previous day; Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly ejected by HP umpire Jim Wolf
06/13/2007 – 6th inning Taylor Tankersley (FLO) Grady Sizemore (CLE) Marlins pitcher Taylor Tankersley, Mgr Fredi Gonzalez & first baseman Aaron Boone ejected by HP umpire Brian Knight; Boone argued after the other two ejections
06/16/2007 – 4th inning Chris Young (SDN) Derrek Lee (CHN) Lee was hit on the left hand by a pitch that was going toward his head; as he walked to first, he had words with pitcher Young and threw a punch; Young punched back, both benches and dugouts emptied; after several minutes, Lee and Young were ejected along with San Diego pitcher Jake Peavy (not in the game) and Chicago hitting coach Gerald Perry, all by HP umpire Mike Everitt; San Diego catcher Bowen argued that the pitch hit the bat and not Lee’s hand
07/26/2007 – 5th inning John Lannan (WAS) Ryan Howard (PHI) Nationals pitcher John Lannan & Mgr Manny Acta ejected by HP umpire Hunter Wendelstedt; fifth time for player to be ejected ub his debut game
08/01/2007 – 8th inning Charlie Haeger (CHA) Robinson Cano (NYA) White Sox pitcher Charlie Haeger ejected by HP umpire Tom Hallion
08/07/2007 – 7th inning Roger Clemens (NYA) Alexis Rios (TOR) Yankees Roger Clemens & Mgr Joe Torre ejected by HP umpire Angel Hernandez
09/04/2007 – 8th inning Brian Wilson (SFN) Yorvit Torrealba (COL) Giants pitcher Brian Wilson & Manager Bruce Bochy ejected by HP umpire Jerry Meals
09/13/2007 – 7th inning Antonio Alfonseca (PHI) Todd Helton (COL) Phillies pitcher Antonio Alfonseca ejected by HP umpire John Hirschbeck
09/16/2007 – 1st inning Vicente Padilla (TEX) Nick Swisher (OAK) Nick Swisher, who had hit three homers in the past three games and had been hit in the previous game. charged the mound and tackled Vicente Padilla; both benches cleared; during the melee, 2B umpire Tim Timmons was knocked to the ground; both Swisher and Padilla were ejected by HP umpire Chuck Meriwether
09/26/2007 – 8th inning Seth McClung (MIL) Albert Pujols (SLN) Brewers pitcher Seth McClung & Mgr Ned Yost ejected by HP umpire Tom Hallion
06/05/2008 – 2nd inning James Shields (TBA) Coco Crisp (BOS) James Shields hit Coco Crisp on the leg as retaliation for Crisp’s hard slide into second the previous day; Crisp charged the mound and dodged the punch thrown by Shields; Crisp then threw a glancing blow at Shields and then Dioner Navarro tackled Crisp; both benches emptied; Crisp, Shields and Jonny Gomes ejected by HP umpire Jeff Kellogg
06/13/2008 – 8th inning Russ Springer (SLN) Ryan Howard (PHI) Cardinals pitcher Russ Springer ejected by HP umpire Larry Vanover; manager Tony La Russa ran out to argue the ejection, breaking his sunglasses during the discussion and eventually was ejected by Vanover
07/19/2008 – 8th inning Brandon League (TOR) Dioner Navarro (TBA) Blue Jays pitcher Brandon League ejected by HP umpire Mike DiMuro
07/29/2008 – 8th inning Daniel Cabrera (BAL) Alex Rodriguez (NYA) Orioles pitcher Daniel Cabrera ejected by HP umpire Chad Fairchild
08/03/2008 – 5th inning D.J. Carrasco (CHA) Miguel Olivo (KCA) Royals catcher Miguel Olivo charged the mound after two pitches were thrown at him, including the one that hit him; White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski restrained Olivo before he got to the mound; Royals base runner Jose Guillen ran over and grabbed Pierzynski; Olivo was ejected by HP umpire Tim Timmons; White Sox pitcher D. J. Carrasco and manager Ozzie Guillen were ejected by HP umpire Tim Timmons
08/03/2008 – 7th inning Zack Greinke (KCA) Nick Swisher (CHA) Royals pitcher Zack Greinke and Manager Trey Hillman ejected by HP umpire Tim Timmons
09/19/2008 – 7th inning Fausto Carmona (CLE) Gary Sheffield (DET) Tigers DH Gary Sheffield was upset that he was hit by a Fausto Carmona pitch; when Carmona then threw to first before pitching to Brandon Inge, Sheffield charged the mound; both Sheffield and Carmona landed punches and wrestled while the benches emptied; Sheffield, Carmona, Indians catcher Victor Martinez and Tigers second baseman Placido Polanco all ejected by 2B umpire Jerry Layne
05/16/2009 – 1st inning John Lackey (ANA) Ian Kinsler (TEX) Lackey’s first to Ian Kinsler, who homered twice the previous day, was behind the batter’s head; the umpires gave Lackey the benefit of the doubt because it was his first appearance of the year; the second pitch hit Kinsler in the ribs and Lackey was ejected by HP umpire Bob Davidson; Lackey stood near the mound with a suprised look on his face and his arms raised; Angels manager Mike Scioscia argued with Davidson and crew chief Tim Tschida; Kinsler jogged to 1B without incident; both teams were warned
07/25/2009 – 9th inning Winston Abreu (CLE) Jack Hannahan (SEA) Indians pitcher Winston Abreu and manager Eric Wedge ejected by HP umpire Dale Scott
07/26/2009 – 7th inning Burke Badenhop (FLO) Orlando Hudson (LAN) Marlins pitcher Burke Badenhop and manager Fredi Gonzalez ejected by HP umpire Bob Davidson
08/04/2009 – 9th inning Guillermo Mota (LAN) Prince Fielder (MIL) Prince Fielder stared at Dodgers pitcher Guillermo Mota, who was immediately ejected by HP umpire Lance Barksdale; two Dodgers had been hit earlier and the score was 17-4; Fiedler was escorted to 1B by crew chief Randy Marsh and 1B coach Ed Sedar; after the game Fielder tried to get into the Dodger club house but was denied admission by security personnel; two teammates took Fielder back to the Brewers club house
08/08/2009 – 7th inning Ramon Ramirez (BOS) Alex Rodriguez (NYA) Red Sox pitcher Ramon Ramirez ejected by HP umpire Jim Joyce immediately after hitting Rodriguez; no warnings had been issued to the team even though there had been a few hit batters and close pitches in the series
08/09/2009 – 8th inning Matt Capps (PIT) Albert Pujols (SLN) Pirates pitcher Matt Capps ejected by HP umpire Mike Estabrook
08/11/2009 – 2nd inning Rick Porcello (DET) Kevin Youkilis (BOS) Rick Porcello’s pitch hit high on the back of Kevin Youkilis; Youk charged the mound, throwing his helmet at Porcello, who ran towards 1B; Youk tackled Porcello and they wrestled each other to the ground; both benches and bullpens emptied; Youk and Porcello were ejected by HP umpire Brian O’Nora
10/01/2009 – 9th inning Jeremy Bonderman (DET) Delmon Young (MIN) Jeremy Bonderman hit Delmon Young on the side of the right knee with a fast ball and HP umpire Angel Hernandez immediately ejected Bonderman; Tigers acting manager Lloyd McClendon was also automatically ejected because of the warnings issued in the previous inning; Young was angry with Twins pitcher and teammate Jose Mijares, saying that he needed to learn how to play the game. Tiger catcher Gerald Laird argued with Hendandez and was ejected; both benches emptied but no punches were thrown as players just stood around looking at one another
06/05/2010 – 9th inning Miguel Batista (WAS) Brandon Phillips (CIN) Nationals pitcher Miguel Batista ejected by HP umpire Joe West for throwing at Brandon Phillips; this is probably a reaction to Phillips’ actions in the eighth
07/17/2010 – 8th inning Johnny Venters (ATL) Prince Fielder (MIL) the first pitch by Jonny Venters to Prince Fielder went over Fielder’s head to the backstop; both teams were warned by HP umpire Angel Hernandez; the second pitch hit Fielder; Hernandez immediately ejected Venters and Braves manager Bobby Cox; Fielder jumped around mad; Hernandez walked over to Fielder and put his arm around Fielder’s shoulders, talking to Fielder as he led Fielder to 1B; 2B umpire Rob Drake ran in to the mound and walked Venters off the field; during a game in May between these teams in Milwaukee, Ryan Braun was hit by Braves pitchers; in the game the day before this one, Braves Brian McCann had a pitch come up under his chin and Alex Gonzalez was hit; Fielder was hit in that game right after Braun had homered; Fielder had homered in his previous at bat in this game before being hit
07/20/2010 – 7th inning Clayton Kershaw (LAN) Aaron Rowand (SFN) Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw and manager Joe Torre ejected by HP umpire Adrian Johnson; automatic ejections due to earlier warnings
08/04/2010 – 7th inning LaTroy Hawkins (MIL) Alfonso Soriano (CHN) Brewers pitcher LaTroy Hawkins ejected by HP umpire Tom Hallion for throwing at Alfonso Soriano; there had been numerous hit batters earlier in the series; Hawkins argued with Hallion while Hallion kept waving Hawkins off the field; Brewers manager Ken Macha came out and wanted to know why there was an ejection now and not when all his hitters were being hit in previous games; Macha got angry and eventually was ejected by Hallion
08/28/2010 – 7th inning Ronald Belisario (LAN) Troy Tulowitzki (COL) the pitch hit Troy Tulowitzki on the thigh; pitcher Ronald Belisario ejected by HP umpire Marty Foster; Foster warned both teams
09/01/2010 – 7th inning Doug Slaten (WAS) Gaby Sanchez (FLO) Nationals pitcher Doug Slaten and manager Jim Riggleman ejected by HP umpire Marvin Hudson after HP since earlier warning
09/26/2010 – 5th inning Alfredo Simon (BAL) Jose Bautista (TOR) Orioles pitcher Alfredo Simon and manager Buck Showalter were ejected by HP umpire Bill Welke
04/10/2011 – 7th inning Edward Mujica (FLO) Bill Hall (HOU) Marlins pitcher Edward Mujica ejected by HP umpire Jim Joyce; this may have been retribution for Hall’s hard slide into Hanley Ramirez two days before, which injured Ramirez; Joyce also warned both teams
04/10/2011 – 9th inning Aneury Rodriguez (HOU) Gaby Sanchez (FLO) Astros pitcher Aneury Rodriguez and manager Brad Mills ejected by HP umpire Jim Joyce
05/18/2011 – 15th inning Mike Gonzalez (BAL) Chris Dickerson (NYA) the fastball by Mike Gonzalez hit Chris Dickerson on the bill of the helmet; the ball cracked the bill of the protective gear; Gonzalez, who suffered a lump on the left side of his face next to his eyes, eventually walked to 1B wearing Jorge Posada’s helmet; the Yankees decided to remove Dickerson from the game and, after some discussion, used starting pitcher A.J. Burnett as a pinch runner because they had no outfielders left on the bench; Gonzalez was ejected immediately by HP umpire Dan Bellino; the Orioles had no no relief pitchers in the bullpen so starter Jeremy Guthrie pitched; Guthrie was scheduled to start the game the following day
06/05/2011 – 6th inning Jason Marquis (WAS) Justin Upton (ARI) Justin Upton gets hit for the fourth time in the series; Nationals pitcher Jason Marquis and manager Jim Riggleman were ejected by HP umpire Rob Drake because of the earlier warnings; Marquis yells at Drake because he claimed not to be throwing at a batter in a 1-0 game; Riggleman came out and argued with crew chief Gary Darling to no avail
06/05/2011 – 8th inning Esmerling Vasquez (ARI) Danny Espinosa (WAS) Danny Espinosa is hit on the back by the pitch; he yells at pitcher Esmerling Vasquez and HP umpire Rob Drake leans on Espinosa and starts him down the 1B line; catcher Miguel Montero yells at Espinosa; Drake ejected Vasquez and D-Backs manager Kirk Gibson because of the earlier warnings
06/11/2011 – 6th inning Mitch Talbot (CLE) Alex Rodriguez (NYA) Indians pitcher Mitch Talbot seemed to slip as he threw the pitch; the ball struck Alex Rodriguez on the thigh; Talbot was ejected by HP umpire Dan Iassogna immediately; the Indians argued that he was not throwing at ARod but had slipped on the wet mound
07/10/2011 – 5th inning Kyle Weiland (BOS) Vladimir Guerrero (BAL) Vlad Guerrero was hit on the hand; Red Sox pitcher Kyle Weiland, in his first big league game, was ejected by HP umpire Marty Foster; because the teams had been warned, Red Sox Manager Terry Francona was ejected by HP umpire Marty Foster
08/05/2011 – 6th inning Ramon Ramirez (SFN) Shane Victorino (PHI) Shane Victorino was hit on the back by the first pitch; he flipped his bat and started walking to the mound; catcher Eli Whiteside ran out and got in front of Victorino as did HP umpire Mike Muchlinski; the runner on 1B, Placido Polanco, ran in and was tackled by Whiteside and the scrum grew from there; Victorino wrestled with and eventually got away from Muchlinski and ran into the middle of the pile looking for pitcher Ramon Ramirez; Ramirez had been ejected immediately by Muchlinski; after the scrum was over, Victorino and Whiteside were also ejected by Muchlinski
09/14/2011 – 6th inning Clayton Kershaw (LAN) Gerardo Parra (ARI) in yesterday’s game, Gerardo Parra stood at the plate and admired his homer; when he crossed the plate, catcher A.J. Ellis said something to Parra, who answered back; Clayton Kershaw yelled at Parra from the dugout; both teams were warned about retaliation; both managers received phone calls from the commissioner’s office warning against future retaliation; in the third inning in the current game, Parra had doubled for the only base runner off Kewshaw; after this hit by pitch, Kershaw was ejected by HP umpire Bill Welke immediately; Dodgers manager Don Mattingly ran onto the field to argue the ejection and was ejected by Welke

(Please note – this does not include the many incidents where pitchers were sent to the showers after throwing near a batter, or a hitting a batter on a play that wasn’t ruled an HBP, for example, if the batter was hit while swinging at the pitch.)

David Riske, Duaner Sanchez, Orlando Hernandez, John Lackey, Clayton Kershaw, Jeremy Bonderman, Ramon Ramirez, Brendan Donnelly, Roy Oswalt, Russ Springer, Jose Jiminez, Vicente Padilla, Carlos Zambrano, Felix Rodriguez, and Matt Capps all got thrown out of two games after hitting batters from 2000 to 2011 but no one made the list 3 times.

Kevin Youkilis, Aaron Rowand, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, and Alex Rodriguez all took 3 different plunks that got a pitcher ejected.

Here’s the full list of the ejected pitcher counts by team:
Indians – 10
Astros – 9
White Sox – 9
Rays – 8
Marlins – 8
Dodgers – 8
Nationals – 8
Mets – 7
Red Sox – 7
Rockies – 7
Giants – 7
Blue Jays – 6
Diamonds – 5
Mariners – 5
Orioles – 5
Phillies – 5
Angels – 5
Pirates – 4
Twins – 4
Cubs – 4
Rangers – 4
Padres – 4
Cardinals – 4
Yankees – 4
Brewers – 3
Tigers – 3
Royals – 3
Braves – 2
A’s – 2
Reds – 1

And here are the counts of the batting team in incidents where pitchers got the heave:
Cardinals – 10
Rockies – 10
Red Sox – 10
Cubs – 9
Yankees – 8
Phillies – 8
Indians – 8
Royals – 7
Blue Jays – 6
Mariners – 6
Nationals – 6
Rays – 5
Tigers – 5
Giants – 5
Mets – 5
Braves – 5
A’s – 5
Reds – 4
White Sox – 4
Orioles – 4
Rangers – 4
Brewers – 4
Angels – 4
Marlins – 4
Diamondbacks – 4
Astros – 3
Twins – 3
Dodgers – 2
Pirates – 2
Padres – 1

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