Ruiz gets to 11

Carlos Ruiz continued his career season yesterday, picking up his 11th HBP of the season. That’s a new career high for the Phillies catcher. Matt Belisle, giving Ruiz a 3 HBP lead on any other player in the league. He’s been hit 41 times in his career.

Edwin Encarnacion got hit with the bases loaded yesterday, giving him his 5th career RBI plunk. Tim Dillard threw that one, but it was his first experience hitting a batter without a free base to give him. Dillard has only hit 2 other batters.

Jed Lowrie got hit by Bruce Chen, making him the 270th batter ever to take a plunk for the Astros. Craig Biggio got hit 285 times for the Astros, but only 270 different batters have been hit as an Astro. That was Lowrie’s 5th HBP for his career.
Bobby Wilson got his first plunk as a major leaguer, becoming the 285th batter to get hit for the Angels.


2 Responses to “Ruiz gets to 11”

  1. GlanceAustere says:

    Who is the number one player born on the asian continent in terms of Plunks? Might be fun to do that for each continent, if you can PBR! Biggio is the greatest player in baseball history, no question.

  2. pbr says:

    I believe Shin-Soo Choo and Ichiro are tied for the Asian record with 47 each. But you’re right, I should do a more exhaustive study of plunks by continent.

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