Reed Johnson collect 117th plunk

Reed Johnson now has 117 HBPs to his name, and that ties him for 47th place on the all time list, with Melvin Mora. Mark Melancon is the the 14th Red Sox pitcher to hit Reed Johnson with a pitch, and the 15 of Johnson’s 117 HBPs have been in games against the Red Sox. Johnson has now been hit 20 times at Wrigley Field.

Donovan Solano became the 140th batter ever to take an HBP for the Marlins franchise yesterday, when Alex Cobb hit him. That HBP was also the 200th ever to land on a batter born in 1987.

Prince Fielder picked up his 5th HBP of the season yesterday, getting hit by Jeremie Guthrie. He’s up to 83 career plunks now.


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