Q! 100!

Carlos Quentin has reached the one hectoplunk mark, collecting his 100th career plunk last night facing Felix Hernandez. That was the 14th time Q! has been hit in the 1st inning, the 7th time he’s been hit in the 1st inning with 2 outs, but only the 2nd time he’s been hit in the 1st inning with 2 outs on a Tuesday. He’s been hit 3 times by the Mariners and 4 times by pitchers born in Venezuela. Quentin is the first to join the 100 plunk club since Vlad Guerrero picked up his 100th on June 3, 2011. He’s the 71st major leaguer to reach 100 plunks, and the 11th 100 plunk club member born in California.

In other action yesterday, Kevin Youkilis picked up his 86th career plunk, and Norichika Aoki got the daily Brewers HBP, for the team’s 38th of the season. The Brewers have been plunked in 4 consecutive games.

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