Floyd throws 50

In the 4th inning of last nights Twins-White Sox game, Gavin Floyd hit Jamey Carroll with a pitch, moving Floyd’s career hit batter total to 50. That make him the 452nd major league pitcher to hit 50 batters in his career. 25 of those plunks have been thrown at US Cellular Field, and he’s only the 2nd pitcher to hit that many at that park. Floyd is 3 plunks behind Mark Buehrle for the park plunk record.

Angel’s shortstop Erick Aybar got his 3rd career bases loaded plunk yesterday, and his 26th overall on a throw from A’s pitcher Jim Miller. That plunk was also the 200th time an A’s pitcher ever hit an Angels batter.

Matthew Joyce got hit for the Rays, and Russell Martin got hit for the Yankees, and both of them now have 5 plunks in 2012. That means the logjam for the Major League lead in plunks is 9 deep, with Joyce, Martin, Carlos Pena, Travis Hafner, Josh Willingham, Shin-Soo Choo, Billy Butler, Ryan Braun and Carlos Ruiz. Joyce’s Rays have now been hit 27 times, taking sole possession of the major league lead in plunks.


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