Weeks gets 97th and 98th leads to victory

Brewers franchise plunk record holder Rickie Weeks was plunked in the first inning for his 97th career HBP, and his 14th against the Cubs. Then, 12 innings later in the 13th, Weeks was plunked again (followed by another plunk to Ryan Braun), and that plunk put Weeks on base to score the winning run. From 1969 to 2011 there were no instances where a batter was plunked twice in a game with the two plunks coming 12 innings apart, but on April 5th this year Shin-Soo Choo got hit in the 3rd and 15th inning of a game. But Weeks’ feat of getting hit in the 1st and 13th is a Brewers record, and a division era National League record. Braun’s plunk was his 40th making him the 10th player in Brewers history to reach the 40 plunk mark. The Brewers continue to lead the majors in getting hit by pitches, with 20 this year.

And speaking of Shin-Soo Choo, he got hit again last night, for his 45th career plunk. Ubaldo Jiminez hit Adrian Gonzalez later that inning, and that was Ubaldo’s 45th career plunk as well.

Carlos Pena picked up his 62nd career plunk, and it was his 3rd with the bases loaded.

And, Yu Darvish hit Mark Trumbo and that was the 200th time a Rangers pitcher has hit an Angels batter.

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