90th plunk for Aramis Ramirez

The Brewers continue to lead the major leagues in getting hit by pitches, getting their 16th and 17th plunks of the season last night against the Reds. The first of those was a 1st inning plunk thrown by Homer Bailey to Aramis Ramirez. That happened to be Ramirez’s 90th career plunk, though it was his 1st with the Brewers. Ramirez is the 109th major leaguer to reach the 90th plunk mark. The Brewers other plunk in the game was also a multiple of 10, being Nyjer Morgan‘s 40th career plunk. He’s the 640th major leaguer to reach 40 career plunks.

The Phillies continued their ‘Welcome to the Majors’ tour with Joe Blanton throwing Mike Nickeas‘ first career plunk. No doubt he was jealous of the press attention devoted to the Mets 29 year old rookie who has played in two previous seasons and had nearly reached 100 career plate appearances without being hit by a pitch. The Phillies have thrown the first career plunks of 3 different batters this season, and that’s tied with the Dodgers for most debut plunks thrown this year.


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