78 for Hafner

Napolean Lajoie 79, Travis Hafner 78.  That’s the score for the top two HBP getters in Indians franchise history after Hafner was plunked by Philip Humber.  Hafner needs just one more plunk to claim a share of the Indians plunk record which has stood since 1914.  Hafner holds the record for plunks by a batter born in North Dakota, and Lajoie holds the Rhode Island record for plunks with 134 (only 79 of them were while he played with the Indians).

In St. Louis, AJ Burnett threw his 99th career plunk, hitting Jon Jay.  That leaves Burnett one well placed throw away from joining the 100 plunk club, after he watch Tim Hudson join the club against his team last week.  That was Burnett’s first plunk since joining the Pirates.  Jon Jay has now been hit 11 times, and that ranks 12th among players with only 6 letters in their first and last name, tied with Irv Ray.

Jonathan Sanchez hit Miguel Cabrera yesterday, and that was the 40th career plunk for both of them.  Adam Jones also got his 40th plunk yesterday, but that was thrown by Ivan Nova, who has only hit 9 batters.

Daniel Bard hit Kurt Suzuki with a pitch, giving the Red Sox the major league lead in hitting batters this year with 12.  That was also the 4,300th plunk ever thrown by the Red Sox.


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  1. Secret Chimp says:

    Hiya Plunk–

    We miss you over at South Side Sox. If Pronk gets plunked tonight at the Cell, you should be sure to stop by the gamethread and let folks know that they have witnessed history unfold.

    I’d love to see you comment on Jeff Sullivan’s article at Baseball Nation “An Ongoing Streak Of Incredible Length” about Rafael Betancourt’s ongoing streak of HBP-less pitching. The article contains a link to your site, and Sullivan himself seems to have been prompted to today’s writing by your earlier work. I’ll be checking the comments there and will drop back by here as well and will look forward to anything you might contribute.

    I was slightly disappointed when you didn’t post at SSS after Tim Wakefield’s third inning plunk of Gordon Beckham last July 29. Based on information I gleaned from one of your own previous appearances at SSS, I knew to pay attention to Boston’s next trip to US Cellular, in case Wakefield (DoB 2 August 1966) took the mound and broke a record. With the dot he planted on Beckham, I’m pretty sure he did.

    But only you, Plunk, are qualified to judge whether history has been made, or not. This is why we miss you, Plunk. This is why we love you.


    Find Sullivan’s piece at: http://mlb.sbnation.com/2012/5/3/2995119/rafael-betancourt-streak-hbp-rockies-stats

  2. pbr says:

    But you traded Q!, and Juan Pierre, and Paul Konerko is way short of the Rhode Island plunk record still. So I haven’t been thinking about the White Sox much.
    Though I had been thinking about stopping by to congratulate Paul Konerko when the White Sox win their 1000th game with Konerko in the starting lineup. He’s at 981 right now. Jeter and Chipper Jones are the only other active members of the 1000 wins in starts for one team club.

  3. oahu420 says:

    I miss Q! I only hope that the Padre fans appreciate his plunkness.

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