Phillies plunked for the 4,500th time

HBPs of note: May 22, 2009

Chase Utley got hit by a pitch yesterday, which is not exactly a new thing – he leads the league with 9 HBPs this season, and is up to 92 for his career. It was his first plunk at the New Yankee Stadium, and the 20th in the short history of that new park, but perhaps most interestingly, it was the 4,500th HBP in Phillies franchise history. They’re the 5th franchise to reach that milestone. The first 138 HBPs in franchise history were recorded when the team was known as the Philadelphia Quakers, and then for a couple of years in the 1940s they they got hit 52 times while they had changed their name to the Blue Jays for some reason.

David Eckstein got hit by a pitch for the 129th time in his career, but he had to leave the game because of it, so that’s less cool. He’s generally very good at being able to get hit without serious injury, but Carlos Zambrano hit him pretty hard (90.3 mph) while Eckstein was squaring to bunt. Hopefully he’ll be back soon, continuing his climb up the all time HBP list – where he’s currently tied for 35th, with Brian Downing and Willie Keeler. For Zambrano, it was his 73rd career hit batter.

Also in that game, Jake Peavy hit one batter, leaving him on plunk short of tieing the Padres career record for hitting batters. He’s plunked 45 batters in his career.

Joel Zumaya hit a batter, making yesterday the first day since May 11, 2005 on which two different pitchers whose last name begins with Z hit a batter.

Jerry Hairston Jr. collected his 65th HBP, and Carlos Pena got his 40th. Pena’s plunk was the 74th in the all time interleague series between the Marlins and Rays. Those two teams have plunked each other 23 more times than the next most plunk-filled interleague series. It’s also been the most lopsided, with the Rays having hit the Marlins 52 times, and the Marlins firing back just 22 times, including yesterday’s plunk of Carlos Pena.

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