174 for Giambi

Jason Giambi is still playing major league baseball, in case you hadn’t heard from him in a while, and yesterday he was hit by a pitch. That was his 174th career plunk, and that’s the 12th best plunk total ever achieved and the 2nd best plunk total ever achieved by a left handed batter. He’s only 9 HBPs behind Jake Beckley, who currently ranks as the most plunked left handed batter ever, with 183.

Chris Parmalee, Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Tyler Pastornicky all recorded their first career plunks last yesterday. Welcome to the league.

Aroldis Champman hit Brett Pill with a pitch clocked at 97.8 mph, making that the fastest moving plunk so far this season.


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  1. HeySuess says:

    Roids! Roids I tell you. Balls love the Roids! Like a magnet.

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