Brewers reach 10 plunks first

There wasn’t much HBP action to tell you about in yesterday’s games, with just 2,813 pitches thrown in the majors, and only 3 of them hitting a batter.  But among those, Nyjer Morgan got hit by pitch from Brandon Lyon, and that was the 10th plunk this year for a Brewers batter.  They’re the first team to reach double digits in HBPs for this year.  It was the 110th time the Astros have plunked the Brewers, though the Brewers have only hit the Astros 64 times, and non-Craig Biggio Astros 47 times.

Miguel Montero reached 20 career plunks yesterday on a Kyle Kendrick pitch, making him the 10th player to get hit 20 times for the Dbacks.  And, in the only other plunk of the day David Freese was plunked by Matt Garza.  That was the 4,795th HBP in Cardinals franchise history.


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