Plunked by former batterymates

Last week I was looking at catchers batting stats and how they differ if they’re batting against pitchers that they had once caught for, or if they were facing someone they’d never called pitches for. Obviously the more interesting question is who has been hit by the most pitches from pitchers they used to catch for.

So, from 1969 to 2011, here are the leaders in getting hit by former battery mates (although to go back this far we’re limiting it to starting pitcher/catcher combinations, because that’s what I can get at).

Jason Kendall – 10
Craig Biggio – 10
Carlton Fisk – 6
Don Slaught – 6
Joe Torre* – 6
Rick Cerone – 5
Mike Macfarlane – 5
Mickey Tettleton – 5
Brad Ausmus – 5
Ozzie Virgil – 5
Gary Carter – 4
Dave Valle – 4

*- Joe Torre’s number is only for 1969 and on, so that’s an incomplete total for him.

Craig Biggio got hit 3 times by Pete Harnisch, twice by Mark Portugal, and once each by Jeff Juden, Danny Darwin, Xavier Hernandez, Darryl Kile and Ryan Bowen.
Kendall was hit twice by Bronson Arroyo, twice by Danny Darwin, and once each by Kip Wells, Jeff Suppan, Denny Neagle, Jon Lieber, Nelson Figueroa, and Elmer Dessens. So Biggio and Kendall got the same number of plunks from former (starting) batterymates, but Kendall had one more pitcher in the group. But then, he spent a lot more time catching than Biggio did.  So if someone asks you what pitcher plunked and pitched to both Jason Kendall and Craig Biggio, the answer is Danny Darwin.

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