Clayton Richard hits his first batter… and 2nd… and 3rd

HBPs of note: June 25, 2009

Before last night, Clayton Richard had faced 472 major league batters without hitting anyone, but he made up for lost time last night by hitting 3 in one game. He’s the 4th pitcher to throw a three plunk game this year. He hit Russell Martin, Juan Pierre (his 64th) and Mitch Jones.

Melvin Mora got his 104th HBP, which also happened to be the 1600th to be recorded by someone born in 1972. Sean West threw that one.

John Smoltz threw his 55th career plunk, and his first since August 19, 2007. He hit Nick Johnson for his 61st. Johnson extended his Nationals Park record to 9 HBPs.

Alex Cora was hit for the 82nd time in his career, and Matt Stairs got his 57th.


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