Brewers defy the odds with NLCS game 4 plunk

Prior to last night, 7 batters had been hit by pitches as visitors in NLCS game 4. One visiting team got hit twice, and they lost. Five visiting teams got hit by one pitch, and four of those lost. The only team to get hit by a pitch on the road and win in NLCS game 4, prior to last night, was the 2001 Diamondbacks, when Luis Gonzalez got plunked by Greg Maddux in the first inning with Craig Counsell on first base. So apparently it’s only possible for a road team to get hit by a pitch and win NLCS game 4 if Craig Counsell is on the team, because Nyjer Morgan got hit for the Brewers last night, and the Brewers won 4-2 to tie the series 2-2.
Morgan is now tied with Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder for most postseason plunks in Brewers history, with 2 each. The Brewers have now been hit 7 times in postseason play this year. They’re the 7th National League team to be hit that many times in a single postseason, and the 16th if you throw in the American League.


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