Cards throw 60th postseason plunk

When Chris Carpenter hit Ryan Braun in the first inning of NLCS game 3 last night, it was Carpenter’s 5th postseason plunk, but it was also the 60th plunk ever thrown by the Cardinals in a postseason game. Only the Yankees and Red Sox have hit more batters in postseason games than the Cardinals.

Austin Jackson got hit by a pitch in the 10th inning of ALCS game 4, making him the 3rd batter ever plunked in an extra inning of an ALCS game. Don Baylor got plunked in the 11th inning of ALCS game 5 in 1986, and Sandy Alomar junior got hit in the 12th inning of the 1998 ALCS game 2.

Lance Berkman was also plunked yesterday, for his 3rd career postseason HBP. He was also just the third batter plunked by the Brewers in a postseason game.


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