Hafner within 3 of Indians record

11 Batters were hit by pitches yesterday, leaving the league 39 plunks short of last years total of 1549. The 1500th plunk of the 2011 season was thrown by Francisco Liriano and landed on Travis Hafner. That was Hafner’s 76th career plunk, and that leaves him 3 plunks behind Napolean Lajoie for the Indians franchise record for career HBPs.

Ricky Romero of the Blue Jays hit Desmond Jennings of the Rays, and that was the 200th plunk ever to occur in a game between the Rays and Blue Jays. Romero has hit 14 batters this year, which would be tied for the American League lead except for John Lackey‘s 19 plunk reign of terror. Or awesomeness, depending on how you want to look at it. Desmond’s HBP was the 2000th ever recorded by a batter born in Alabama.

BACON race update
Jacoby Ellsbury – .844
Robinson Cano – .829
Jose Reyes – .818
Ryan Braun – .817
Miguel Cabrera – .814


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