Nyjer Morgan breaks Nyjer Morgan era record for plunks by Nyjer Morgan

Only two batters got hit by a pitch yesterday – Nyjer Morgan and Nick Markakis. Morgan’s was his 14th of the season, and that’s his career high. It’s also tied for the 4th most plunks in a season by anyone with a first name that starts with an N. And, it’s the most plunks in a season by anyone with a J in his first name without his name starting with a J (unless you count the time AJ Pierzynski had 15).

Red Sox pitcher Kyle Weiland threw the pitch that hit Nick Markakis, and that was the 87th batter the Red Sox have hit this year. This is the 9th time since 2001 that a team has hit 87 batters or more in a season, and 4 of those teams have been the Red Sox. Between 1901 and 2000, no team hit more than 84 batters in a season.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .841
Robinson Cano – .825
Ryan Braun – .823
Jose Reyes – .813
Miguel Cabrera – .809


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